Outlook PST recovery

  • Simple Way to Restore Deleted or Lost PST File

    What will you do if you suddenly notice that any of your PST files are missing? What is the possible reason behind the data loss from the hard disk? Well, as per its user of the PST files possibilities can be so many due to which they lost their user data. PST files are the only way to your emails or the other online data even in offline mode means without any connection with the internet. But if you anyhow is not able to access those files saved on the Outlook account, then it’s must be a great loss for the Outlook user. If you show little bit effort and try to restore the lost PST files then you will possibly able to restore the lost data with the use of PST file recovery tool.

    The MS Outlook mainly used for storing the larger range of emails and tasks, journals etc. While accessing the data, the user must feel like their data are secure inside of the Outlook folder. Anytime, the user can access their data or the emails using the Outlook folder. There is some limitation of storing data in each of the Outlook folders. You can even create more than one account in the Outlook folder. There are so facilities you can utilize to keep your details more systematically. But here everything does not end. As every good thing has some drawback, like that using the PST files is also not secure for its user. Most of the official works or the business related works are operated using the Outlook application. So when in an unfortunate situation the users of the Outlook application face the data loss problem then it’s obviously very pathetic. If the situation occurs anytime when the user wants to know how to recover deleted PST files then the solution is the Restore PST Files software.

    Some Reasons behind Outlook PST File Loss

    • Few situations which lead to PST files lose from the Outlook which you simply can’t avoid. At the time of working with the MS Outlook application if the computer system suddenly gets shut down or the files with which you are working suddenly get shut down then the stored details will get hampered. Due to these kinds of problems, maybe the PST file header get corrupted.
    • The virus, the harmful malware, or the spyware attack on the system files take away the stored details from the computer hard drive.
    • The user of the Outlook application is sometimes responsible for the data deletion. It may happen only due to the user mistakes. They only sometimes mistakenly select to delete the files on the Outlook account.
    • Stored details after getting deleted, if the data goes to the deleted items folder or deleted permanently, still the data will be recovered with the Restore PST Files tool.

    Advanced Characteristics of Restore PST Files Software:

    • This powerful PST file recovery tool is the great example of the lost file recovery. It comes with the features of the lost PST file recovery in the Outlook folder.
    • This software simply performs the data recovery on all editions of Windows operating system.
    • It is the read-only application and easy to handle recovery tool for the system hard disk.

    You can positively avail this tool with its freely available trial edition.

  • How to recover Outlook PST file after formatting?

    PST or personal storage table is a file that is created by your Microsoft Outlook application with the name Outlook.pst. It is a consolidated form of all the attributes like sent / received Emails, notes, calendar items, reminders, RSS feeds, etc. of a particular Outlook profile. There are times when you might face problems with your Outlook application or you are unable to open your profile. The reason can be a missing or corrupted PST file. The location of PST file is generally unknown to the user therefore the main reason of losing the PST file is through formatting. It can be either accidental or intentional but the result is same, the loss of a large amount of data.

    When a PST file is lost, the user will not be able to access his / her profile. To make it accessible again you need to restore the deleted PST file & attach it to your profile. To do this make use of the best PST recovery tool i.e. Recover PST. This tool is the best when compared to other similar tools available in the market. It has a powerful & advanced scanning algorithm that is capable of restoring deleted or lost PST files in just a few mouse clicks. The tool has a very intuitive interface, which can be operated by any type of user, either professional or home user. Download the free demo version of Recover PST & try it for retrieving PST file. If you are satisfied with the results then buy the full version to save the recovered PST. The retrieved PST file will contain all the attributes & original data. No information is lost as the software works on the read-only principle.

  • The Best Way to Recover Damaged Outlook PST File


    It very common that many of you operate on multiple emails simultaneously and result of which is damage of  PST file due to which you may lose all stored important emails from PST file. But in developed technological world you don’t need to worry, you can recover Outlook PST file and you will get back all lost emails as it was without any modification. But before knowing about recovery techniques, let’s take brief information about Outlook application. MS Outlook is one of the best email client used to store different attributes like, emails, notes, journals etc. These all Outlook attributes are stored in common file which is known as a Personal Storage Table (PST). This PST file storage capacity varied as per its Outlook version. Outlook 2000 contains 2GB PST file, Outlook 2007 and 2003 contains 20GB PST file and Outlook 2010 contains 50GB PST file. But as you know, every application has limitations Outlook has a weakness of data loss due to damage or corruption of PST file. For Ex, Consider if you cross the maximum storage capacity of PST file then also it leads to damage/corruption of PST file.

    Other common reasons due to which your PST files get damaged and you need to recover damaged Outlook file:

    • Due to sharing of same PST file over LAN/WAN network PST file get damage and you need to recover Outlook PST file.
    • Damage of PST file is very common due to virus or malware attack and result of that is data loss.
    • While accessing PST file if your system get shutdown abruptly then it lead to corruption of PST file.
    • Corruption of PST header leads to sever data loss in which you are unable to access any kind of stored data from PST file

    So there are many reasons explained above due to which you face the corruption of PST file and to repair Outlook PST file, you must have to use Outlook Recovery Software. But let us know some instructions which will be helpful for you in future to avoid data loss

    • Keep updated antivirus in system.
    • Keep good quality UPS.
    • Don’t operate on multiple emails at the same time.
    • Make sure there is enough space before saving any data in PST file.
    • Don’t use PST file over LAN/WAN network.

    After following such kind precautionary steps still who are facing PST file corruption those can repair Outlook PST file by using one of the best Outlook recovery software. This software helps to retrieve lost or deleted data from damaged Outlook file. This software helps to recover data even if your Outlook profile is password protected. This software is compatible with Windows all latest versions and also supports different Outlook versions like, Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007and 2010. You can download its free trial version and try to recover Outlook PST file. This software has advanced scan engine which helps to recover Outlook PST file in very short time period. If you want to try to recover Outlook PST file then Click Here and download this free software.