Best Utility to Repair Video

Best Utility to Repair Video

Want to get back your favorite videos? From the hectic work schedule of daily work life only one thing brings us out of tiredness i.e. entertainment. You can get entertained by many sources. The best source to get entertained is videos. Video brings us relief & enjoyment which refreshes our mind & which results in better performance. You can record a video from camcorders, mobiles, etc or download it from internet. These videos are saved with .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .avi & many other file formats. These files are frequently exchanged so they become more prone to getting corrupted. There are a number of reasons behind video files getting damaged.

Consider the situation that you have downloaded video tutorials for tomorrow’s exam & it refuses to play after downloading. This will be very much irritating for you & you need to look for some fixing tool that can make this corrupt video playable.

So here is the solution for you to mend your video that refuses to play. You can easily fix the videos that refuse to play or got damaged by using video repair software securely. This tool will help you to mend corrupt videos without hampering the original file. It is because; this utility first copies the original video file & creates a copy of it leaving it intact. Now this generated copy is used in the repair process by the software which further when repaired can be saved on the system at any other drive / partition. To solve out any problem, one must go for knowing about the reasons & symptoms behind it so let us discuss some of the symptoms & reasons behind a video file being damaged.


The symptom of video file getting corrupted are like  generation of error messages when played, video-audio synchronization does not go well, some of the part of the video file didn’t play accordingly, etc.

Reasons that may have lead to corruption of video files:   

Header corruption: Sometimes various error messages are generated while you try to play the video. These error messages if occur frequently may corrupt the header of the video file. Since a header of the file contains vital information about the file such as when the file was last modified, what is its size, what is its date of creation, what is the file format of the file, etc. & these are really very important information. Thus a header corruption of a video file will leave it to state of not playing & you need to repair corrupt video file that got corrupted due to this.   

Interruptions in transfer of video files: Any kind interruptions while transferring the videos may corrupt the videos. Suppose you are transferring video files from pen drive to computer & you suddenly plug out the pen drive. This will interrupt the transfer process & may result in corruption of video file.  The file transfer may also get interrupted due to power surge problems. Other then interruption while transferring the video files, interruptions while playing the video files may also make the video files damaged.

There can be several other reasons behind the video file damage. Whatever the situation of damage you face; this tool will aid you in mending your video file. This tool can easily be installed on systems installed with operating systems like Windows XP & plus versions. It is the most powerful tool to repair broken video files of various file formats like MOV, MPEG, AVI, DIVX & XVID file formats.

The video file which is mended by taking use of this excellent fix utility can be enjoyed on systems installed with operating systems of Windows & Mac. You can use this tool to fix video files from various storage mediums like system hard disk, external hard drives, SD cards, XD cards, USB drives, etc. This tool will also synchronize the audio-video of the video files on which synchronization was not going on well.  Although one can fix his corrupt video files but it’s always a better option to take pre-hand measures to avoid it.

Some of the measures that can help you out to avoid this problem of video files being damaged:

  • Install a good quality antivirus program & keep it updated to avoid video files getting infected by viruses. Because if the video files faces a virus attack then  the header of the video file may get corrupt leading making it unplayable.
  • Never play the video files directly from the removable devices. It is because if you are laying them through removal device & you take out that device directly from the computer then the video files being played may get corrupt.
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