Perform File Recovery after Factory Reset

Perform File Recovery after Factory Reset

“Hello friends, I restored the factory settings of my system and lost all precious recover-pc-hard-drivefiles from the system. It all happened when I was changing the settings of the system and mistakenly selected factory reset option. This one crap error made me to lose all the important files. Can please anyone let me know how to recover files from system after factory reset?” Thanks in advance.

If you have come across a similar sort of issue, then do not get bothered. It is possible to retrieve files from system after factory reset now and to recover there is recovery application which is referred as File Recovery software. If you make use of this File Recovery software then within few moments you’ll be able to get back all the files. The application has been designed using smart recovery algorithm, which helps to restore files from System after factory reset in a very effective approach. It scans the whole storage media of the system and brings back each and every file that’s been lost after factory reset. It can restore photos, videos, songs and many more.

Under what circumstances does the user opt for restore factory setting on PC?

Slow Performance: If the performance of system gets degraded, then to increase the performance user may restore the settings of system. When it is restored then all the gets erased. Under this circumstance, the common question will be how to recover files after factory reset from system.

Freezing Issue: When system freezes often then most of the user what they do is, without taking the backup of important data they’ll restore the settings, after which important files and all other data will get lost. But with the help of above told recovery app it is possible to get back files from system after factory reset.

Other Reasons: There are lots of other reasons which make the user to restore the settings such as to remove virus, remove undesirable settings, etc.

As a consequence of these above described reasons, if you restore the factory settings of your system then don’t get panicked. Just make use of File Recovery software and retrieve files from system after factory reset. It’s an appropriate solution for those who don’t know how to recover files from system after factory reset.

Salient Features of File Recovery software:

  • File Recovery software is capable of recovering files after factory reset from system on all latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • This software recovers files from various storage devices such as USB drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, FireWire drives, etc.
  • It’s easily compatible with various file systems including ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, etc.
  • Prior to purchase, you can easily check out its performance by using the demo version of File Recovery software. If you get satisfactory results from it then get its licensed version to save the recovered results.
  • When recovery process is over, it allows user to view the recovered files before saving them to the desired place.
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