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  • Steps to retrieve files from Windows 7

    Windows 7 is the latest version of Windows operating system which comes up with highly enhanced features when compared to earlier versions of Microsoft Windows. People store their valuable data like official documents, educational details, pictures, videos etc. in the form of folders and files on the hard drive of Windows based computer.

    Most of the users of computer hard drive think that the files stored on the hard drives are safe forever. However, this is not true; you may also lose your data from hard drive due to some variable factors like OS crash, power outages, accidental deletion, etc. The only way to access the lost or deleted files is by making use of some powerful file recovery program for Windows 7. One such software is USB file recovery program that is highly recommended by skilled professionals which can retrieve files from windows 7 hard drive just in few simple clicks. Some of the common data loss scenarios which you might experience in your future while using Windows 7 computer.

    • Malware attack on the Windows 7 computer can corrupt the files by making duplicate copies of it resulting in loss of data.
    • Sometimes while deleting some unwanted file you may delete an important file which causes data loss.
    • Deletion of documents by pirated third party data recovery tools leads to loss of data.
    • Unexpected shutdown of the computer because of power failure is another reason which results in file loss.
    • Corruption of file system makes the hard drive inaccessible which in turn causes loss of files stored in it.
    • Removal of USB drive from the computer in between of file transfer process can corrupt files making it inaccessible leading to data loss.

    The above described file loss scenarios can be avoided by following some of the precautionary steps like:

    • Eject the USB drive properly using safely remove hardware option.
    • Make use of voltage regulator to avoid power fluctuation.
    • Don’t use the hard drive or any other storage drive after losing data to avoid overwriting of data.
    • Install effective antivirus software in the computer to prevent your computer from virus attack.

    These precautionary measures will help you out to avoid data loss. However, there are cases where you can still come across any of the data loss scenarios mentioned above. At that time USB file recovery program will help you to restore your data back not only from Windows computer but also from USB flash drive, memory card, pen drives, external hard drives etc. This file recovery program provides all the necessary file recovery modules and recovers data with complete folder hierarchy. You can use this software to restore data from Mac based computers. This recovery tool uses powerful scanning algorithm to identify file types and restore files using their unique file signature search.

    Download the trial version of the USB file recovery software and install it on the hard drive of your Windows based computer. Then double click the desktop icon to run the recovery program and choose the appropriate recovery options that you simply face while utilizing the software. Once you are done with the recovery process you can evaluate the recovery results and if you are satisfied with the outcomes you can get its full version available on the internet.


  • Best way to recover shift deleted doc files from hard disk

    It doesn’t matter whether you are expert or novice accidental deletion of files can happen with anyone. So if anyone doesn’t wish to repent on such action, then he/she needs to have recovery tool which can easily restore back all doc files without performing any cumbersome task. There are many cases which can cause data loss which are file system getting corrupt, accidental deletion, usage of shift delete combination key, etc. It can restore each and every file, since it keeps intact in the memory as long as it is not occupied any other file. In case of deletion of file only the pointer to the file is removed and files system transmits a message to the OS that the location is available for use.

    The cons of deleting file from command prompt is that if you delete anything from command prompt it will be erased completely without moving to recycle bin. Suppose you are deleting some of your docx file using command prompt which is located on any drive, after completing the task, you are surprised to find out that all the files are deleted by mistake within that folder. In such circumstance you need to have software which can be used to recover docx files.

    One can perhaps lose doc file from hard drive while shifting file from one storage location to another. Let’s take a real-time circumstance where your PC has small hard disk. Since you are working on some assignment which requires 50 GB of hard disk space, now the problem arises since the complete size of hard drive is merely 150 GB and the empty space left is just around 5GB. So now you need to remove some of your computer files from hard drive to external drive, you opted for folder which has docx files having size of 57 GB. During the transfer of folder, system gets off immediately without giving you chance to off it, due to which pc turned off abruptly, later when you switched it on you were shocked to find that folder is not available at its location i.e. it’s lost. In such sort of cases you need not get anxiety, maintain your head cool since all your files can be recovered by implementation of Recover Delete Files without performing any hectic task.


    Some of the exceptional features of Recover Delete Files are:

    • It works universally for different versions of Windows without having any glitches.
    • Scans the entire hard disk drive to recover data which are deleted unintentionally.
    • It can easily restore files which are placed on different USB drives such as memory cards, Fire Wire drive, Flash drives, etc.
    • This software supports various file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT.

    But, prior to any restoration of files one need to safeguard that:

    • Avoid formatting or rebooting your hard disk drive from where doc files are to be restored.
    • If you have lost/deleted files from external USB drive then stop utilizing it any more.
    • Do not save any new file on the drive from where data is to be restored.

    Therefore by going through the feature of Recover Delete Files tool we can state that it can be used for recovery of doc files which are either deleted intentionally / unintentionally. One can easily download it from internet to check out its pros and cons.

  • File recovery software for windows

    Windows is a very old and popular operating system developed and designed by Microsoft Company. It is specially designed to fulfill the need of an individual, by providing them different versions of operating system that could be efficiently utilized in business and personal environment. It has a series of operating systems like Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, etc. The data management on the hard drive is done with the use of file formats such as FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, etc. Windows is a competent and proficient operating system that supports most of the user applications.

    Files irrespective of their type such as .txt, .xls, .pst, .jpeg, .mp3, .avi, .mov etc are used for storing various types of data on the hard disk. Hard disk is the essential component in a computer system for storing huge amount of data. Files carry significant data about business, personal and financial details that are to be handled with care. Although we take many measures to preserve the files safely, still we lose our files in many instances. In order to avoid file loss, we need an effective file recovery software for Windows.

    One loses its files in many ways. While removing unwanted data from your system to utilize that disk space for other data storage purpose, if you unintentionally delete the wrong files then you lose your data. While performing formatting and re-formatting process the files present on the hard drives are lost and deleted. If the file system gets corrupt or deleted by some harmful virus or if some files are missing from the system then the hard drive is inaccessible and result in huge data loss.

    The files are also lost when there is improper shut down of the computer or if there are sudden power failures while some applications are currently running then in this case also you tend to lose data. The files are lost when you partition your drive to manage the data in efficient way in this situation also there is major amount of data loss.

    These were some of the prominent reasons that lead to data loss. To avoid file loss you need to have a complete copy of files in form of backup. If you do not have an up to date backup of files then the only way in which you can recover your lost and deleted files is by making use of a powerful utility tool. Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro edition is specially designed for Windows to recover deleted and lost files.

    This software has some unique features that makes it more reliable to use. It recovers file from formatted and re-formatted hard drives or partitions. It recovers data from crashed hard drives.  It recovers all the media files with ease. It also creates disk images of files to bypass bad sectors on the hard disk.

    Download the free demo version of the software. You can also preview the recovered result, once your satisfied with the software then you can save it by purchasing the software.

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