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  • How to Switch Between Multiple Windows?

    It is very clumsy to switch between multiple windows that are open while you have to go through them again and again. It’s time to get rid of clicking on the windows to and forth and switch to use keyboard shortcuts instead. It is very handy to use keys to shift between the tabs that you work with.

    Task Switcher

    In Windows environment you can use the Alt + Tab keys to move between the windows. This technique functions on all versions of the Windows operating system. You need to hold down the Alt key and the Tab key on your keyboard and cycle through the icons; you can see all the windows that are currently open. When the required window comes to forefront you can simply release the Alt key. In Windows 7 systems (with Aero Peek) instead of icons, it will cycle through the open windows by themselves.

    Alt and Escape keys

    Similarly you can shift between the windows with a combination of Alt + Esc keys. This is been in practice with the older Windows OS versions as well. Holding down these two keys will cycle through the windows that are open in the taskbar. If the window is not minimized, the window will be displayed. The minimized windows on the taskbar are highlighted but not displayed. You simply need to hold down the keys altogether and when the desired window is reached, release the Alt button.

    Windows key + Tab key

    Another trick to switch between multiple windows is the Windows key and the Tab key. This was introduced in Windows Vista and is still running on the recent OS versions. Here it the Windows cycles as a stack of all open windows; including the desktop window. For supporting the graphics the system might require an Aero theme. Press down the Win key and the Tab key and when the required window appears release the Win key.