Mac Data Recovery

The best way to recover lost Mac data

Apple Inc released Macintosh Operating system in 1984, later different versions of Mac Operating systems were released by Apple. Viruses and malwares do not affect Macintosh Operating system, hence Macintosh Operating System became very popular. If you are using Mac Operating system then you do not need to worry regarding occurrences of file loss due to virus attack. Different versions of Mac Operating systems are available namely- Mac OS 10.0 that is called as cheetah, Mac OS 10.1 as Puma, Mac OS 10.2 as Jaguar, Mac OS 10.3 as Panther, Mac Os 10.4 as Tiger, Mac Os 10.5 as Leopard and Mac OS 10.6 as Snow Leopard. Mac OS 10.7 is called as Lion and it is latest version of the Macintosh Operating System. Even though there is no threat of losing files from Mac system due to virus attack, there are many chances of losing files from Mac system due to other reasons. Now a day there are many data recovery softwares are available in the market, so lost data recovery process is not so difficult. When any important file loss occurs then you can use efficient data recovery software to recover lost Mac data.

Some of the reasons due to which file loss occurs are listed here-

  1. Accidental deletion of data– When data is deleted from the system using Command + Delete keys combination then such deleted data will not move to Mac Trash and it will lead to data loss from your system.
  2. Loss of data due to emptying Mac Trash– After accidental deletion of data if Trash is emptied then you may lose some important data from your system.
  3. Loss of data due to usage of third party applications– If third party applications are used then due to error occurrences data present in the system may become inaccessible and due to this reason, you may lose data from your system.
  4. Loss of data due to journal corruption– Journal file is the one where all files and location of the files are stored. If journal file gets corrupted then files present in the system may become inaccessible and it may lead to data loss from the system.

Most of the people lose data from the system due to these scenarios. If you have lost any important data from your system then you can make use of efficient data recovery tool called Remo Recover (Mac) – Basic Edition software. The software can recover lost data from various types of storage devices like hard drive, memory cards, firewire drives, etc. You can download free trial version of the data recovery software to evaluate chances of recovery. Once you download trial version of the software, install it in a healthy system, and follow the steps which are given to recover lost data. Once you install the software, it will scan the storage device and then it will retrieve lost data. You can store lost data in desired locations like CD, DVD and external hard drive. The software supports different versions of Windows OS namely Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, etc.