• Download Software to Recover Files from Memory Stick – FREE

    stickNow a days, people are using electronic devices for their works such as digital cameras, mp3 player, smartphones, camcorders and many others. These of these devices uses external storage cards to save various types of user’s files like audios, images, text files, raw files, videos, etc. In order to store all of these files, most of the people prefer memory stick. It is flash memory card which is capable to save various types of user’s files. Memory stick is very small in size, compatible with different electronic devices, high files transfer rate, etc. These memory stick devices are manufactured by numerous world leading brands few of them are Sony, SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung and many others.

    Apart from these features of memory sticks, sometimes people can face their important file deletion issue from memory stick. In such painful moments, people want to recover files from memory stick at any cost because these files can be very important for them. So to recover these deleted files issue, people need an advanced third party tool because there is no other way to get back files from memory stick. Memory Stick File Recovery is one of the highly efficient file recovery utility which is developed by expert IT professionals with the help of searching algorithms to restore files from memory stick without any more difficulty.

    Reasons behind files deletion or loss from memory stick:

    • Interruption between file transferring from memory stick to system drive can be reason behind file deletion from it. This this situation file gets deleted from both system drive as well as from memory stick.
    • If the file system of memory stick gets corrupted, then all the files saved on it become unreachable. To access memory stick, people need to format it which will erase compete files from memory stick.
    • Virus attack on memory stick, improper handling, incorrect cut, past command, memory stick broken and accidental deletion are most common reasons behind file deletion or loss from memory stick.

    Features of Memory Stick File Recovery program:

    • Memory Stick File Recovery tool supports various types of file retrieval from memory stick like images, video clips, documents, apps, text files and many others very easily.
    • It is available for both Mac as well as Windows based operating systems and supports file recover on all the versions of both systems.
    • This recovery program is capable to recover files from memory stick as well as various different storage drives like hard drive, flash drive, SD card, pen drive and others.
    • Enables users to preview the recovered files before saving them to other drive.
    • With the help of this program, people can easily recover files from memory stick which can be formatted, inaccessible, broken, damaged or corrupted without any difficulty.

    Steps to restore files from memory stick:

    • Download and install Memory Stick File Recovery app on your Windows or Mac computer.
    • Once installation process is over, just double click on icon to run the program.
    • Welcome window will appear with three options. Select “File Recovery” option to recover deleted or lost data files from memory sticks.
    • Chose the memory stick from the list of drives and click on next arrow to proceed your deleted or lost file recovery process.
    • File recovery process will display and when the recovery is completed, a list of all recovered files will show in data view.
    • You can also take the preview of recovered files before saving them.
  • Tool to Recover Missing or Lost Files from Windows 8

    Have you lost files from Windows 8 system? If yes don’t get panicked, just go for reliable tool to recover missed files from Windows 8 machine.

    feature-hard-drive-data-recovery-software-2-wWindows Recovery Software is one of the advanced tool to recover data from Windows 8 system as well as other versions of Windows based machine. This software is capable in recovering files from hard drives working on Windows 8 system. With use of this application, you are able to recover media files, document files, PDF, Photoshop file and Raw files. Using this software, you can easily recover formatted, reformatted and damaged hard drives on Windows system. The application is available on website so that anyone can purchase and find missing files in Windows 8.

    Some of the scenarios responsible for data loss on Windows 8 machine

    Power Failure: Due to power failure, system is turned off abruptly as result of which there are chances user may lose data from Windows system.  It happen when you are accessing some files or performing certain task on your system.

    OS Crash: Sometimes operating system is crashed due to improper installation or virus attack then there are chances that user may lose important data from the system.

    Improper Shutdown: It is most uncommon reason for data loss from Windows 8 system. In case, if system is turned off suddenly while moving or performing certain task on system then it may happen that you lose files from the system.

    File System Corruption: The file system of any data storage device will allocate the files and folder. If file system gets corrupted then OS fails to read data stored in Windows system. As a result user may lose important files on Windows 8 system.

    Firmware Corruption: If the firmware of hard drive get corrupted then user may lose huge amount of data from Windows 8 system. In such case, you can use Windows data recovery software to restore missing files.

    All the scenarios can be easily recovered through Windows data recovery tool. This software allows user to perform data recovery from Windows 8 as well as Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10.

    Features of Windows Recovery Software

    • You can purchase this application from website to recover deleted or missing files from Windows 8 system.
    • You are able to recover missing files such as media files, document file and Photoshop files in few simple and effective steps.
    • The software recover different file system such as EXFAT, FAT and NTFS without any issues. This recovery application is available with demo version so that user can restore missing files from Windows 8 system.
    • The demo version allows you to preview recovered files. In order to save the recovered files user need to purchase the licensed version.
    • You can easily employ the software to recover missing files from Windows 8 system within few simple steps.
  • Know About the Features of Antivirus Utilities

    antivirusThe modern antivirus tool handles spyware, Trojans, rootkits adware, ransomware and many more. According to the review of PCMag, 3 dozen of commercial antivirus tool are free. Out of so many tools only four antivirus tool is named as Editors’ Choice products. From dozens of tool nine more commercial antivirus tool have proved them to earn the excellent four-star rating and the seven tools earned as three and half stars.

    All the products are traditional which has the ability to scan the files for malware on access. A couple of them are outliers’ tools which meant to enhance protection of the traditional antivirus tool. It is not the best idea to relaying on antivirus tool on Windows 8 or Windows 10 system.

    Multi-Layer Antivirus Protection

    The Antivirus tool differentiate themselves by just going beyond basics of the on-demand real-time protection and scanning. Some of the rated URLs which you visit or which is showed up in the search results, by a coding system of red-yellow-green color. Some of the actively block processes on the system when connecting with the known malware-hosting URLs.

    Bonus Features of Antivirus Tool

    The Firewall protection and the spam filtering are not the common features of antivirus tool, but some of the top products includes with bonus features. In fact, some of the antivirus tools are more feature-packed than the other products sold as a security suites.

    Best Feature

    If you are looking for best antivirus tool, then you have lots of options. The Kaspersky Anti-Virus and the Bit defender Antivirus Plus are invariably at the top in the independent lab tests. The single subscription for the McAfee Antivirus Plus lets you install the protection on all of the operating system like Android, Mac OS, Windows and iOS devices. The unusual behavior-based technology means the Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus was the smallest antivirus around.

    One Last Note

    Each security software theorists are doubtless preparing a weigh with their suspicions. There is actually a good reason behind it. Symantec has not made the standalone antivirus in the several years.

  • Review of Intel Compute Stick – Atom x5, Windows 10 Model

    In the current scenario if you need to stream internet video then there are plenty of devices available that can be plugged into the HDMI port of your TV. So you can use an Amazon Fire TV Stick, a Roku Streaming Stick, or a Chromecast.

    intel-compute-stick-2015-01-07-01If you see the Compute Stick at the first time, it looks mostly like those media streaming devices. But the Compute Stick is a fully fledged computer under the hood.

    In early 2015 the first model of Intel was launched and recently a 2nd generation model is released by the company with an improved design, a slight faster processor and performance with better wireless significantly.

    The video and music streaming can be done from Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and YouTube. It can be used to run Intuit QuickBooks, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and other Windows programs. With a real web browser you can surf the web like Firefox, Chrome and also games can also be played.


    It’s not like only Intel was the first company to launch a PC Stick. The models with Android software and ARM-based processors were seen in 2012. Later in few years the first models were appeared with Windows software popped up and Intel chips.

    Compute Stick was launched in 2015 by the Intel. All-around performance was offered by it, a few serious limitations ware suffered by it. In Windows the Intel model comes with a fully licensed version and with heat dissipation it didn’t seem to have any problems.

    One disadvantage is, it is only associated with a single USB 2.0 port, so using of mouse and keyboard is made difficult during setup unless you connect a USB hub. Once you setup the system then Bluetooth accessories can be connected always, but with the original Compute Stick there is another problem: the performance of the wireless is not at the great.

    Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11b/g/n WiFi is supported by this model but with bad range. So simultaneously most of the users will prefer for different connecting devices of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In this launch category, the best device was the original Compute Stick, for general purpose use its recommendation was still kind of hard.

  • Software to Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive

    MicroSD Card
    “Hello friends! Last Night, while I was installing Mac OS on my system then I accidentally formatted the entire hard drive on system. Due to this mistake, I lost all my essential data from Mac hard drive. Now, I am searching an efficient tool to perform recovery task of Mac hard drive. I searched so many recovery tools but I want a reliable and effective application because I don’t want to loss that important data in any condition. If you friends have any idea about data recovery from Mac hard drive then please help me.”

    Common reason behind the deletion or loss of data from Mac hard drive are given below:

    • Excess of bad sectors on the Mac hard drive makes the hard drive inaccessible. To make that hard drive data accessible, it is must to format that hard drive. As a result of this data may get lost from hard drive.
    • In any hard drive, the MBR is the first sector which gives instruction to the computer that how to load the operating system and how to do the partition of hard drive. If due to any reasons, MBR gets corrupted then there is a chance of corruption of hard drive.
    • The one of main reasons behind the deletion or loss of data from Mac hard drive is file system corruption. It keeps the information of your data such as location of file, file extension, type, etc.
    • File system may get corrupted due to malware infection or any other reason then there is a huge chance of Mac hard drive corruption and you cannot access data from corrupted Mac hard drive.

    Anyway! If you are facing data loss from Mac hard drive due to above mentioned reasons or any other reason then no need to get worried because you can recover entire data from Mac hard drive with the assistance of Mac hard drive recovery software.This is one of the reliable and efficient recovery software which is capable of performing Mac hard drive data recovery with utmost ease. You can download and install this tool and follow some simple steps to recover data from Mac hard drive which are instructed by this application.

    Features of Mac Recovery Software:

    • This tool is compatible with almost various versions of Mac OS X (Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Yosemite).
    • You can recover any type of data from Mac hard drives types such as (SATA, ATA, eSATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE etc.) which manufactured by different various brands such as WD, Hitachi, Lexar, etc.
    • It has the ability to recover data from hard drive which are supported by different file system such as HFS+, HFSX etc. with utmost ease.
    • You can recover data on the basis of file details such as file types, location, extension, etc.
    • It is designed with strong algorithm which is capable for quick scanning of hard drive and recover entire data within few simple steps.
    • You can preview the recovered data in two ways data view and file type view with the assistance of preview option before saving to a restoration.
    • You can restart and save the data during recovery process with the assistance of “Save Recovery Session.”
  • Learn How Simple is to Connect Laptop to TV

    TV's Screen as DesktopIs it Possible to make TV’s Screen as a Desktop?

    Yes, it is Possible know to make TV’s Screen as a Desktop, now a day with the advancement in the technology, everything become much simpler to do so and also many things are made possible. Recently, it was little bit harder for finding the solution for any issue or any query but now it becomes much easier. There are many different new things comes up in this new generation but I just want to share my view and also want to tell the procedure involve for connecting your laptop to the television. It can be done in a simple and easy way, let us see further in the article how you can connect the Laptop to the TV’s screen.

    Before knowing this, I just want to know you may have surprise with the thing which we are discussing about the topic that we can connect laptop to the TV and can make use of larger TV screen for watching video, playing games and many more things can be carried out easily. Yes, it is true as you can easily connect your Laptop to the TV’s screen by making use of the HDMI cable and also wireless HDMI cable can work it out here for making connection between these two devices. After the connection made, then it is possible for the users to make use of the screen like a desktop.

    Procedure Involve in Connecting Laptop to TV’s Screen:

    It is much simple to connect the Laptop to the TV’s Screen as you just required a cable or streaming hardware and lead. These things help you for getting the connection in between the two different devices. Now I would like to explain you the steps involves in connecting laptop to the TV. Let us have look on the procedure explained below.

    HDMI CableGet the HDMI cable with wire or Wireless HDMI cable and also VGA can work it out here. You don’t need to have only HDMI cable, but you can go for any other method or other cable for making of connection in between these two devices.

    The main thing you need to see is what does TV’s  supports, if it’s has HDMI cable port them you need not to go for any other cable, if didn’t find that port then it is also accepted the other methods like VGI cable and also you can make use of wireless HDMI cable or VGI cable. Just you need to do is simply inserting the one side of the cable to the TV’s Port and other side of the cable is needed to connect to the Laptop. Then after this, you can make use of TV’s Screen as desktop of the computer.

  • Know About the Different Technologies Which Are Still Leading Today

    When you heard about the word ‘technology’, you may get thought of inventions and technological development as these two things matter in the technology’s world. As the main thing involve that these technologies helps the users to complete their task in an easier way and also these things really help users as they actually reduce their efforts. These are still leading today as these devices are alive and also kicking users to make use of it. These devices are in plenty; let us see some of them in this article. From this you may get an idea of such technologies devices which helps users in any way and all the time.Sony's Video Tapes

    Sony’s Video Tapes:

    This device came in the early of 1980 and exactly saying about this device, it came around 1975 and still these are video tapes are exist and use by the multiple persons as this device is included with such a feature that help the users even in this advanced world. Sony stated about this device that this device has still producing in today’s date. It means these devices are also produce now a day. From this, we can say that how important is this device for the users.

    Floppy DisksFloppy Disks:

    Floppy Disks seems you an old device and also you may have heard it more number of times as it is an important device for storing the data. But it is an invention of ‘90s and you may not touched it but still this is commonly use in many different places and also these device still use in White House as the statement came from the New York’s Times story as they revealed this fact.

    When you see the profile of Obama’s, the top advisor still addicted to make use of this Floppy Disk as a storing device even though it came in the early of 1960s. Megan J. Smith, the administrator really appreciated the working of this device in storing the information.

    Audio Cassettes TapesAudio Cassettes Tapes:

    For storing the audio files and also to make use of the stored files, these Audio Cassettes Tapes are used. Instead of existing CDs, DVDs in this booming world, still many people are addicted to Audio Cassettes Tapes as these really help users, especially for the music lovers. Even though it came long back ago, but still have range of using at different places and also by the many people love to make use of it as it is much simpler than the other ones.

  • Use This Software for Formatted Drive Recovery

    Hard drives are used to store personal data in a secured way. The several files stored in hard drives are audio files, video files, images, documents, texts, etc. Sometimes your system may connected to infected system as a results of which harmful virus enters into the system. The virus attack on your system severely corrupts the files stored in hard drive. In order to overcome such situation you are forced to format hard drive that wipes out all files and folder stored in drive.

    If you are trapped in similar kind of drastic situation then no need to worry. Just make use of Unformat Drive tool to recover deleted or lost files from formatted drive. This software is capable of recovering data from formatted hard drives, external hard drive, USB drive, pen drive, SD cards, etc. You can easily download and install this effective application on different versions of Windows and Mac operating system. This software allows you to perform formatted drive recovery functioning on different file system such as NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFS, HFSX, HFS+, and many more. It is available online so that users can easily purchase this application and recover deleted or lost files from formatted drive.

    Reasons for formatting of drives

    Accidental Formatting: Format is an option available on your system or PC to permanently clear files and folder stored in drive. Sometimes users may unintentionally press format button as a result of all files and folder stored in drive get deleted and users have to suffer from severe data loss.

    Virus Attack: It is one of the most common reasons due to which you are forced to format the drive. When you are connected to infected system then it is quite obvious that virus enters into the system and affects the files. In order to save your drive from further virus attack you are forced to do formatting.

    File System Corruption: The file system of any storage device finds the location of files stored in drive. When file system get corrupted due to any reason then there is wide possibility that operating system is unable to find out the files stored in drive and become unreachable. That lost files occupied space on drive, in order to free space users are forced to format the drive.

    You can use this software to overcome the above mentioned scenarios in few simple steps. This software includes numerous advantages over other recovery tool.

    Features of Unformat Drive Tool

    • This recovery tool is compatible with all the latest version of Windows and Mac operating system. The versions on which this software can be downloaded and installed are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Lion Mountain, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, etc.
    • Save Recovery Session is available for this software that allows users to resume the recovery process. The user is capable of recovering data using recovery session any time.
    • Demo version is available so that you can check the effectiveness of this advanced tool. If you found this application useful then you can purchase this software online.
    • You can search the recovered files from the lists according to file name, file size and file type.
  • Ten Ways to Speed up Outlook

    Outlook is the application of Microsoft Office and it was introduced by Microsoft corporate. Outlook contains two in-built file types, they are PST and OST. PST is the effective file type and used to send and receive emails, store calendars, journals, appointments, etc when system is online. OST works offline i.e. whenever you need to reads emails or RSS feeds while offline, then you can read those files easily. Outlook 2016 is the latest version of MS Outlook, whereas other versions are Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, 2010 and Outlook 2013. Despite of the above mentioned advanced features, there are chances Outlook getting slow down due to any reason.


    If this problem of slow down occurs then you need to follow some tips to speed up your Outlook. There are ten ways to speed up Outlook.

    Following are ten tips to speed up Outlook:

    1. Update Windows: Usually some people don’t have a habit of updating their Windows or Outlook. Sometimes the update will be hidden, at that moment you will not know about this task. So be alert about the updates.
    2. Download complete items: sometimes due to urgency you may stop the downloading and close the Outlook, this is one of the reasons to slow down the Outlook.
    3. Archive your Inbox: Make a habit to archive all old emails like last week or last month.
    4. Use cached exchange mode: This option to speed up Outlook is available only when you have network connection with an Exchange server.
    5. Compact your PST file: Obviously we know that large volumes of PST files may reduce the speed of the Outlook. So compressing the large files may speed up Outlook.
    6. Repair your PST file: There are chances of corruption of PST files due to any reasons, that may lead to slow down the Outlook, so always check weather corruption is not and repaid them.
    7. Cut down on the published and shared calendars: Usually we save the calendars in single sheet and sharing them will take large size. So split the sheet into many and use them.
    8. Disable RSS: RSS feeds are stored in many numbers, due to this speed may reduce. So disable unwanted RSS feeds.
    9. Disable add-ins: Disable add-ins to speed up the Outlook.
    10. Fix ShoreTel Windows 7 integration.
    11. Continue reading to know about ten ways to speed up Outlook in details.
  • Perform File Recovery after Factory Reset

    “Hello friends, I restored the factory settings of my system and lost all precious recover-pc-hard-drivefiles from the system. It all happened when I was changing the settings of the system and mistakenly selected factory reset option. This one crap error made me to lose all the important files. Can please anyone let me know how to recover files from system after factory reset?” Thanks in advance.

    If you have come across a similar sort of issue, then do not get bothered. It is possible to retrieve files from system after factory reset now and to recover there is recovery application which is referred as File Recovery software. If you make use of this File Recovery software then within few moments you’ll be able to get back all the files. The application has been designed using smart recovery algorithm, which helps to restore files from System after factory reset in a very effective approach. It scans the whole storage media of the system and brings back each and every file that’s been lost after factory reset. It can restore photos, videos, songs and many more.

    Under what circumstances does the user opt for restore factory setting on PC?

    Slow Performance: If the performance of system gets degraded, then to increase the performance user may restore the settings of system. When it is restored then all the gets erased. Under this circumstance, the common question will be how to recover files after factory reset from system.

    Freezing Issue: When system freezes often then most of the user what they do is, without taking the backup of important data they’ll restore the settings, after which important files and all other data will get lost. But with the help of above told recovery app it is possible to get back files from system after factory reset.

    Other Reasons: There are lots of other reasons which make the user to restore the settings such as to remove virus, remove undesirable settings, etc.

    As a consequence of these above described reasons, if you restore the factory settings of your system then don’t get panicked. Just make use of File Recovery software and retrieve files from system after factory reset. It’s an appropriate solution for those who don’t know how to recover files from system after factory reset.

    Salient Features of File Recovery software:

    • File Recovery software is capable of recovering files after factory reset from system on all latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
    • This software recovers files from various storage devices such as USB drives, external hard disks, memory cards, memory sticks, FireWire drives, etc.
    • It’s easily compatible with various file systems including ExFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, etc.
    • Prior to purchase, you can easily check out its performance by using the demo version of File Recovery software. If you get satisfactory results from it then get its licensed version to save the recovered results.
    • When recovery process is over, it allows user to view the recovered files before saving them to the desired place.
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