• PST repair Tool

    Repair Outlook 2007 PST

    From the home of the Microsoft Inc. Outlook is another great invention. Its usefulness in our everyday life is undoubtedly unavoidable. There are so many versions of this Outlook application like 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & Outlook 2000. With all the modern days features this application keep the emails safe on your computer hard drive. It is so amazing that you can access your data whenever you want even while you are offline. With all the positivity of this application, it has also few drawbacks. While saving the files with the Outlook application the data are not safe completely. Chances are there of the data corruption. While the saved emails…

  • Mac Data Recovery

    Easily recover files on Mac Hard Drive

    Data loss is one of the last things any user wish to happen on his or her system. But, even though a number of remedial measures are taken by mac operating system data loss do take place, which leaves computer consumer in perplexed state. Usually when any data on mac operating system gets deleted or lost any how, then user belief that it can’t be retained, but this isn’t true. Whenever any file is wiped out from computer it remains at the stored location as long as it is not overwritten by any other file. So, if any file is wiped out then any user can perform data rescue on mac by…

  • Hard Drive Recovery

    Approach to restore lost data from hard disk drive

    A HDD which abbreviated as Hard disk drive, it is a storage device primarily used for accessing and storing information instantly using rotating platters. A HDD is has a capability to retain data even when system is powered off. The capacity of hard drive is ranging from GB to TB. With the growth in technology, these days hard disc up to 2 TB are available in market. There are also external hard drives introduces in market to increase the storage capacity of our personal computer such as USB drives, Memory cards and so on. In day to day life you store lots of files in our system’s storage device. These…

  • USB recovery

    How to recover data from external hard drives?

    External hard drive is commonly used to store data as a backup. They contain a separate space to accumulate your crucial information other than your computer. The reason behind usage of external hard drives is that whenever your computer might be damaged or infected by virus, then you need to secure your most important data still so that your data will be safe with you external hard drives. Sometimes your external hard drives are also incapable to pass up corruption or any other damage which in turn result in data loss. When you lose data from your external hard drive there is no way rather that finding the external drive…

  • File Recovery Tips

    Pen drive file recovery software

    Pen drives are generally used to transfer data from one device to another device and that are popularly known as USB drives or thumb drives. One can directly connect the pen drive directly to a computer through USB port. These USB drives come with a small size so that one can easily take them away anywhere. One can store different types of files in pen drive, such as photos, video files, text file, etc. It makes use of flash memory technology to store large amount data so that the stored data retains without the need of power. The pen drive that is connected to your system is recognized as a…

  • Recycle Bin recovery

    How to quickly recover data from Recycle Bin???

    Windows users are very familiar with the term Recycle Bin. It is a storage location where deleted files are stored on system. Files from Recycle Bin can be easily restored back by clicking on “Restore” button. If you deleted your important file from Recycle Bin too, then you need to use Recycle Bin recovery software to recover your deleted files back. Many users mistakenly delete their important files by emptying Recycle Bin and later on blaming themselves for their carelessness.  At such situation first question strikes in their mind is how to recover Recycle Bin data? Is there is any way to recover deleted Recycle Bin files back. People often…

  • Memory Card Recovery

    Recover your memory card data using memory card recovery tool

    A Memory card is a storage device which is often used to store media files such as audio, video, picture. It is commonly used on different digital devices such as cell phones, music players, digital cameras and etc. It gains popularity in market in very less time due to its portability, lighter weight, higher storage capacity, small size and high re-record-ability. Losing vital pictures from the memory card will leads to many hardships. If you want to recover your valuable files back, then immediately stop using the card. If you do so, then deleted file might be overwritten with the new data and you lose the chance to recover it…

  • File recovery

    Steps to retrieve files from Windows 7

    USB file recovery program can easily restore deleted or lost files from USB drive on Windows based computer. You can run the software on both Mac and Windows systems and retrieve your lost files. This recovery software can recover data from other types of devices like external hard drives, memory cards, pen drives, etc.This utility provides all the necessary file recovery modules which will help you out to recover files with complete folder hierarchy.

  • Photo Recovery

    Restore photos from Digital camera’s SD card

    The digital cameras are the most frequently used gadget to capture beautiful pictures and videos of most memorable events. And these cameras store all types of media files like images, audio tracks, songs and video clippings. The data on a camera will be stored on storage devices called memory cards and memory sticks. Memory cards not only store media files but can also store files and folders too. You can come across wide range of memory cards from different brands like Lexar, Sony, SanDisk, Patriot, Transcend, Kingston, etc. The SD cards are the Secure Digital memory cards that you prefer to use on digital cameras to store media files. How…

  • fix corrupted file,  Repair MOV,  Repair Word

    Best Tool set to Fix Corrupted Files

    I am using Ms Word as my reporting tool. But when the pages exceeded around 500 the file is not opening. Are there any tools available in the internet market that could repair the corrupted word file? I need software that could recover my corrupted PPT file which is needed urgently .The PPT file is present but unable to open it in power point. Suggest a tool to fix corrupted files? I need software that could recover my corrupted AVI file which is needed urgently .The AVI file is present but unable to open. Suggest a tool to fix corrupted files? Word files are the most preferred file format for…