• An optimal solution to regain data from dead hard drive

    Are you experiencing loud buzzing noises and vibrations from the hard drive and unable to boot? Is it possible to get back data from a dead hard drive? If yes, then stop getting frightened as with the help of hard drive rescue software it’s possible to easily regain data from dead hard drive efficiently. This software will provide the complete solution to easily get back data from dead hard drive due to unintentional formatting, reformatting, partitioning and repartitioning of a hard drive.

    With the help of this award-winning utility, you can easily redeem data from the dead hard drive that is recognizable by your system, but unable to access data soon after clicking on it. So, to prevent your system hard drive getting dead you need to take proper back up of your important data before getting prone to data loss situations. As a precautionary measure, it is advised to stop saving and using your computer hard drive as further usage can overwrite the existing files with the new one, making them impossible to regain data using any software.

    Reasons for data loss from the dead hard drive:

    • Instantaneous reboot: If you will continuously reboot hard drive to get back important data result in making hard drive dead or inaccessible.
    • System crash: Unexpectedly if your system gets crashed due to some software conflict, improper system shutdown, sudden power failure, etc. This will lead to making your hard drive dead or inaccessible.
    • Virus attack: This is one of the worst situations faced by all the users, increasing high chances of hard drive get infected with virus leading to corruption of hard drive making your crucial data inaccessible.
    • MBR corruption: As the head of hard drive contains all the information of hard drive, if due to accidental formatting header file gets damaged and unable to boot your system resulting in data loss.
    • Bad sectors: The bad sectors are normally occurring on hard drive due to severe shock generated by the header of a hard drive on platter leading to data loss.

    Whatever might be the reason for hard drive data loss, losing crucial files and folders from a hard drive is a painful experience. To overcome this nightmare, you need to make use of hard drive rescue application. This hassle-free approach will perform deep scanning of the dead hard drive to regain 300 different files such as photo, video, documents, spreadsheets, etc with utmost ease. With the help of this award-winning function you can easily recover dead hard drive data lost due to accidental formatting, hard drive crash, damaged RAM, usage of third party tool, etc with ease. Make use of this powerful algorithm to get back data from hard drive of different types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc of popular hard drive manufacturing brands like Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital, HP, Iomega, etc. This trusted tool is capable to bring back data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+ and HFSX partitions/volumes with great ease.

     Now, it’s become merely possible even for novice users to reclaim data from USB flash drive, Pen drive, Thumb drive, FireWire drive and many other external hard drives. This advanced algorithm will regain data from Windows OS of diverse versions like Windows 2003, 2007, Windows Server 2008,  XP, Vista, 7, 8,  10 etc also from Mac OS of various popular versions like Mac OS X, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra etc with great ease

    This software is available in demo version so that you can download and check the hard drive data rescue results. Firstly, run the application after quick scan where all the deleted and lost hard drive data can be rescued and put on a view. To access the reclaimed had drive data simply you need to purchase the complete version of hard drive recovery algorithm.

  • How to Switch Between Multiple Windows?

    It is very clumsy to switch between multiple windows that are open while you have to go through them again and again. It’s time to get rid of clicking on the windows to and forth and switch to use keyboard shortcuts instead. It is very handy to use keys to shift between the tabs that you work with.

    Task Switcher

    In Windows environment you can use the Alt + Tab keys to move between the windows. This technique functions on all versions of the Windows operating system. You need to hold down the Alt key and the Tab key on your keyboard and cycle through the icons; you can see all the windows that are currently open. When the required window comes to forefront you can simply release the Alt key. In Windows 7 systems (with Aero Peek) instead of icons, it will cycle through the open windows by themselves.

    Alt and Escape keys

    Similarly you can shift between the windows with a combination of Alt + Esc keys. This is been in practice with the older Windows OS versions as well. Holding down these two keys will cycle through the windows that are open in the taskbar. If the window is not minimized, the window will be displayed. The minimized windows on the taskbar are highlighted but not displayed. You simply need to hold down the keys altogether and when the desired window is reached, release the Alt button.

    Windows key + Tab key

    Another trick to switch between multiple windows is the Windows key and the Tab key. This was introduced in Windows Vista and is still running on the recent OS versions. Here it the Windows cycles as a stack of all open windows; including the desktop window. For supporting the graphics the system might require an Aero theme. Press down the Win key and the Tab key and when the required window appears release the Win key.

  • Software to Repair PowerPoint 2016 File Not Opening

    imagesPowerPoint tool is widely used in all sectors to create and deliver presentations. Sometimes, problems arise in PowerPoint 2016 files and the cause occurs due to various reasons.

    Annoyed!! after trying to open PowerPoint 2016 file but unfortunately not able to access due to some cause. In such case do not worry!!! Take a seat for a while, you have landed on a right page which directs: how to repair PowerPoint 2016 file not opening in a few simple mouse clicks.

    Before moving to repair process, let us know the severe cause behind the inaccessible PowerPoint 2016 file:

    1. If PowerPoint 2016 file gets crashed while working, later when you try to open it. It will show an error and may not open.
    2. The corrupted PPT file or the PPT file which are virally infected is also inaccessible to read.
    3. An incomplete downloaded PPT file or the PowerPoint files which are saved on bad sector area of drive might also make the PPT file inaccessible.

    Whatever might be the reason, you can easily fix PowerPoint 2016 file in a simple step without any level of complexity. Just compute and move few steps ahead with an external PPT repair tool. This toolkit is designed and developed with a special scanning algorithm which successively repairs the PPT file which are not opening in a couple of minutes.

    Follow below steps to get repaired your PowerPoint 2016 file which is not opening.

    1. Initially, download and install Repair PowerPoint Tool on your operating system and later launch the application after successful installation.
    2. Select the PPT file which is not opening by clicking Browse button on the main screen window and click on Repair button to begin the repairing process.
    3. After successful completion of Repair process one could easily preview the recovered PowerPoint 2016 file by using Preview option.
    4. Finally, choose the desired location where you want to save the repaired PowerPoint 2016 file.

    Download the software which is absolutely free and perform the repair session, if you are satisfied with the repair process later you can purchase the software to save the repaired PPT file on destination.

    This toolkit repairs the PowerPoint 2016 file which is unable to open in a simple step. The damaged PPT 2016 files can be repaired swiftly. It repairs PPT files, which decline to open due to corruption. All types of PPT, PPTX and PPS files can be repaired with the help of this software. During repair process the software reads and builds a simulated structure of the file.

    One can easily repair PowerPoint 2016 files on various versions of Windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 3, Windows XP, Windows Vista including latest Windows 10 version with an ease.

  • Memory card recovery software – recover deleted data from Lexar professional memory card:

    sdRecovery memory card software plays a very important role in fetching back the valuable information which is deleted accidentally, the data. If one has forgotten to keep the backup for their valuable data now no need to worry. This recovery tool can easily restore the lost data from Lexar professional memory card in an easy and effective way.

    Sometimes information is stored in Lexar professional memory card in a bulk or huge quantity, due to the storage space requirement, the data can be erased by itself, now it can be rectified by using the simple software.  With the help of this tool, the data which has been deleted due to the virus attack and even the data which gets affected by processing speed and storage space problems can also be resolved.

    • While seeing precious photos from memory card, if you carelessly pulls out the memory card, then chances of losing data are quite more and effects rapidly, few other changes that lead to losing of precious data from memory card are virus attack, hardware problems, unexpected deletion, In this situation using the memory card recovery software to get lost data from card can be possible with the help of recovery software.
    • Recovery software is one of the effective tools for lost data recovery.

    Recovery software can identify and restores the deleted data in a shorter time period.

     software recovery tool to get back the  deleted data from memory card, software recovery tool is strong enough to regain your valuable information just by a click , now you are just a click away so stop worrying and try with software recovery tool for regaining your lost data or valuable information back in your memory card, “recover deleted data from Lexar professional memory card”.very easily just by  a single click away.

     When you have already deleted the data from the Recycle bin and worrying about no backups. In such situation, one need data recovery software, It is a good and useful tool and capable of recover deleted files from Lexar professional memory card. Not only for erased files recovery, data recovery software can be used to many information loss circumstances like format restore, virus attack, system corrupt, raw and much more.

    Highly safe and secure, data recovery processes making your data is safe and secure throughout the recovery process occurs.

    Deleting” a data doesn’t basically erase it, just makes the storage space
    as needed to be used. There are tools available that can easily
    recover deleted data. The problem is the space used by
    the file is become overwritten, and this makes
    the file unreachable.

    chances of successfully restoring the files are easy if you
    try recovering it after deleting it, and If you have been using this tool it will be beneficent.

  • JPEG Recovery Software: Guidelines to Recover JPEG Images

    “…. I stored huge amount of photos on memory card which is of JPEG format. The photos on memory card got deleted due to formatting the storage drive unintentionally. The entire photos on memory card are deleted. I’m upset!!! I lost all my memorable and precious images. Is there any best software to perform Jpeg recovery?

    jpeg-recovery-softwarePhoto deletion is the quite common in recent years, do not worry!!  if your JPEG file format gets deleted / lost. Just move ahead few steps with JPEG Recovery Software, which easily recovers the data in a hassle free manner.

    JPEG image deletion/ image loss scenarios:

    • Accidental deletion of important JPEG format pictures while deleting the unwanted images from storage devices.
    • Deleting the JPEG picture using Shift+del command will delete the file permanently without moving to Recycle Bin.
    • Formatting the storage devices will delete the data stored on it permanently.
    • Virus/ Malware attack on the storage devices will rapidly spreads all over the file system and might leads to corruption.
    • If the flash drives are connected to the infected system, it will have a great impact on data stored on it, resulting in file deletion or file loss scenario.
    • Improper handling or abrupt ejection of flash drives will also results in JPEG photo loss scenario.
    • Improper cut-paste method will cause a JPEG photo loss scenario.
    • Any interruption or sudden power loss while transferring JPEG images from one device to another might result in JPEG photo loss scenario.
    • Capturing the photos when camera battery is low might be the other reason behind the photo loss situation

    Procedural steps to recover JPEG images:

    Initially, download and install the JPEG Recovery software on your Operating system. Launch the application after successful installation. Select the Recover Photos option from the main screen window and choose appropriate option on the next screen window and hit on Next option to proceed further. Select the respective drive from where you want to recover the deleted/lost JPEG images. Scanning process to recover the photos will be initiated, after successful completion of scan one can preview the restored files. Finally, purchase the software to save the retrieved JPEG files on your desired location.

    Salient features of JPEG Recovery software:

    • This software is fabricated with a special scanning algorithm which easily recovers the deleted/lost JPEG images in a few simple mouse clicks.
    • This application can be performed on various versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 3, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. as well as on different Mac Operating system.
    • It has a capability to recover the other file formats such as PNG, PDF, PPT, DOC, DOCX, TIFF, MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. with an ease.
    • It also recovers the data from various storage devices like SD card, memory card, XD card, SDHC card, system hard drive, external hard drive, etc. effectively.
    • Formatted/deleted JPEG file can be recovered with an ease.
    • It effectively restores the data which are permanently deleted by using shift+delete keys.
  • Software to Repair Corrupted MP4 Files

    imagesIn recent year usually people watch videos on laptop/Desktop, phones, iPods, etc. and Mp4 format is worldwide popular because of its good video quality and clarity.

    “…. I go craze in watching movies. I have a collection of movies which is of Mp4 format. Before all the videos were playing without any issue, but nowadays I’m finding issue with some of the Mp4 files. There is a huge sync out or mismatch in audio and video. Audio is lagging with video and there is a complete mismatch in the lip sync. How to fix the issue? Could anyone help me out?”

    “….The virus attack on the file system has corrupted MP4 files. When I try to play videos: It is unable to play. Is that possible to repair corrupted Mp4 files? I’m running Windows XP”

    The corrupt Mp4 file repair can be achieved easily by using third party recovery tool. Mp4 repair tool is specially fabricated with strong in-built scanning algorithm that repairs the corrupted Mp4 file in a few minutes.

    Various reasons behind the corrupted Mp4 file:

    • Virus/Malware is the basic hazards which spreads all over the file system and corrupt the Mp4 files.
    • While downloading Mp4 files from browser, any interruption may damage the downloaded Mp4 video file.
    • Improper termination of Mp4 video file on media player or an abrupt interruption while transferring Mp4 file might cause the Mp4 file to lose.
    • Other factors such as incorrect video editing process, CRC errors, header corruption will results in the broken Mp4 video files.

    Advanced features of Mp4 Repair Tool:

    • This software is very friendly in nature, which provides the step by step guidelines to fix the damaged or corrupt Mp4 file repair in a couple of minutes.
    • This application is compatible and repairs Mp4 files effectively along with the other video formats such as 3GP, MOV, AVI, etc.
    • The broken Mp4 files can be easily repaired without any level of difficulty.
    • Audio-video sync out in Mp4 file can also be repaired easily.
    • The Videos recorded on various cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Kodak can also be repaired.
    • Any sized damaged/corrupted Mp4 video files can be repaired in few simple clicks.
    • This application has an advanced feature that audio stream and video stream is repaired separately and adjoins them later to make it healthy file.

           How to repair corrupt mp4 file?

    Download and install Mp4 repair tool to perform corrupt Mp4 file repair on your system. Launch the application after successful installation. Later, browse and select damaged/corrupted/broken Mp4 file which is to be repaired. Continue with Next option to scan your damaged Mp4 file. Later you can preview the repaired/healthy MP4 files and finally save them on the desired path after successful purchase of the software.

  • How to Recover Deleted Data from SD Card?

    sdThere are a lot of electronic devices which are using an SD card for saving files such as digital camera, mp3 player, camcorder, tablets, smartphones and many others. Like other flash memory cards, SD card also has a specific space for saving a number of files. These SD cards are, easy to use, portable and capable to keep huge amount of different types of data files such as images, text files, video clips, documents, mp3 tracks, as well as many others. SD card is widely used with smartphones or digital cameras for saving captured pictures and recorded video clips. These photos or clips can birthday functions, summer vacations, nature scenes, places, etc.

    Sometimes, due to carelessness, there might be a possibility of deletion of photos or video clips from SD cards. Whenever people lose their precious video clips or photos, then they might become frustrated. But now, no need to be frustrated, because all of these deleted or lost files recovery can be achieved by using SD Card Recovery software. This easy to use tool is able to recover deleted or lost files from SD card as it was before deletion or lost on all the Microsoft Windows as well as Apple Mac based operating system with utmost ease.

    Common Factors behind Files Deletion or Loss from SD card:

    Accidental Deletion: While removing few useless files from SD card when it is connected with the computer through card reader, people may unknowingly end up with the selection of few important file selection and face their important file deletion issue.   

    Third party tools: Nowadays, people are using third party antivirus tools to scan their system drive as well as external drives. Sometimes, this antivirus program removes virus infected files saved on SD card and lead to file deletion.

    Human Mistake: While previewing captured pictures, people might accidentally press “Delete All” button of camera. This unknowingly key pressing leads to deletion of photos from SD card connected to the camera.

    Other Causes: File system corruption of SD card, improper handling of it, using same SD card with multiple devices, formatting of SD card, improper cut, paste operations, can also lead to files loss from SD card.

    When people face any above-mentioned reasons behind their important files deletion or loss from SD card, then they can use this user-friendly SD Card Recovery software to overcome from such issues without any more difficulty.

    Features of SD Card Recovery Application:

    • Supports to recover deleted photos from different types of SD cards of such as mini SD, Micro SD, mini SDHC, Micro SDHC, etc., which can be manufactured by any brands like Toshiba, Sony, HP, Kingston, etc. without any difficulty.
    • SD Card Recovery app can restore deleted or lost files from memory card which can have any file system like FAT 16, ExFAT and FAT32, easily.
    • This utility is capable to bring back files from SD card on various apple laptops including MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air which can have any Mac OS X like Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, etc.
    • This tool has progressive scanning algorithms to perform scanning of erased files from SD card without altering the original files.
  • How to Recover Lost Data from Iomega External hard Drive?

    how can i recover data from a formatted hard driveIomega external hard drives gained popularity because of its high accessibility and portability. Its features and reliability upholds this hard drive. This hard drive is compact and has wide range of storage capacities. Most popularly used for data backup purpose. Huge amount of data can be stored on this drive.

     Data loss may occur due to many reasons such as file system corruption, virus infection, program crash, and some bad sectors. If you come across any of the above scenario and have lost important files, do not worry!! Now it is easy to recover deleted files from Iomega external hard disk by using tertiary file recovery tool name Iomega data recovery software.

    Steps to get back deleted files from Iomega external hard disk drive:

    Step 1: Download and install Iomega data Recovery software on your operating system.

    Step 2: Connect the Iomega external hard drive to your system and Run the application.

    Step 3: Select the Recover drives option from main screen tool once you launch the software.

    Step 4: Select either Partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery option from the screen based on scenario encountered.

    Step 5: Select the hard drive from which you need to recover deleted files and proceed with Next button.

    Step 6: Hard drive scanning will be initiated. Once scan is successfully done, you can preview deleted files from Iomega external hard disk.

    Step 7: if you are using demo version purchase the software to save the previewed files.

    How files get deleted/ lost from Iomega external hard drive:

    • While deleting trash files accidentally deleting important files may lead to loss of enormous amount of data.
    • Abrupt ejection of Iomega hard drive may corrupt the file system and leads to inaccessibility of files.
    • Impact of using external tools is also responsible for deletion of files.
    • Formatting the hard disk and corrupted hard drive may also results in losing files
    • Virus infection on the Iomega drive may spreads rapidly all over the files on drive and makes them inaccessible to read.
    • While transferring files from Iomega external drive to system drive or vice versa a sudden shut down of the windows results in the deletion of files.

    Features: To be known

    • This software has an ability to recover lost files from deleted, formatted, reformatted partition or reformatted Iomega external hard drive.
    • Iomega external hard drive of different brands like Seagate, Drives, , Toshiba, FireWire, LaCie, Transcend etc. can be easily recovered
    • Iomega Prestige, Iomega eGo, Iomega StorCenter, etc. files can be easily retrieved.
    • The restored files will be sorted on the basis of various file attributes like file name, file size, extension, date of creation.

    Iomega data Recovery software is developed with special integrated algorithms that recover deleted files from Iomega external hard drive.

  • Download Software to Recover Files from Memory Stick – FREE

    stickNow a days, people are using electronic devices for their works such as digital cameras, mp3 player, smartphones, camcorders and many others. These of these devices uses external storage cards to save various types of user’s files like audios, images, text files, raw files, videos, etc. In order to store all of these files, most of the people prefer memory stick. It is flash memory card which is capable to save various types of user’s files. Memory stick is very small in size, compatible with different electronic devices, high files transfer rate, etc. These memory stick devices are manufactured by numerous world leading brands few of them are Sony, SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung and many others.

    Apart from these features of memory sticks, sometimes people can face their important file deletion issue from memory stick. In such painful moments, people want to recover files from memory stick at any cost because these files can be very important for them. So to recover these deleted files issue, people need an advanced third party tool because there is no other way to get back files from memory stick. Memory Stick File Recovery is one of the highly efficient file recovery utility which is developed by expert IT professionals with the help of searching algorithms to restore files from memory stick without any more difficulty.

    Reasons behind files deletion or loss from memory stick:

    • Interruption between file transferring from memory stick to system drive can be reason behind file deletion from it. This this situation file gets deleted from both system drive as well as from memory stick.
    • If the file system of memory stick gets corrupted, then all the files saved on it become unreachable. To access memory stick, people need to format it which will erase compete files from memory stick.
    • Virus attack on memory stick, improper handling, incorrect cut, past command, memory stick broken and accidental deletion are most common reasons behind file deletion or loss from memory stick.

    Features of Memory Stick File Recovery program:

    • Memory Stick File Recovery tool supports various types of file retrieval from memory stick like images, video clips, documents, apps, text files and many others very easily.
    • It is available for both Mac as well as Windows based operating systems and supports file recover on all the versions of both systems.
    • This recovery program is capable to recover files from memory stick as well as various different storage drives like hard drive, flash drive, SD card, pen drive and others.
    • Enables users to preview the recovered files before saving them to other drive.
    • With the help of this program, people can easily recover files from memory stick which can be formatted, inaccessible, broken, damaged or corrupted without any difficulty.

    Steps to restore files from memory stick:

    • Download and install Memory Stick File Recovery app on your Windows or Mac computer.
    • Once installation process is over, just double click on icon to run the program.
    • Welcome window will appear with three options. Select “File Recovery” option to recover deleted or lost data files from memory sticks.
    • Chose the memory stick from the list of drives and click on next arrow to proceed your deleted or lost file recovery process.
    • File recovery process will display and when the recovery is completed, a list of all recovered files will show in data view.
    • You can also take the preview of recovered files before saving them.
  • Tool to Recover Missing or Lost Files from Windows 8

    Have you lost files from Windows 8 system? If yes don’t get panicked, just go for reliable tool to recover missed files from Windows 8 machine.

    feature-hard-drive-data-recovery-software-2-wWindows Recovery Software is one of the advanced tool to recover data from Windows 8 system as well as other versions of Windows based machine. This software is capable in recovering files from hard drives working on Windows 8 system. With use of this application, you are able to recover media files, document files, PDF, Photoshop file and Raw files. Using this software, you can easily recover formatted, reformatted and damaged hard drives on Windows system. The application is available on website so that anyone can purchase and find missing files in Windows 8.

    Some of the scenarios responsible for data loss on Windows 8 machine

    Power Failure: Due to power failure, system is turned off abruptly as result of which there are chances user may lose data from Windows system.  It happen when you are accessing some files or performing certain task on your system.

    OS Crash: Sometimes operating system is crashed due to improper installation or virus attack then there are chances that user may lose important data from the system.

    Improper Shutdown: It is most uncommon reason for data loss from Windows 8 system. In case, if system is turned off suddenly while moving or performing certain task on system then it may happen that you lose files from the system.

    File System Corruption: The file system of any data storage device will allocate the files and folder. If file system gets corrupted then OS fails to read data stored in Windows system. As a result user may lose important files on Windows 8 system.

    Firmware Corruption: If the firmware of hard drive get corrupted then user may lose huge amount of data from Windows 8 system. In such case, you can use Windows data recovery software to restore missing files.

    All the scenarios can be easily recovered through Windows data recovery tool. This software allows user to perform data recovery from Windows 8 as well as Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10.

    Features of Windows Recovery Software

    • You can purchase this application from website to recover deleted or missing files from Windows 8 system.
    • You are able to recover missing files such as media files, document file and Photoshop files in few simple and effective steps.
    • The software recover different file system such as EXFAT, FAT and NTFS without any issues. This recovery application is available with demo version so that user can restore missing files from Windows 8 system.
    • The demo version allows you to preview recovered files. In order to save the recovered files user need to purchase the licensed version.
    • You can easily employ the software to recover missing files from Windows 8 system within few simple steps.
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