Outlook PST repair

  • Know How to Fix Outlook OST File In an Easy Way

    Everyone knows, Microsoft Outlook is used mainly as mailing application. It is one of the product of Microsoft. Outlook saves its files in two formats, namely PST and OST. OST is the acronym of Offline Storage Table. The main advantage of OST file is that, it allows you to work offline and then you can synchronize the changes with the Exchange server for the next time you connect to the internet. Outlook is not only used for mailing purpose, but it also includes journal program, web browser, contact manager, calendar, task manager, note taking etc.OST Repair

    Windows has also developed an Outlook app for mobile phone users, called as Outlook Mobile. This app allows the user to synchronize the Outlook account with their mobile phones. Even though Outlook OST files are very useful in many aspects, Microsoft cannot give an assurance, that the OST file will not get corrupt. Yes, there also chances for your OST files to be get corrupt. By using Fix OST software, you will definitely come to know how to fix Outlook OST file.

    Reasons behind OST file damage:

    • Poor network connection: As said earlier, it is possible to work with OST files, even when you are offline. Say for example, you have made changes to your OST file in Offline state. After finishing the process, you may be connected to the internet. At that time, you may have poor network connection. As a result, your OST file may get corrupt.
    • Inappropriate termination of OST file: Whenever, you try to close a OST file, always close the files properly after saving it. Sometimes, closing an OST file in an improper manner may also leads to damage of that file.
    • Email bombarding: Email Bombarding is also one of the reason for file damage. If you have opened “n” number of emails at the same time, it may sometimes becomes a chances for the OST file corruption.

    Salient features of this tool:

    Fix OST tool can repair files, which are created from different versions like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. This utility program is capable of retrieving messages, journals, folders, appointments, tasks, etc. OST files, that cannot be repaired even by “Inbox Repair” tool, provided Microsoft Outlook can be fixed effectively. Indexing issue in outlook 2010, can be easily fixed with the help of this application. Emails that are emptied from deleted item folder or any other Outlook folder can be recovered. It provides option to preview the repaired items with the help of Outlook Style Browser view. OST files that are secured with password protection can also be repaired by this program.

  • Get A Reliable Utility to fix PST file on Windows 8

    Many Organization are dependent on Microsoft Outlook to run their business, due to its features like email application, calendar, task manager, browser, note taking, journal, etc. It is all in one application which makes you able to synchronize your multiple social accounts and email at a single place.

    It stores all data in .pst file which stands for Personal storage table. If somehow .pst file gets damage or corrupted then this will be disaster as it contains a lot of sensitive information. Even if there is inbuilt repair tool named Scanpst.exe, which can repair only minor damaged PST files. For severely damaged file you need some advanced and powerful third party tool. You should take care while choosing software in such critical situation, as PST file contains lot of important data which must not be modified a single bit too. How To Fix PST Files is one of the most efficient and affordable software to repair PST files on Windows 8. As it is read only software it ensures you there will not be any modification in the original corrupted file. It will scan and create new healthy file which can be stored in your desired location.

     Reasons due to which PST files gets corrupted

    • If PST file exceeds its size limit specified by MS Outlook, by adding new items without removing old and useless emails, then PST file may get corrupted.
    • Improper termination of Outlook while accessing or using PST file may damage the PST file.
    • Up-gradation of MS Outlook without keeping back maybe the reason for deletion of PST file as it can be overwritten by new files and folders.
    • Virus inside the system van affect the PST files and make them inaccessible.

    Features of Software

    • Fixes PST files created on all major versions of MS Outlook, and it also supports OST file.
    • Recovers all crucial emails, attachment and other mailbox items from corrupted .pst file.
    • Provides real time preview of repaired items through Outlook style browser view.
    • Fixes password protected PST files too.
    • Software has two recover modes for recovering .pst files. Normal scan fixes the minor issues and takes less time. Smart scan works where Normal scan fails and fixes major corruption issues.
    • Supports on almost all popular Windows OS like Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
    • Capable enough to repair encrypted and highly compressed PST files.
    • It has auto detect features which enables you to search PST files even if you don’t know the exact location of your PST files.
  • Software To Fix Outlook Error

    Microsoft Outlook is the one of the best email application that is used by many people all around the world for communication purpose. It provides attributes such as contact manager, calendar, Task manager, creating journals, web browsing, saving of attachment files etc. Generally, files created on Outlook are stored as .pst files.

    But, problem occurs when the stored Outlook PST files get corrupted due to some errors like; while moving emails to respective folders, if you met with an unexpected power loss proceeding with abnormal termination of Outlook application then the outlook files may get corrupted thus you cannot open those corrupted files. If you met with such problem don’t get worry go for repair option. Outlook contains an in built inbox repair tool i.e. Scanpst.exe in order to repair PST file with slight corruptions. If this repair tool fails to fix your Outlook PST file error, then make use of appropriate PST file repair utility called Repair PST Outlook software. This is one of the best software recommended by many experts to fix Outlook errors.

    Scenarios that causes Outlook Errors

    • Because of Harmful virus attacks Outlook PST files may get corrupted.
    • Improper synchronization of Outlook data.
    • Interruptions while compressing Outlook PST file.
    • While transferring or downloading if there is any network breakages the outlook files may get corrupted.

    Apart from above mentioned scenarios there are other reasons which cause outlooks error such as interruption while compressing, file header corruption etc. However you can repair outlooks with the use of Repair Outlook PST software.

    Repair Outlook PST software repairs PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and it also supports OST files. It can efficiently mend oversized Outlook PST files. This software can repair most PST files that cannot be repaired using inbox repair tool which was provided with Outlook i.e. Scanpst.exe. With this software you can recover email messages emptied from deleted items folder or deleted from any other Outlook folder. It provides real time preview of the repaired items through Outlook style browser view, you can also repair even password protected PST files. The PST files which are encrypted and compressed files can also be repaired. It generates the repaired PST files in Outlook 2003-2010 format for easy import. With this software you can even search for PST files on your computer if you do not know the store location of your PST files. It supports you to regain email messages, folders, the calendar items, contacts, appointments, meeting requests, RSS feeds, tasks, journals and notes etc. from Outlook PST. This software supports to repair PST files in major versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

    • Install best antivirus software in your system.
    • Do not turn off your computer while the sending/receiving process is going on.
    • Before proceeding further actions it is suggested to back up your Outlook PST file regularly.

    To prevent sudden power losses make use of UPS devices for your system.