Hard Drive Recovery

  • How to Recover Lost Data from Iomega External hard Drive?

    how can i recover data from a formatted hard driveIomega external hard drives gained popularity because of its high accessibility and portability. Its features and reliability upholds this hard drive. This hard drive is compact and has wide range of storage capacities. Most popularly used for data backup purpose. Huge amount of data can be stored on this drive.

     Data loss may occur due to many reasons such as file system corruption, virus infection, program crash, and some bad sectors. If you come across any of the above scenario and have lost important files, do not worry!! Now it is easy to recover deleted files from Iomega external hard disk by using tertiary file recovery tool name Iomega data recovery software.

    Steps to get back deleted files from Iomega external hard disk drive:

    Step 1: Download and install Iomega data Recovery software on your operating system.

    Step 2: Connect the Iomega external hard drive to your system and Run the application.

    Step 3: Select the Recover drives option from main screen tool once you launch the software.

    Step 4: Select either Partition Recovery or Formatted/Reformatted Recovery option from the screen based on scenario encountered.

    Step 5: Select the hard drive from which you need to recover deleted files and proceed with Next button.

    Step 6: Hard drive scanning will be initiated. Once scan is successfully done, you can preview deleted files from Iomega external hard disk.

    Step 7: if you are using demo version purchase the software to save the previewed files.

    How files get deleted/ lost from Iomega external hard drive:

    • While deleting trash files accidentally deleting important files may lead to loss of enormous amount of data.
    • Abrupt ejection of Iomega hard drive may corrupt the file system and leads to inaccessibility of files.
    • Impact of using external tools is also responsible for deletion of files.
    • Formatting the hard disk and corrupted hard drive may also results in losing files
    • Virus infection on the Iomega drive may spreads rapidly all over the files on drive and makes them inaccessible to read.
    • While transferring files from Iomega external drive to system drive or vice versa a sudden shut down of the windows results in the deletion of files.

    Features: To be known

    • This software has an ability to recover lost files from deleted, formatted, reformatted partition or reformatted Iomega external hard drive.
    • Iomega external hard drive of different brands like Seagate, Drives, , Toshiba, FireWire, LaCie, Transcend etc. can be easily recovered
    • Iomega Prestige, Iomega eGo, Iomega StorCenter, etc. files can be easily retrieved.
    • The restored files will be sorted on the basis of various file attributes like file name, file size, extension, date of creation.

    Iomega data Recovery software is developed with special integrated algorithms that recover deleted files from Iomega external hard drive.

  • Use This Software for Formatted Drive Recovery

    Hard drives are used to store personal data in a secured way. The several files stored in hard drives are audio files, video files, images, documents, texts, etc. Sometimes your system may connected to infected system as a results of which harmful virus enters into the system. The virus attack on your system severely corrupts the files stored in hard drive. In order to overcome such situation you are forced to format hard drive that wipes out all files and folder stored in drive.

    If you are trapped in similar kind of drastic situation then no need to worry. Just make use of Unformat Drive tool to recover deleted or lost files from formatted drive. This software is capable of recovering data from formatted hard drives, external hard drive, USB drive, pen drive, SD cards, etc. You can easily download and install this effective application on different versions of Windows and Mac operating system. This software allows you to perform formatted drive recovery functioning on different file system such as NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFS, HFSX, HFS+, and many more. It is available online so that users can easily purchase this application and recover deleted or lost files from formatted drive.

    Reasons for formatting of drives

    Accidental Formatting: Format is an option available on your system or PC to permanently clear files and folder stored in drive. Sometimes users may unintentionally press format button as a result of all files and folder stored in drive get deleted and users have to suffer from severe data loss.

    Virus Attack: It is one of the most common reasons due to which you are forced to format the drive. When you are connected to infected system then it is quite obvious that virus enters into the system and affects the files. In order to save your drive from further virus attack you are forced to do formatting.

    File System Corruption: The file system of any storage device finds the location of files stored in drive. When file system get corrupted due to any reason then there is wide possibility that operating system is unable to find out the files stored in drive and become unreachable. That lost files occupied space on drive, in order to free space users are forced to format the drive.

    You can use this software to overcome the above mentioned scenarios in few simple steps. This software includes numerous advantages over other recovery tool.

    Features of Unformat Drive Tool

    • This recovery tool is compatible with all the latest version of Windows and Mac operating system. The versions on which this software can be downloaded and installed are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Lion Mountain, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, etc.
    • Save Recovery Session is available for this software that allows users to resume the recovery process. The user is capable of recovering data using recovery session any time.
    • Demo version is available so that you can check the effectiveness of this advanced tool. If you found this application useful then you can purchase this software online.
    • You can search the recovered files from the lists according to file name, file size and file type.
  • Application to Unformat Hard Drive Mac OS X

    “Hello friends! Last day, when I was installing Yosemite OS X in my system then in installing process I formatted entire hard drive mistakenly and I lost my all important data from Mac hard drive. All files of the Mac hard drive are very important for me and I don’t want to restore all data in any circumstances. If you guys have any idea about how to unformat Mac drive then please suggest me.”


    Data loss due to formatting of Mac hard drive is such a big problem because all people stores there important data in it and no one wants to loss there important data in any cost. However, if you are suffering from same problem and want to unformat hard drive Mac OS X then one of the efficient and reliable tools is Unformat Mac software. This tool is designed and developed by technical experts and a smart algorithm of this tool has much capability to restore any type of formatted data in a hassle free manner. Many of the industrial experts also prefer for this tool.

    Some common reasons behind the formatting of hard drive:

    • Accidental formatting: If due to any reason, you format Mac drive accidentally, then there is a chance of loss of data from Mac hard drive.
    • MBR corruption: Hard drive partitioning task, operating system loading task and some other important task is instructed by MBR (Master Boot Record). If due to any unwanted reasons, MBR gets corrupted then hard drive may gets inaccessible which may be accessible after formatting of entire drive.
    • File system corruption: Files system manages all important data of hard drive such as file name, file size, file signature and so on. Corruption of file system may cause the hard drive corruption which may be the reason of formatting of hard drive.
    • Bad sectors: Bad sectors mainly occur due to heating of system or when system gets shutdown abruptly. Excess of bad sectors in hard drive may leads the corruption of entire drive which may use again after formatting of Mac drive.

    Anyway, whatever may be the reasons behind formatting of hard drive, if you want to unformat hard drive Mac OS X then you must have to go with Unformat Mac software. This tool is quite easy to use. So you can easily perform data recovery task of formatted hard drive.

    Some key features of Unformat Mac software:

    • Unformat Mac software supports all versions of Mac OS X.
    • Any type of image files, video files, music files or other documents are easily recovered by this tool.
    • You can also perform recovering task of external hard drive formatted data.
    • This tool recovers files from any type of formatted hard drive ()SATA, SCSI, IDE and so on) .
    • It supports recovery from HFS+, HFSX, FAT 16, FAT 32 formatted Mac volumes.
    • This tool recovers formatted files on the basis of their unique signature and you can add/edit new signature for files which are not listed.
    • 24*7 Supports team is also available to short out customer’s issue/query.
  • How Can I Recover Data from a Formatted Hard Drive?

    Take an instance, in which you have chosen the wrong drive partition while formatting. In such conditions, with just simple mistake you can loss all the files. You can also loss the data when you planned to install upgraded version of operating system in the computer. Without having the much knowledge about installation process, you may pick wrong option and immediately after understanding, you may stop installation process in between only. In such circumstances, you might lose or delete all the stored essential files from hard drive.

    Formatting hard drive is the prhow can i recover data from a formatted hard driveocess in which OS will wipes all the users’ information saved on the hard disk partition. After formatting, most of the users think that the data permanently gone from the hard drive. But, the truth is somewhat different operating system does not delete the data from the formatted drive partition until deleted files are not over written with a new files. A new file system is replaces the older file system after formatting the hard drive partition. Thus, the OS erase all the entries of the files saved on the drive because of that you are not able to access the data stored in that.

    However, hard disk partitions keep an index file. When you format the drive then the link will be deleted between index and lost data. Therefore, lost files will be still exists in the hard drive memory and to restore data from a formatted hard drive you have to take an instant steps. Losing such a large number of data from the hard disk, that too in just one click will make you go crazy and panic. Do not get panic because you can simply retain all your lost or deleted information from hard drive by using Formatted Drive Recovery Software. Here’s more information related to the formatted drive recovery tool.

    Apart from above reason, there are various factors that cause user for formatting the hard drive partition. A frequently faced reason is intrusion of malicious program in the hard disk. Suppose your system is affected with harmful viruses then it might not allows access the files stored on drive. To remove viruses from PC you may try numerous different methods but every time will be failed. The only option you have left with is formatting the hard drive partition and it will also erase viruses along with all the files. In such situation, to prevent losing the files forever then you have to use hard drive recovery program.

    How can I recover data from a formatted hard drive?

    So, whatever may the reason, you can get back entire data from the hard drive after formatting by employing Formatted Drive Recovery Software with ease. This program is well match to such type of situations. It is developed with best features and it has very user friendly interface. Formatted Drive Recovery application can be utilized to restore files after formatting different storage devices such as flash memory cards, pen drives, Fire Wire drives, USB drives, and more with utmost ease. In order to evaluate the performance of the recovery software, you can download free demo version

  • Process of recovery from formatted hard disk

    Hard Disk is one of the best places to store any of the confidential data in a secured way, so that it may be accessed later on users need. But, if by any reason it gets inaccessible, then user can’t recover it manually. Users need to use utility tool which perform hard disk drive recovery and provides files from window disk in the same format as it was earlier. Whenever any file gets inaccessible it is not that it gets permanently lost. Data on corrupt or formatted partition gets inaccessible because its pointer to the stored location is wiped out. So, if any user needs to use those files on such partition then he or she needs to use Windows Disk Drive Recovery tool, in order to Windows 7 hard disk recovery.

    There are number of instances which can cause loss of data from hard disk of Windows operating system which are accidental deletion of disk from memory management, usage of third party software, unintentional format, MBR corruption, virus attack and improper shut down of system. Of the aforementioned scenarios improper shut down is one of the common reasons which generally happen with computer users. This may happen due to system failure or power shortage. When such an issue arises, it is possible that disk may get corrupted, thereby making each of the available data on disk inaccessible. In such state of affair users need to be calm if they intend to use those data over corrupt partition again. Software called Windows Disk Drive Recovery can be used in such circumstances, which delivers the desired files in few minutes of its application and that too in same format as it was earlier. To know about this software needy may visit: http://www.harddiskdriverecovery.org/windows-7.html

    Another common reason for need of disk recovery arises due to deletion of disk from disk management. Usually hard disk comes in single disk which on users need if divided into several parts. But some time users by mistake instead of splitting them into two parts delete them. Such a blunder leads to elimination of the disk from hard drive. Although disk is deleted, data over the hard drive remains and can be recuperated by the use of given tool. Some time making modification in the size of hard drive causes corruption of hard disk, which too can be sorted by this utility.

    Although this application gets back the deleted or lost files from storage device in a legitimate way, there are definite measures which are required to perform for optimal recovery. The foremost thing that needs user’s notification is that they should stop use of the disk so that overwriting of data doesn’t occur. Apart from this other things that users need to keep in mind before utilizing this tool is that format or reformat of the drive should not be done and installation or downloading of application should not be done on disk which is required to recuperate.

    Data which is to be recuperated can be previewed prior to rescuing them one the desired location. Windows Disk Drive Recovery application has got one of the exceptional scanning algorithms which back off each of the required data within few minutes of its implementation. Some of the specific files or data can be backtracked by use of file name, file extension, size of file or date of creation. Windows Disk Drive Recovery software revamps the disk on variety of Windows operating system like Windows 7, XP or Vista. Sometime due to improper shut down of computer causes damage to hard disk; in such scenario also this application can be implemented. Along with performing recovery on Windows Hard Drive it recuperates data from peripheral storage devices like external hard drive, usb drive, memory stick, etc.

    Thus by going through the promising features of this utility software and circumstances under which it performs, we can recommend any user who is facing data loss from hard disk, so that he or she may revamp them. This software is easily available over internet for trial use.

  • Approach to restore lost data from hard disk drive

    A HDD which abbreviated as Hard disk drive, it is a storage device primarily used for accessing and storing information instantly using rotating platters. A HDD is has a capability to retain data even when system is powered off. The capacity of hard drive is ranging from GB to TB. With the growth in technology, these days hard disc up to 2 TB are available in market. There are also external hard drives introduces in market to increase the storage capacity of our personal computer such as USB drives, Memory cards and so on.

    In day to day life you store lots of files in our system’s storage device. These files include word documents, PowerPoint files, graphic folders, media files, archives, and image files. It really is very depressing when some of essential files or data vanishes from hard disk. There can be numerous reasons that cause data loss or deletion from your system or digital device’s storage media. A corrupt hard disk drive, corrupt partitions / journals, media errors etc. can be reason of your HDD failure. To deals with these issues you have a software that is user friendly interface along with fastest recovery built-in algorithm because of which user do not need to have any technical knowledge and can recover lost files from hard drive within fraction of minutes.

    Scenarios when your files lost from hard drive:

    Bad Sectors: A damaged platter and media error after header corruption cause a bad sector. Bad Sectors are also known as bad media spots. They often occur only in old hard disk drive. Whenever there is occurrence of bad sector files stored in the HDD prior to it gets lost.

    Continuous Power Failure: When your Windows OS freezes repeatedly due to power surge issues specially when performing any operation in hard disk may cause a serious damage to it. Sometimes you might lose files while downloading or uploading them because of power surge.

    Damaged Boot Record: Strong viruses, malware or spyware may corrupt MBR of hard disk. These viruses damage the boot sector. Retrieval of any files and folders from hard drive are denied when Master Boot Record is affected severely.

    Don’t read/write after data lose because it will leads to overwriting of data. Overwriting might be tends to permanent data loss. Use genuine Hard Drive Recovery Software to recover lost files.

     Features of Hard Drive Recovery software to restore lost files from hard drive:

    • This recovery tool is built with special built-in algorithm that can scan instantly and retrieve lost files from bad sector by creating disk images. In addition to all these, it can recover 300 different file types like audio files, video files, archives, photo files, word documents, PowerPoint files etc.
    • Recover data from partitions even after reinstalling the Operating system, it recovers file lost due to journal corruption.
    • And restores data from deleted, lost or inaccessible disk, USB drives, external hard drives etc.

    If your requirements meet then you can use demo version of the software to evaluate the results, it scans entire disk in less spam of time. It provides preview of the recovered files, to restore them you have to buy licensed version of this software. The demo version is available for free of cost.



  • Suggestions to recover lost data from formatted hard disk

    Normally the hard drive is utilized in a computer to store a large number of files. It is obtainable in two forms like internal hard disk and external hard disk. Internal hard disk is utilized inside the computer case to save data and it’s not portable, and even though one can possibly buy removable internal hard drive. External hard disk drives are portable plus they can be connected to other computers. Users are capable of doing partitioning of hard disk for his or her ease of viewing the data inside laptop or computer. Partitioning means the dividing of hard disk drive into many logical drives or partitions for convenience.

    A regular computer user can find the issues like he may format the partition mistakenly and later will think how to recover lost data from the partition. However, this isn’t a serious matter to get nervous since you have the capacity to recover lost data from hard drive with the help of vacation tools like computer data recovery software.

    A number of scenarios in which you may end up with data loss due to formatting of hard drive are explained below.

    • Most of the time loss of data occurs because of common user errors like accidental formatting of wrong drive. For instance: If your ‘E’ drive is loaded with media files like movies and you may desire to format it, as you are thinking to replace every movies by new ones. As well as its adjacent drive is ‘F’ which is having all your essential documents and as an alternative to formatting ‘E’ drive, you’ve formatted ‘F’ drive. In this scenario you can be with your important document loss.
    • When re-formatting one drive or partition to improve the file system, you may have formatted another partition.
    • If bad sector problem arises, you are unable to read or write data into these bad sectors, so because of this all data becomes inaccessible from the hard drive.
    • Sometimes file system from the partition can get corrupt as a consequence of virus attack, and it will force you to format the partition, to ensure that there is no further harm to other partitions.
    • If you would like to install new OS within your computer, you should format the current partition or create new partition; in each case it is possible to lose the information.

    A few other reasons of data loss can be like MBR corruption, partition corruption, error during re-partitioning etc are some other scenarios in which you may end up with formatting of hard disk drive and data loss from it.

    Anyway, in case if you have formatted data from the storage media, it is possible to recover formatted data using recovery software, which has the in built scanning algorithm to recover all lost data from the formatted partition or hard drive. It can recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT formatted partitions or drives. The free trial version of this software is positioned on internet and you can download it in your computer. It is going to perform the detailed scan of one’s entire formatted disk and recovers all of the deleted or lost data. Ones you are glad with the result of demo version, you can go through the complete version of the application to save lots of recovered data.


  • How to recover data from formatted partitions?

    Toshiba is a manufacturer of hard drives, which are widely used for data storage in personal computers. Anyhow, the user may lose data from the hard drive due to accidental formatting. Formatting of the hard disk partitions involves erasing the data stored on hard disk. In such a condition, to recover data from formatted Toshiba hard disk partitions, a best partition recovery software is used.

    While formatting user can choose the selected drives on the hard disk depending upon whether he or she wants to install the new operating system or wants to clean up the whole hard disk. It is possible to format the drive in which operating system is installed without affecting the data stored in the other logical drives. Loss of data on the hard disk may be occurred due to various situations like accidental re-installation of operating system, formatting the drives using third party applications, and accidental formatting or reformatting the hard disk etc. Some of the generally occurring data loss situations are as follows.

    Accidentally formatting the wrong drive while trying to format some other drive may cause the loss of data on the hard disk. Suppose you are trying to format the drive D in order to create a free space in it and accidentally selected the E drive for formatting. This process will erase the contents present on the drive E resulting in data loss. Sometimes you may also format the whole hard drive and forget to take a data backup, then this situation may also lead to loss of data.

    Disk Management is a system utility used to manage hard disk and partitions that they contain. Disk management enables the user to initialize disks, create drives, and format the drive with various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, or NTFS without shutting down your computer. This has many features like simplified tasks and intuitive user interface, basic and dynamic disk storage, local and remote disk management, mounted drives, logical disk manager Service, support for MBR and GPT disks, and manage disks at the command line etc. However, if you accidentally format the drive by using disk management system utility (third party application) without having a proper data backup then the data stored on the particular drive will be lost.

    When you format the hard disk, the data is still present on the hard disk until and unless a new data overwrites on it. When data is deleted or the drive is formatted then the data is not actually removed but that area is reallocated for new data storage and file pointers are reset. So you have a chance to recover data from formatted Toshiba hard disk partition by using best hard disk data recovery software. Download and use the partition recovery software to recover formatted data. By using this software you can recover formatted data from the SATA, SCSI, or IDE hard drives and also it is possible to restore data from partitions on Lenovo laptops.

  • Recover partition after re-installing Windows XP

    Have you accidentally formatted your hard disk to re-install Windows XP? Hard disk is a storage device which is permanent memory location of the computer. It can be divided in to number of partitions. Each logical drive can contain huge amount of data like documents, photos, music, video files etc. Sometimes you need to format the partition to re-install the windows operating system. The process of formatting makes your hard disk ready to install an operating system. But while re-installing operating system you may format wrong partition. This process may leads to partition data loss. Still, you can recover partition after re-installing Windows XP, Vista, 7 etc. using a partition recovery utility.

    Effect of Hard disk formatting

    A partition of a hard disk needs a file system for organizing the data. A File system, such as FAT32 or NTFS controls the hard disk whenever you format the hard drive. It creates a fragment and needed files for managing the data. To manage the database on hard drive is extremely difficult job, as it contains huge number of sections and the data never stored in contiguous manner. An index file, like MFT (Master File Table) in NTFS and FAT (File Allocation Table) in FAT is required for better organizing of files and directories.

    If you format the hard drive, file system index table is deleted and it becomes free. The file system considers that the hard drive is completely new and it starts overwriting the sections from which the data is deleted. Even though, the data remains physically safe even after the hard disk formatting, until it is being overwritten by new data.

    Why the formatting is required? You may need to format the hard drive, if any one of the following conditions is true.

    • Operating system gets crashed and you need to reinstall it.
    • Hard drive contains error and you want to get rid of them.
    • File system of your windows hard disk gets corrupted and the drive is RAW.
    • Hard drive is infected by virus or malware and anti-virus software is not able to remove it.
    • Windows boot sectors or other boot files are missing.

    Partition recovery utility can recover partition from hard drive after re-installing Windows operating system and it can also restore data from deleted or inaccessible partitions. This tool can be able to retrieve lost data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions. It supports retrieval of data from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard disks, SD card, XD card, MMC flash memory cards, FireWire Drives, iPods and even it can recover partition from USB. Partition recovery can restore data from file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT. The various versions of windows operating system are Windows 7, Vista, and XP etc. Download the software to check the performance of the software before purchasing the complete version of this software.

  • How to Unformat Drive on Windows 7 Operating System

    Windows 7 is definitely a good operating system that has more demand due to its innovative graphical user interface. Windows series started from Windows 1.0, and also the major versions are Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Hard disk of the system could be separated into different logical drives using Windows disk management utility. Partitions are made to store system files in one drive and various files like audio, videos in other drives. Files are the collection of data which are stored with a permanent storage media just like a computer hard drive, CD ROM drive, floppy disk drive or frequently even in a tape drive. Usually loss of data occurs due to common human errors like accidental formatting or re-formatting of drive. So, as a way to unformat drive on windows 7 and other versions of Windows OS you may use Windows recovery software.

    Often you might be formatted your USB drive unintentionally on Windows computer. With this scenario you could lose your important data from the drive. After formatting of USB drive, the deleted files will never be saved in Recycle Bin and you’re not able to restore the lost files from Recycle Bin. However, it’s possible to easily unformat USB drive using some third party utility. But one thing you should remember that doesn’t use formatted drive until the lost data recovered from it. In case if you have used the drive before recovery, it overwrites the deleted data and then there is absolutely no opportunity to recover deleted files.

    Why don’t we see one of several situations in which you may lose your data on account of formatting of USB drive. Sometimes after connecting a USB drive for a computer, you can find error like “USB drive isn’t formatted, do you want to format it”. In that case suppose you have continued with yes option, all data from that USB drive will be deleted within couple of seconds. The motivation for this error is corruption of USB drive. USB drive could be corrupted due to many reasons like, improper ejection through the computer, virus attack, improper shutdown of computer, interruption during transfer of files, power failure, operating-system crash etc.

    If you have lost data because of formatting of drive or some other reason, there is no need to fret. Since you can unformat drive on windows 7, unformat usb drive and recover deleted files easily, using “Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro” Edition software. It has a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm, which scans entire drive within matter of minutes and lastly it restores all lost data. As soon as the recovery process is completed, you can see the recovered data before saving them, using “Preview” option. You can also look at the recovered data on basis of file extension using “File Type View” option. To gauge recovery results, initially you can download demo version of this software, using which you can see the recovered files and then use licensed version to save the recovered data.

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