How Can I Recover Data from a Formatted Hard Drive?

How Can I Recover Data from a Formatted Hard Drive?

Take an instance, in which you have chosen the wrong drive partition while formatting. In such conditions, with just simple mistake you can loss all the files. You can also loss the data when you planned to install upgraded version of operating system in the computer. Without having the much knowledge about installation process, you may pick wrong option and immediately after understanding, you may stop installation process in between only. In such circumstances, you might lose or delete all the stored essential files from hard drive.

Formatting hard drive is the prhow can i recover data from a formatted hard driveocess in which OS will wipes all the users’ information saved on the hard disk partition. After formatting, most of the users think that the data permanently gone from the hard drive. But, the truth is somewhat different operating system does not delete the data from the formatted drive partition until deleted files are not over written with a new files. A new file system is replaces the older file system after formatting the hard drive partition. Thus, the OS erase all the entries of the files saved on the drive because of that you are not able to access the data stored in that.

However, hard disk partitions keep an index file. When you format the drive then the link will be deleted between index and lost data. Therefore, lost files will be still exists in the hard drive memory and to restore data from a formatted hard drive you have to take an instant steps. Losing such a large number of data from the hard disk, that too in just one click will make you go crazy and panic. Do not get panic because you can simply retain all your lost or deleted information from hard drive by using Formatted Drive Recovery Software. Here’s more information related to the formatted drive recovery tool.

Apart from above reason, there are various factors that cause user for formatting the hard drive partition. A frequently faced reason is intrusion of malicious program in the hard disk. Suppose your system is affected with harmful viruses then it might not allows access the files stored on drive. To remove viruses from PC you may try numerous different methods but every time will be failed. The only option you have left with is formatting the hard drive partition and it will also erase viruses along with all the files. In such situation, to prevent losing the files forever then you have to use hard drive recovery program.

How can I recover data from a formatted hard drive?

So, whatever may the reason, you can get back entire data from the hard drive after formatting by employing Formatted Drive Recovery Software with ease. This program is well match to such type of situations. It is developed with best features and it has very user friendly interface. Formatted Drive Recovery application can be utilized to restore files after formatting different storage devices such as flash memory cards, pen drives, Fire Wire drives, USB drives, and more with utmost ease. In order to evaluate the performance of the recovery software, you can download free demo version

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