Windows Partition recovery tool

Windows Partition recovery tool

Hard drive is a vital part of Microsoft Windows computer to keep important data and also install applications. You can store a large amount of data on your hard drive and easily maintain it for a long time. For simple and efficient management of your useful files on hard drive, hard drive can be divided into many logical units. Making partitions can help you in preventing data loss scenarios, in case of operating system crash. In some situations, the NTFS partition may also get corrupted due to several causes such as virus infection, file system corruption, and many more. At this time, you might encounter serious partition loss situations and you will need NTFS partition recovery tool to overcome from such situations.

The particular NTFS (New Technology File system) is surely a superior and robust file system, utilized upon MS Windows operating system. NTFS uses journaling function to maintain your useful data secure in case there is inappropriate system shutdown and also system failure. Even so, there are several some other reasons, which might corrupt your current NTFS file system as well as causes significant partition loss circumstances. These kinds of reasons are explained below.

  • Virus attack: Trojans are generally harmful programs which could corrupt partition along with other data structures.
  • File system corruption: file system is the most significant information organization technique used in Windows computer, which ensures you keep information regarding all the files on NTFS partition. When it gets corrupted, partition will become inaccessible and the operating system cannot access files stored in it.
  • Partition table corruption: partition table is really a vital data structure, which usually contains details about all NTFS partitions. If this harmed, partition cannot be located or accessed.
  • Hard drive formatting: formatting is nothing but removing all of the partitions and also files stored on hard drive. Accidental formatting of hard drive can cause data loss.

In all of these situations, NTFS partition recovery application can guide you to successfully recover lost partitions on Windows. Whenever the partition deletion takes place, exactly the partition entries from the partition table are deleted. You partitions remain physically undamaged on the influenced drive, and is very easily recovered using sophisticated and the effective partition recovery software.

To perform partition recovery successfully, you need to take some preventive actions, and it is encouraged the user to look at backup of the stored data. Select a trusted partition recuperation software program to recuperate erased partition. Ensure that the application you have selected could possibly get the info from the wiped partition without affecting the data stored on various other partitions. Additionally, it is necessary to make sure that you have got installed the application upon another healthy partition.

Once you download and installed the partition recovery software on your computer, run it according to the given steps. You need to go through the few mouse clicks and the remaining work will be performed automatically by the software and it restores all lost data. It can work very well to recover files on both FAT and NTFS partitions. Using this software you can also recover compressed formatted files from the NTFS partitions. Once the all files are recovered, you can view them before restoration, using the “Preview” option given by the software. You can view the files based on their file extensions or folders in a hierarchical structure, using “File Type View” and “Data View” options respectively. Even you can also evaluate data recovery results using demo version of this software. You can easily download trial version of this software from company website.

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