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  • Here’s The Way How to Recover Lost Excel Files

    Retrieve lost Excel file“Hi guys, two days back I created an excel sheet and saved in my systems hard drive, it takes 3 hours for me to prepare the file and it includes all my office data. Today morning while transferring the file from system to the pen drive, due to some unexpected issues my system shutdown suddenly. After waiting for some time I restarted the system to send the file again but I didn’t find my file. I am so much worried because I have a presentation in my office and that file is mandatory. I don’t know how to get back those lost Excel file. If you guys have any idea about this then please suggest me.”Are you the victim of such similar scenarios? If yes, then you stepped in right place. Don’t get worried by thinking about your lost file because you can easily retrieve lost Excel file with the help of most reliable, 100% safe secure software called Retrieve Lost File software.

    Reasons behind the loss of Excel files:

    • Sometimes while transferring the files from systems hard drive to the external storage device and vice-versa due to some unexpected reasons the user will run into an error message like “Drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” If they unintentionally click on the format button without taking the backup then they have to suffer huge file lost.
    • The file system is the way of organizing the files in a better manner. It keeps all the file details like file name, file size, file creation date, etc. if it gets corrupted then it results in the loss of important files.
    • Bad sectors are one of the main reasons behind the loss of important files and these are created due to downloading virus infected Excel files, etc.
    • Some other reasons like hard drive crash, partition table corruption, virus attacks, unreliable third party tools, OS installation errors, software conflicts, etc.

    Unique Features of Retrieve Lost File software:

    This software is used to retrieve lost Excel file from both Windows operating system (such as Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 & server 2008) and Mac OS (Such as  Sierra, El Capitan, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Lion, etc.). It is used for recovering more than 300 file types like images, audio, video, documents, applications, spreadsheets, etc. This application supports the recovery of Excel files from various external storage drives like USB flash drives, external hard disks, pen drives, memory cards, etc. and also recovers lost files from various hard drive brands like SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. This reliable tool is used to restore files from hard drive which supports file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and NTFS5 on Windows and HFS, HFS+ partitions on Mac operating systems. In order to skip the rescanning process of the drive, it consists of Save Recover Session feature.

  • Tool to Recover Missing or Lost Files from Windows 8

    Have you lost files from Windows 8 system? If yes don’t get panicked, just go for reliable tool to recover missed files from Windows 8 machine.

    feature-hard-drive-data-recovery-software-2-wWindows Recovery Software is one of the advanced tool to recover data from Windows 8 system as well as other versions of Windows based machine. This software is capable in recovering files from hard drives working on Windows 8 system. With use of this application, you are able to recover media files, document files, PDF, Photoshop file and Raw files. Using this software, you can easily recover formatted, reformatted and damaged hard drives on Windows system. The application is available on website so that anyone can purchase and find missing files in Windows 8.

    Some of the scenarios responsible for data loss on Windows 8 machine

    Power Failure: Due to power failure, system is turned off abruptly as result of which there are chances user may lose data from Windows system.  It happen when you are accessing some files or performing certain task on your system.

    OS Crash: Sometimes operating system is crashed due to improper installation or virus attack then there are chances that user may lose important data from the system.

    Improper Shutdown: It is most uncommon reason for data loss from Windows 8 system. In case, if system is turned off suddenly while moving or performing certain task on system then it may happen that you lose files from the system.

    File System Corruption: The file system of any data storage device will allocate the files and folder. If file system gets corrupted then OS fails to read data stored in Windows system. As a result user may lose important files on Windows 8 system.

    Firmware Corruption: If the firmware of hard drive get corrupted then user may lose huge amount of data from Windows 8 system. In such case, you can use Windows data recovery software to restore missing files.

    All the scenarios can be easily recovered through Windows data recovery tool. This software allows user to perform data recovery from Windows 8 as well as Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10.

    Features of Windows Recovery Software

    • You can purchase this application from website to recover deleted or missing files from Windows 8 system.
    • You are able to recover missing files such as media files, document file and Photoshop files in few simple and effective steps.
    • The software recover different file system such as EXFAT, FAT and NTFS without any issues. This recovery application is available with demo version so that user can restore missing files from Windows 8 system.
    • The demo version allows you to preview recovered files. In order to save the recovered files user need to purchase the licensed version.
    • You can easily employ the software to recover missing files from Windows 8 system within few simple steps.
  • Ten Ways to Speed up Outlook

    Outlook is the application of Microsoft Office and it was introduced by Microsoft corporate. Outlook contains two in-built file types, they are PST and OST. PST is the effective file type and used to send and receive emails, store calendars, journals, appointments, etc when system is online. OST works offline i.e. whenever you need to reads emails or RSS feeds while offline, then you can read those files easily. Outlook 2016 is the latest version of MS Outlook, whereas other versions are Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, 2010 and Outlook 2013. Despite of the above mentioned advanced features, there are chances Outlook getting slow down due to any reason.


    If this problem of slow down occurs then you need to follow some tips to speed up your Outlook. There are ten ways to speed up Outlook.

    Following are ten tips to speed up Outlook:

    1. Update Windows: Usually some people don’t have a habit of updating their Windows or Outlook. Sometimes the update will be hidden, at that moment you will not know about this task. So be alert about the updates.
    2. Download complete items: sometimes due to urgency you may stop the downloading and close the Outlook, this is one of the reasons to slow down the Outlook.
    3. Archive your Inbox: Make a habit to archive all old emails like last week or last month.
    4. Use cached exchange mode: This option to speed up Outlook is available only when you have network connection with an Exchange server.
    5. Compact your PST file: Obviously we know that large volumes of PST files may reduce the speed of the Outlook. So compressing the large files may speed up Outlook.
    6. Repair your PST file: There are chances of corruption of PST files due to any reasons, that may lead to slow down the Outlook, so always check weather corruption is not and repaid them.
    7. Cut down on the published and shared calendars: Usually we save the calendars in single sheet and sharing them will take large size. So split the sheet into many and use them.
    8. Disable RSS: RSS feeds are stored in many numbers, due to this speed may reduce. So disable unwanted RSS feeds.
    9. Disable add-ins: Disable add-ins to speed up the Outlook.
    10. Fix ShoreTel Windows 7 integration.
    11. Continue reading to know about ten ways to speed up Outlook in details.
  • Perform File Recovery after Factory Reset

    “Hello friends, I restored the factory settings of my system and lost all precious recover-pc-hard-drivefiles from the system. It all happened when I was changing the settings of the system and mistakenly selected factory reset option. This one crap error made me to lose all the important files. Can please anyone let me know how to recover files from system after factory reset?” Thanks in advance.

    If you have come across a similar sort of issue, then do not get bothered. It is possible to retrieve files from system after factory reset now and to recover there is recovery application which is referred as File Recovery software. If you make use of this File Recovery software then within few moments you’ll be able to get back all the files. The application has been designed using smart recovery algorithm, which helps to restore files from System after factory reset in a very effective approach. It scans the whole storage media of the system and brings back each and every file that’s been lost after factory reset. It can restore photos, videos, songs and many more.

    Under what circumstances does the user opt for restore factory setting on PC?

    Slow Performance: If the performance of system gets degraded, then to increase the performance user may restore the settings of system. When it is restored then all the gets erased. Under this circumstance, the common question will be how to recover files after factory reset from system.

    Freezing Issue: When system freezes often then most of the user what they do is, without taking the backup of important data they’ll restore the settings, after which important files and all other data will get lost. But with the help of above told recovery app it is possible to get back files from system after factory reset.

    Other Reasons: There are lots of other reasons which make the user to restore the settings such as to remove virus, remove undesirable settings, etc.

    As a consequence of these above described reasons, if you restore the factory settings of your system then don’t get panicked. Just make use of File Recovery software and retrieve files from system after factory reset. It’s an appropriate solution for those who don’t know how to recover files from system after factory reset.

    Salient Features of File Recovery software:

    • File Recovery software is capable of recovering files after factory reset from system on all latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
    • This software recovers files from various storage devices such as USB drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, FireWire drives, etc.
    • It’s easily compatible with various file systems including ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, etc.
    • Prior to purchase, you can easily check out its performance by using the demo version of File Recovery software. If you get satisfactory results from it then get its licensed version to save the recovered results.
    • When recovery process is over, it allows user to view the recovered files before saving them to the desired place.
  • How to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Storage Drives?

    Mac operating system is amongst the prominent operating system, which was introduced by Apple Incorporation. There are many advanced features and advantages of Mac systems. One of the advantages of using Mac based system is that no virus attack may appear on the computer hard drive. But, though there are many causes that leads to data losses from Mac system. Some of them causes of data losses such as unintentionally deletion, emptied Trash folder, bad sectors, power surge, formatting hard drive, etc. Any data loss on Mac adapted system can recover files by utilization of Data File Recovery application which easily performs data recovery on Mac.

    There are excess of circumstance that may cause file loss on Mac oriented system such as application of command shift delete combination key, deletion of files from terminal prompt, File lost as a result of corruption of catalog file, Mac partition table corruption, etc. Sporadically files on Mac system may get destroyed because of Mac partition table corruption. When any partition of Mac computer gets damaged or corrupted each one of the files positioned on it get inaccessible. Thus, as a way to reaches those files which are on Mac partition, users want to use the given tool.

    Another common reason behind file loss from Mac hard disk is a result of deletion from trash folder. Usually when any file is deleted from hard disk accidentally, users let it sit there so they really may recover them later. But, sometime they forget about their data on trash folder and empty it. Later you realized that you had files and left to remorse upon your action. Such state of affair also happens to be sorted by usage of Data File Recovery software.

    A few of the striking features of Computer file Recovery are:

    • Files on Mac hard disk drive can be restored by using name, size, date of creation and file extension
    • Data File Recoveryhas strong scanning algorithm checks for lost files in the entire Mac system hard drive within few minutes.
    • Easily retrieve files from volumes which can be unable to mount.
    • Data Recover file is attuned with some other versions of Mac OS including Mac OS X Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc.
    • Has an incredible graphic GUI, making its usage easy for both novice and expert.
    • Can easily develop different brands of hard disk drives such as Se-agate Dell, Buffalo, Buffalo, etc.

    In order to recover files in an optimal manner, the user should follow certain precautionary measures like usage drive in which data are being restored ought to be minimized. Also, people must not format or reformat the drive. Downloading or setting up software ought not to be done on disk drive where file shall be retrieved.

    Therefore, by evaluating the features of this software you can easily claim that it can be used for files recovery from Mac hard drive. In order to know more about data recovery procedure by utilizing this Data File Recovery utility, follow this URL:

  • Data Recovery from Windows PC

    There is lot of talking about how a deleted file is recovered and why it is not possible to recover some files at all. You might have noticed that some lost files can be recovered entirely from a disk, including original file names and folder structure and some times files and data may be recovered, but the file names, date/ time stamps and folder paths all jumbled.

    To help users, in this article we will take a high level look on how file recovery works in Windows system. For that we need to have basic understanding of how the files are stored in the disk and how they can be recovered. Learning will help you to choose the right data recovery software in data lost cases.

    How files are stored in the disk

    In DOS/Widows operating system the entire hard drive is divided into several independent parts called as “logical disks” commonly known as “partitions”. Each logical disk is labeled as one letter such as C: D; etc… Each partition is formatted with its own file system type, such as NTFS or FAT32 for Windows. In the beginning of the hard drive itself the information about partition is saved, which further divided in two parts one store info about the disk (folder structure, file system, etc.) and the other stores the data that comprises those files. This division allows users to have better disk management, in turn faster operations and enhanced reliability.

    The disk service information contains all info about the partition size; file system type, etc. while info about files and folders contains file account such as file names, sizes, date/times and other technical aspects. This information is backed up on the drive itself, in case original copy becomes corrupted.

    File systems have their different way of storing the data, for instance FAT store this info in a File Allocation Table (FAT), whereas NTFS stores it in a Master File Table (MFT).

    How computer reads info

    When computer needs to access some info it first goes to the info about files and folders and searches for the record of that file. Then, it looks up the address of the file, goes to the specified place on the disk, and then reads the file data.

    Some files in disk may be fragmented i.e. they occupy several non-adjacent disk areas. But in Windows Explorer, it is always represented as single file because of the file system that does the task of piecing together the fragments behind the curtains. The info about files and folders stores the addresses of each fragmented piece of data so they can be quickly and reliably retrieved when the computer needs to read the file.

    When you delete a file

    A deleted file is not vanished immediately from the computer, instead, computer makes some modification to the info about files and folders to designate that the file has been deleted. Windows simply mark the file as deleted, retaining all the data of the file until it become utterly necessary it with data of a new file. That means the file data remains untouched until it becomes necessary to allocate that disk space for another file.

    “If no files are going to be written in the disk, then may be the data info about the file and its data may remain forever”.

    This practice of Windows has made possible to recover files even after deletion and the portion of the disk that stores the file data also contains a backup copy of the info about files and folders puts additional input that requires for   Windows files recovery.

    It’s important to note one thing:
    If the data on the disk is overwritten, then the old data is gone. No program or commercially available data recovery method can recover it.

    This is why it’s of the utmost importance that no new files are written to a disk prior to attempting a data recovery.

  • Tool to Recover Data from USB Flash Drive

    The short form of Universal Serial Bus is USB. These are used as data storage devices consisting of a flash memory. These USB drives are typically removable and equally rewritable devices, the memory size of USB drives up to 512GB in January 2013 and later on that year it has been increased up to 1TB. Most of the USB drives allow write and erase up to 1,00,000 cycles depending on the chip used and these are having ten years self storage time.

    USB drives are used similar purpose for which CDs and Floppy disks were used that is for storage, as well as creating data backup of computer files. These USB flash drives also store data electromagnetically so the stored data will be safe whenever there is no power supply. They are smaller, faster, thousands of times more capacity and more durable and reliable because we can carry from one place to another place easily.

    Generally we make use of USB flash drive for transferring files from one location to another. Sometimes what happens knowingly or unknowingly some essential files get missing. If you have came to know such problem and wish to get back those folders and files from USB flash drive. Then you started worrying about how to recover files and folders from USB drive? Don’t get panic, you can recover lost files with the make use of USB Recovery Tool. The USB drive data recovery tool tool will try to identify different types of data and retrieve that data.

    Some reasons for file deletion or loss from USB flash drive

    • Virus attack: The main reason behind losing data from USB flash drive is virus attack. Whenever you connect USB drive to computer system, in that time identifies any infected files/folders system automatically affect the external device and cause data loss from the USB flash drive.
    • Interrupted transfer: USB drives are external devices connected to system. Whenever you want perform any actions like transferring data from USB drive to system or vice versa at that time abruptly ejecting of USB flash drive will cause data loss, or due to sudden power loss some data lost.
    • Formatting external drive: sometimes, what happens due to virus attack or any other reason we need to format external device. This formatting also causes loss of data from USB drive.
    • Accidental deletion: after connecting an external device we want to make some free space for to store other information in that external drives. In such situation we delete some unnecessary files, but unknowingly delete some other files by using shift + delete key combination.
    • Other reasons: apart from these reasons there you can find some other reasons also they are corruption of file system, bad sectors, errors while changing file system, etc. these all types of problems can be overcame through USB drive data recovery tool.

    Features of USB recovery tool software:

    • The USB recovery tool is having strong scanning algorithm. It will scan and recover folders and files from USB drives within minutes.
    • The USB drive data recovery tool can recover data from USB drive booth in Windows and Mac operating system.
    • This software is user friendly booth processional as well as new users so booth can use easily.
    • Easily restore data from other USB drives such as pen drive, external hard drive, SSD etc.
    • This software retrieve various file types such as Jpeg, mpeg, RAW, AVI, MP3, etc.
  • Highly Recommended tool Restore Deleted Files from Desktop

    Desktop are the heavy weighed, non-portable and fixed computers. Before the introduction of laptops there were only desktops which served the same purpose as laptops does. Desktop computers are the first proposed models of computer. These computers have a CPU, Key Board and UPS. All these devices are externally attached to the desktops to make it perform all logical, arithmetic and complex tasks. Desktops are mainly used in corporate world by the professional to do they daily assigned work. Obliviously, an employee’s desktops consists of lot of important documents, PPTS, PPS files, PDF files, it may even have some vital photos, videos, etc.

    Many times corporate persons happen to delete their vital files and folders from their desktop. Recovery of such of deleted files and folders is very much necessary for the need of people who has lost his or her files because of deletion. To recover deleted files from the desktop make use of the safe and responsible tool. “Uneraser” tool is the best application which is also supported by many users  it to recover deleted files from desktop. After using this software they strongly recommend people to take advantage of this tool. when ever wanted to restore files deleted from the desktops.


    There are many ways leading to the deletion of files from desktop at various stages of throughout the life. Some of the most common reasons leading to the deletion of files on the desktops are as give below-

    Shit + Delete Key Combination: Whenever people do not want a file any more they may delete the file simply by hitting on the delete option or if they do not want that specific file in the Recycle Bin also then “shift + delete” is the best option for this task. When files are deleted through the use of shift + delete keys then the particular file is commanded to bypass the Recycle Bin. This means you will not get that file in Recycle Bin after being subjected to bypass the Recycle Bin. Hence to recover such kind of files you ought to utilize third party recovery software.

    Accidental Deletion of Files: Many time desktop users may happen to delete some of their crucial documents, PDF files, photos, videos, movies, etc. while deleting some other files or during previewing their files. If such types of actions are conducted on the files which are residing on the external drives like SD cards, USB drives, digital cameras, etc. when attached to desktops then those files are likely to go missing. In this case also files bypass the Recycle Bin and become inaccessible for the master of those files.

    If you have deleted files from the Windows 8 desktop and wish to recover deleted files from Windows 8 desktop then certainly click on this site After clicking on this web site download “Uneraser” tool and launch it whenever it is required to restore deleted files from the Windows 8 desktops.


  • Hard Disk File Recovery

    Deletion of significant files from computer is frustrating for anyone. Unless you have any back up of these deleted files, don’t think that you just lose data from your hard disk drive forever. Today, there are many applications to obtain back those deleted information in just a minute. Data from hard disk may be deleted because of various reasons. Each time you will not be successful in file recovery employing an ordinary tool. You require a competent application to bring back deleted data successfully in each case. In case if you cannot recover information in some instances, don’t be tensed. This is an effective file recovery program to help you in every severe data deletion situation. Keep reading to eliminate major problem of information deletion applying this utility.

    In all the reasons of file deletion, accidental deletion is most frequent. During the handling with large amount of information, occasionally we have to delete the useless files from hard disk drive. In this deletion, you may delete important file also when you choose it accidentally. Even though there are a possibility to revive them from Recycle Bin, but in case you select “Shift + Delete” key for deletion you’ll lose that option also. Then what will you do in order to restore those deleted data on computer? The best way to retrieve those deleted files is use of this data recovery program. It helps to retrieve deleted files easily from various kinds of hard disk.

    You must chose this application to recover file when they are deleted from Recycle Bin. We empty Recycle Bin in the continuous basis so that deleted data can reside in Recycle Bin after deletion. Before that action, we have to ensure that there is absolutely no significant file inside the Recycle Bin. Otherwise, you’ll lose your important information. Utilize the HD file recovery software to retrieve those deleted information in a moment, if it happens unintentionally. Files may be deleted from Recycle Bin when there is insufficient space to reside. So, when it is full, files are automatically deleted from disk. You’ll only be able to revive those files using this advanced application.

    Files in your hard disk could possibly be deleted because of antivirus scanning. If any folder or file is infected with external threats, it’s going to be deleted immediately from computer. After such infection, installed antivirus will remove the threat combined with the affected file. Then utilize this efficient erased data recovery software for deleted data. It helps to restore data from ATA, PATA, SATA, SCSI, IDE or other USB drive easily. The advanced recovery application will help you to restore over 300 kinds of files including documents file, applications, multimedia file and many other types of file. Even this can be used to revive deleted files from different versions of Windows and Mac OS.

    Few days, I faced a massive data deletion situation because of my own mistake. I deleted all files in the Recycle Bin by emptying it without viewing its substance. Then, I realize some important information has deleted from there. I quickly searched for a competent tool to bring back that data. This application restored those files successfully. It is extremely user friendly and I completed it in certain steps.

  • Get Back Files which were Accidentally Deleted

    There are various kind of files stored on users system to make its access again and again whenever required by users. But, such reuse able data at times get missing from hard disk drive of computer or laptop due to some unforeseen reasons that reprises a very regretful situation for consumers. On such development users leave the situation as it is because they don’t have got knowledge how to regain access back. Here such users need to know that whenever any file get surpassed from Bin folder of Windows based system, then they are not completely lost, actually there detail is eradicated from file system and a message is transferred to OS that previously memory space by file is free to accommodate any new data.

    Genuinely data which are stored over system HDD gets missing due to use of some irregular activity done by users on his part like accidental usage of format command. Basically such a situation develops when users instead of formatting any other drive or performing any other thing on drive by just right clicking it, end up formatting undesired drive. Since we all know what a format can do with its resident data, yes it will erase each and every one of them irrespective of the file format in which it was saved. So, if such an action unknowingly on any of the drive then it costs users with some of the crucial files which he or she never wished to get lost? So, if he or she wishes to revert such an action then it can be only done by utility which has capability or to say can act as file recovery tool.

    There is other redundant reason which makes scenario for data loss such as error while making changes in the file system of drive. If while performing such an action if any of misfortunate action on system occurs such as abrupt system shut down, power loss, hardware issue, MBR corruption and many more. On such development each of the resident data of drive becomes unavailable for use. So, if any of the user is facing such situation and wish to reaccess them without formatting the drive then it can be achieved by use of lost file recovery tool which revamps each of the files from such drive. There are several other circumstance under which this tool can proof handy such as deletion of files due to use of combination key, deletion due to use of third party software and much more. However this tool promises to rescue each of the files on HDD in authenticated way there are certain things that users need to follow in very precise way is that they must stop immediately making use of the Drive unless the rescue of data is performed. The drive which is facing such type of data loss scenario must not be either formatted or reformatted which makes rescue process complex. Apart from this users must keep in mind that if files which are downloaded or installed on hard disk must be done on any other drive.

    If these things are given proper attention then it is bound that undelete accidentally deleted files can be done in an ideal way. This utility is available over internet for making trial use that can be bought later.

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