Email Recovery

  • How to extract emails from corrupt OST file

    OST is Offline Storage Table which comes with Microsoft Outlook.  The OST file is an offline folder file with the file extension .ost that holds data of the outlook profile when you are in offline mode. These files will keep a copy of every sent, received and stored emails and other attributes of the mailbox from Exchange Server.

    If your .ost file is not opening then it is been corrupted or damaged and it is required to fix OST file. Let this be explained with the practical scenario. Assume that the ost file in your outlook got corrupted due to some action. And now you are not able to open your emails. Most of the times in such scenarios the header of outlook ost file get damaged and thus it refuses to open complete ost file sometimes. In such situations, you will lose all the data stored in that ost file as you cannot access the file. And if you are worried about how to fix ost emails repair the ost file. There are many third party repair software available online to repair outlook .ost files.

    The outlook .ost file gets corrupted due to various reasons. They are virus attack, malfunctions, false operation, sudden termination of the Outlook, improper syncing of data, etc. And when the file is corrupted the data within that file is inaccessible and whenever you try to open it some error messages are displayed. Now let us see some common errors of the .ost file that is displayed while trying to open damaged .ost files or emails:

    • Cannot open the emails folder. “The file xxx.ost  is not an offline file”
    • Microsoft Exchange Server reported Error.
    • Unable to expand the folder.
    • OST file cannot be accessed in Outlook.

    If you are seeing such errors while opening the .ost file then, it is true that your file is damaged. The repair tool can perform Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007.ost repair. The repair tool can easily retrieve all emails, contacts, journals, tasks and other attributes of the file. The repair tool helps you to recover all essential data that was previously present in OST format and converts it to a useful PST format.

    The repair tool follows some file integrity process to fix damaged OST files. These are the features of repair tool:

    • The repair tool can easily recover all attributes of the ost file like emails, contacts, journals, tasks, calendar, etc.
    • The repair utility can be used to repair OSTfiles on different operating systems and various outlook versions.
    • It can repair the damaged ost files that are encrypted or password protected.
    • It recovers all attributes of damaged or corrupt or inaccessible ost files.

    Now you can use those damaged file contents in a new .pst file. If you are facing problem about how to fix the damaged .ost files then try with this repair tool. You can download the demo version and if you are satisfied with its recovery process, you can purchase the full version of the software

  • Easy way to restore deleted emails

    We all have our own way to maintain our daily emails. We have to preserve them carefully as they contain many information related to our job or might be personal information. In spite of our care accidentally we could lose our emails. Our own hand will sometimes delete many emails or other attributers of Outlook after that we will be under pressure. Observing such human common sufferings, professional team of recovery has deliberated an eminent upholding program known as deleted email recovery kit. It will be the remedy for you to have them back to your account. It is the best technique to repossess deleted Outlook items. It is capable to retrieve all emails which are deleted by human or PST file corruption.

    Lets what are the possible reasons to lose emails from your Outlook profile: –

    • Virus contagion: – Sometimes all Outlook attributes may wreck completely due to Outlook PST file corruption. It happens mainly by virus attacks to PST file. Similarly few third party tools malfunctions may break PST file and surrender to corruption.
    • Fortuitous deletion: – Unintentionally you could erase essential emails. Likewise, you may accidentally clear “Deleted items” folder. Then all vital emails are mislaid from Outlook account, so in such situation you need email recuperation tool.
    • Outlook upgrading break down: – When you attempt to upgrade your MS Office suit and it’s simple that your Outlook will also be upgraded, but stored emails may not be supported by the current version. In such a uncommon case all emails could be besmirched and upshot into loss.
    • Over sized PST files: – PST file has fastidious size border to lay up Outlook data. When this PST file put up with oversized data, then the PST file can easily grab corruption make all attributes of Outlook into inaccessibility.
    • Network issues: – As we know Outlook needs server connection to send or receive emails, when we do it on unsecured network then there is a chance of alteration in originality of PST file which in turn upshots Outlook into inaccessibility.

    Thus, there are still so many unpredictable reasons are there to lose your emails from Outlook. It’s important for you to note that, all emails are occupied on your system storage so once you lose emails means do not overwrite it. Overwriting will lead to permanent loss of emails. Always remove useless emails and also scan your system for virus.

    Now you may go through how to utilize deleted email recovery application in order to salvage all disappeared emails in single scan. It is one of the effective tools to secure your emails. It is eminent tool to get back deleted or inaccessible emails, contact list, calendar events, tasks, appointments notes, etc. Emails contain numerous unlike folders such as Personal folder, deleted Items, inbox, drafts, junk E-mail, Outbox, RSS feeds, etc. You can apply email restoration tool to have them back completely. My email restoration program supports deleted email reclamation on Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007. For more details visit this link –

    You can use email salvage utility to fix PST files also. PST files may corrupted due to several reasons, but it can fix its any sort of corruption and make all inaccessible attributes of Outlook to accessible in simple manner.  It won’t affect other emails during recovery progression.

    It has the trial version, which has inherited all features of complete version. Once you try with it. Whenever you scan the drive using trial sort all deleted emails will be put on view in quick single scan. You will find the save option to hoard in complete version, so if you wish to save them back go for complete version.


  • Outlook PST recovery software to repair corrupted PST file

    Outlook is a popular email client used over the globe. In an Outlook account all emails employed by the person held in the folders. All email folders of Outlook are saved in a PST file, which can be located locally within the system hard drive. This PST file will contain all emails received by the user. The Outlook PST file may also be used to store other pursuits such as contacts, notes, journals, tasks, calendar events, appointment requests, etc.

    PST file has a possibility to get corrupt in the event of improper shutdown of system, virus attack, hard disk corruption, improper termination of Outlook, etc. For the reason of PST file corruption the Outlook will be hanged up and the Outlook will not be able to gain access to emails as well as any other data in the PST file. Then to be able to gain access into Outlook mailbox folder you’ll want to make use of Outlook PST recovery software.

    For those who have made try to access Outlook data in the event of the PST file is corrupted, the Outlook displays error message. The error message could possibly be like “Outlook PST file is inaccessible”, “PST cannot be accessed”, and “Outlook file has reached maximum size”. In such circumstance how to recover outlook data is a huge problem for your user. Though the progression of advanced technologies has produced it easy to correct corrupted PST file.

    The big error messages will likely be displayed by the different versions of Outlook when their PST size is exceeded maximum size. The PST file size in Outlook 2000 and older versions have 2 GB so because of this the PST file will get corrupt in the moment it reaches 2 GB size. In such case it is possible to prevent PST file corruption by deleting unnecessary mails from the mailbox. However it is always difficult to prevent PST corruption manually. So, to deal with such Outlook issues you will take the assistance of some advanced repair tools like PST repair software.

    When you have mislaid Outlook emails or other data due to PST file corruption and you also wish to recover PST file, just go through the internet and obtain best reliable software to recuperate all Outlook data. Here you ought to know of version of Outlook and operating system that you are utilizing in your system because it will help you to get suitable PST recovery tool.

    Outlook PST recovery software is among the powerful Outlook email recovery software. This tool can be used to recover all Outlook data in case of PST file corruption. It is really a most advanced Outlook recovery tool, employed in case of inbuilt scanpst.exe tool is not able to repair Outlook PST file. It is extremely safe to use, which is a read only application i.e it won’t modify your original data. You can also download free trial version of the software to access full functionalities of this software. By using this demo version you can view the recovered data.

  • Ultimate way to recover lost Outlook emails

    Outlook is the most traditionally used email client over the globe that is contributed by Microsoft Corporation to the email users. Together with emails, Outlook also facilitates users to manage their e-mail contacts, calendar events, meeting schedules, appointments, tasks and many others. Entire Outlook information linked to all of the attributes will be kept in an individual database file called PST. Outlook uses .pst file as a local storage folder and stores each of the emails and other attributes data.

    Sometimes information saved in Outlook profile gets delete or inaccessible as a result of various reasons. Since most of the users regularly use Outlook for effective communication and data sharing, there will be huge amount data held in their Outlook profile. Losing for these info is unbearable. Suppose if you have lost some important emails or other data held in your Outlook profile, you don’t need to worry as you can perform Outlook profile recovery and get back your lost or deleted data effortlessly.

    PST file corruption is the primary reason for losing Outlook data. Since PST will be the main database file which holds all of the user data like emails, contacts, etc. corruption of which freezes the access of Outlook and lastly leads to huge amount of critical data loss. Virus infection, oversized .pst file, improper termination of Outlook, file system corruption and Outlook migration are some of the reasons behind PST file corruption. As a way to fix the corrupt PST file and retrieve the stored information, you are able to perform Outlook PST recovery using Outlook recovery software.

    In addition to PST file corruption, accidental deletion is yet another reason for Outlook loss of data. Sometimes users unknowingly delete some important emails or contacts and then they’re going to realize their mistake. Luckily deleted emails are going to be saved in Deleted Items Folder, from where user can restore their deleted information. In case when the belongings in deleted items folder are cleared after deleting a crucial mail, then user will forfeit his deleted emails.

    As it is a known undeniable fact that PST file is vulnerable to corruption, Microsoft supplies a default inbox repair tool to fix the damaged PST file together with Outlook installation package. Unfortunately, scanpst.exe only repairs the damaged .pst file but not recovers the stored information and often in the event that if your PST file is severely corrupted, it ceases to fix such files and there are chances it might further corrupts PST file. To become very best in repairing PST file and recovering data, it’s good to opt from some third party PST repair tools.

    One such trusted and read only PST repair and Outlook recovery utility is Remo Repair Outlook (PST). This application treats your damaged PST file as read only at repair. It scans the corrupt .pst file, extracts each of the stored information and produces a brand new healthy file with extracted data, which ensures that your original .pst file remains intact while repairing. New .pst file is going to be created in Outlook 2003-2010 format which you can easily import to your Outlook profile without modifications. Employing this tool it is possible to recover deleted or lost emails, contacts and also other data from PST file. If you’re searching for advanced Outlook repair and recovery software, begin to download Remo Repair Outlook (PST).