Repair MOV

Software to Repair MOV Video File

MOV is a file extension which is used by the QuickTime media player software distributed by Apple. The Apple has designed its own compression algorithm for storing videos and movies data in the MOV file format. It acts as a multimedia file container which contains one or more tracks. Each track stores different data such as subtitles (text), video, effects or audio and this video format can also used in both Mac and Windows system.

Despites of these advantages, there might be chance of corrupting or damaging MOV video files due to many reasons like viruses attack, index problem, etc. Are you facing such issue with your MOV file? After lot of research, we suggest that it is now possible to MOV fix video files with the help of reliable third party MOV video repair software. It is exclusively for those users who are looking to repair there corrupted video files and wants to make them playable. Therefore, user should have the knowledge and be aware in which scenario the MOV video files may get damaged or corrupted.

Common reasons for corrupting or damaging MOV video files:

Let’s have glance on some situation which might cause MOV video files to corrupt or broken:

  • If user recording MOV video files by using digital camera in low battery. The camera might not completely write the video file in memory card due to turned off. This lead to corruption of MOV video file.
  • The external storage devices which contain MOV video files may get damage or corrupt if user connects them on different viruses infected PC.
  • Any fault in camera like improper card attachment can also be a reason behind damage or corruption of video files.
  • The MOV video file contain header file which is used to store the data related to video file like size, compatibility of files and date of video files. If header file get corrupted then the MOV video file may get damage and refuses to play.
  • While converting the MOV video files to other format, during this process the structure of video file may get corrupted or damaged. And user might not able to play there favorites video files.
  • There may be some other reasons for corruption of video files like videos is infected by viruses and malware, bad sectors, interruption in file transfer process from one storage device to another, disk errors, file system corruption, accidentally deleting the video files, etc.

Important features of Video Repair Software:

When the MOV video files failed to play on the system due to any of the above explained factors then, by employing MOV video repair software you can fix corrupted MOV files with ease. After repairing damaged MOV video file it joins both video and audio frames together and create a healthy video file. One can fix MOV video files that are stored on memory cards, flash drives, iPods and many more.

Video Repair Software is capable of fixing MOV video files that was created by camcorders and professional cameras. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems such as Windows 2003 server, Mountain Lion, Windows 8, XP, Mac OS X, Vista, Mavericks, etc. It is very powerful video repair tool and has ability to fix different formats of video files like MP4, MOV, AVI, and MPEG.