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  • Ten Ways to Speed up Outlook

    Outlook is the application of Microsoft Office and it was introduced by Microsoft corporate. Outlook contains two in-built file types, they are PST and OST. PST is the effective file type and used to send and receive emails, store calendars, journals, appointments, etc when system is online. OST works offline i.e. whenever you need to reads emails or RSS feeds while offline, then you can read those files easily. Outlook 2016 is the latest version of MS Outlook, whereas other versions are Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, 2010 and Outlook 2013. Despite of the above mentioned advanced features, there are chances Outlook getting slow down due to any reason.


    If this problem of slow down occurs then you need to follow some tips to speed up your Outlook. There are ten ways to speed up Outlook.

    Following are ten tips to speed up Outlook:

    1. Update Windows: Usually some people don’t have a habit of updating their Windows or Outlook. Sometimes the update will be hidden, at that moment you will not know about this task. So be alert about the updates.
    2. Download complete items: sometimes due to urgency you may stop the downloading and close the Outlook, this is one of the reasons to slow down the Outlook.
    3. Archive your Inbox: Make a habit to archive all old emails like last week or last month.
    4. Use cached exchange mode: This option to speed up Outlook is available only when you have network connection with an Exchange server.
    5. Compact your PST file: Obviously we know that large volumes of PST files may reduce the speed of the Outlook. So compressing the large files may speed up Outlook.
    6. Repair your PST file: There are chances of corruption of PST files due to any reasons, that may lead to slow down the Outlook, so always check weather corruption is not and repaid them.
    7. Cut down on the published and shared calendars: Usually we save the calendars in single sheet and sharing them will take large size. So split the sheet into many and use them.
    8. Disable RSS: RSS feeds are stored in many numbers, due to this speed may reduce. So disable unwanted RSS feeds.
    9. Disable add-ins: Disable add-ins to speed up the Outlook.
    10. Fix ShoreTel Windows 7 integration.
    11. Continue reading to know about ten ways to speed up Outlook in details.