Repair MOV

How to repair corrupted video file

Nowadays most of the people are interested in watching and editing favorite videos. One can watch videos through internet or must have stored videos to play on the computer. Video files can be useful for entertainment, education, business, sports, etc. To deal with the huge demand in the market, these video files come in various formats according to the codec, size, quality, etc. There is large number of media players available; using which one can play the video files efficiently.

You may have stored large number of video files on your Mac machine and that are played on QuickTime player. Let us consider the situation that the QuickTime player refused to play one of your favorite video. Usually it can happen when your video file is corrupted. Even though Apple devices are very much safe and secure, still the video files are prone to corruption on Mac. If the important video files like business, it may affect on your organization. So in order to overcome from such problems you need to repair corrupted video files using some third party tools like video repair software. Once you repaired the damaged video files, you can play it as before.

MOV files could become corrupt or damage due to many disastrous situations for example improper or incomplete formatting of memory card or other storage device, virus attack, pulling out the card from the computer when file transmission process is in progress, as well as any form of interruption caused during read or write process, etc. Corruption of MOV files could also happen while recovering the accidentally deleted MOV files. Whatever may be the reason behind corruption of MOV files, the result will probably be inaccessible of video files.

Many of the commonly occurring data loss situations in which video files could become corrupt or damage are briefly explained below:

  • Corruption of video files while recovering deleted files: Suppose you may have accidentally deleted some files and used an undelete software utility to recoup them. After that, each and every time if you try to play the recovered video files, it states the file type isn’t recognized. However, this case might lead to corruption of video files and hence data loss.
  • Virus attack: Virus attack on your computer can also be the reason for corruption of MOV files. Trojan is a hazardous stuff, which may replicate by itself capable to corrupt video files. Anyhow, it can result in corruption of MOV files and consequently loss of data.

If you are facing any such situations and cannot access your important movies or video recordings you need not to worry as you can easily repair corrupted video files that may be corrupted due to any reason. So that you can perform corrupt video file repair, you have to make utilization of good alternative party video repair software. Video repair is probably the competent software that can repair corrupt MOV files that are not playable on QuickTime. You can even download the demo version, which helps you to access the software features before buying full version of the software.