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Know About the Features of Antivirus Utilities

antivirusThe modern antivirus tool handles spyware, Trojans, rootkits adware, ransomware and many more. According to the review of PCMag, 3 dozen of commercial antivirus tool are free. Out of so many tools only four antivirus tool is named as Editors’ Choice products. From dozens of tool nine more commercial antivirus tool have proved them to earn the excellent four-star rating and the seven tools earned as three and half stars.

All the products are traditional which has the ability to scan the files for malware on access. A couple of them are outliers’ tools which meant to enhance protection of the traditional antivirus tool. It is not the best idea to relaying on antivirus tool on Windows 8 or Windows 10 system.

Multi-Layer Antivirus Protection

The Antivirus tool differentiate themselves by just going beyond basics of the on-demand real-time protection and scanning. Some of the rated URLs which you visit or which is showed up in the search results, by a coding system of red-yellow-green color. Some of the actively block processes on the system when connecting with the known malware-hosting URLs.

Bonus Features of Antivirus Tool

The Firewall protection and the spam filtering are not the common features of antivirus tool, but some of the top products includes with bonus features. In fact, some of the antivirus tools are more feature-packed than the other products sold as a security suites.

Best Feature

If you are looking for best antivirus tool, then you have lots of options. The Kaspersky Anti-Virus and the Bit defender Antivirus Plus are invariably at the top in the independent lab tests. The single subscription for the McAfee Antivirus Plus lets you install the protection on all of the operating system like Android, Mac OS, Windows and iOS devices. The unusual behavior-based technology means the Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus was the smallest antivirus around.

One Last Note

Each security software theorists are doubtless preparing a weigh with their suspicions. There is actually a good reason behind it. Symantec has not made the standalone antivirus in the several years.