Guidelines to restore Mac disk data

Guidelines to restore Mac disk data

Hard disk is a mass storage device where the data is stored in erasable and re-writable form. It can also retain data without power supply, therefore it is called as non-volatile storage device. A system can store all its data including Operating System and some other third party application on hard drive. It can stores data in binary format.

For a regular system user, it is difficult to protect data stored on Mac hard drive as some unknown software errors may cause deletion or loss of data preserved on Macintosh system. Users store many important official documents and personal information on their Mac system, therefore data loss becomes frustrating issue. Sometimes Mac users mistakenly erase files from HD or accidentally delete Mac partitions itself. In order to restore lost or deleted data from Mac HDD, a group of data recovery professionals have designed Mac Disk Recovery software. This tool assists you to undelete hard drive files easily and quickly. Mac Recovery tool is designed with advanced algorithms, which helps to scan entire hard drive in few minutes. After scanning, it provides preview of all lost or deleted files based on “Files type view” or “Data type view”. Its simple and friendly interface made possible to recover lost data without any difficulties.

Common reasons for loss or deletion of data on Mac hard disk

  • Unintentionally formatting / deleting partitions or volumes leads to loss of huge amount of data
  • Accidentally deleting files from Trash or emptying Trash results in permanent deletion of files
  • Abnormal system shutdown while accessing some files also causes data loss
  • Installing unauthenticated third party utilities is also one of the common reason for loss of some important files

Software conflicts or logical errors, which leads to data loss from HD

  • Master Boot Record holds details about Operating System, volumes, and file system. If it gets corrupt due to virus attack or OS crash, then it is not possible to access data from system.
  • Due to various reasons, Catalog file (contains information about files) may get corrupted. Therefore it is impossible to access files when catalog file gets corrupted.
  • While re-sizing or re-partitioning Mac volumes, there is a chance for data loss.
  • Other reasons such as file system corruption, journal file corruption, interruption while configuring dual Operating System, bad sector formation on hard drive etc. may also causes data loss on Mac system.

In fact when file is deleted or lost from HDD, only the directory entry of that file gets removed from drive. The actual content of that file remains on hard drive, until that memory space is utilized by some other data. So, it is possible to restore lost or deleted files only with the aid of genuine recovery tool.

If you are bothered about how to restore lost data from any of above mentioned scenarios then make use of Mac Disk Recovery tool. It can retrieve deleted or lost data after hard drive crash also. This utility can undelete Mac partitions successfully. The software works well with all version of the Mac Operating System for example Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. The best features of this recovery tool are as follows:

  • Retrieve various kinds of files such as documents, program files, games, audio files, images, videos etc. from corrupted or damaged hard disks on Macintosh system.
  • Provides effective way to restore lost or deleted data from various file systems such as HFS, HFS+, FAT16, and FAT 32 on Mac Operating System.
  • It has a capability to restore more than 280 various types of files.
  • Mac Disk Recovery software is compatible with different types of HD’s such as IDE, SCSI, SATA, and so on.
  • The Mac hard disk drives can be of any brand like Hitachi, Buffalo, Fujifilm, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Western Digital, Samsung, Seagate etc the application can work efficiently.
  • You can restore data from external hard drives on Mac OS. It can also supports to recover missing files from various removable devices like flash media cards, flash drives, FireWire drives, MacBook, iPod, etc.

NOTE: Never save any data on corrupted or damaged hard drive in order to avoid overwriting of data. Do not install Mac Disk Recovery tool on the same volumes that you have formatted or from where you lost data.

In order to check the software performance, use free demo version. You can able to see all lost data using demo edition, but you have to buy the licensed version to save the data.






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