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  • Application to Unformat Hard Drive Mac OS X

    “Hello friends! Last day, when I was installing Yosemite OS X in my system then in installing process I formatted entire hard drive mistakenly and I lost my all important data from Mac hard drive. All files of the Mac hard drive are very important for me and I don’t want to restore all data in any circumstances. If you guys have any idea about how to unformat Mac drive then please suggest me.”


    Data loss due to formatting of Mac hard drive is such a big problem because all people stores there important data in it and no one wants to loss there important data in any cost. However, if you are suffering from same problem and want to unformat hard drive Mac OS X then one of the efficient and reliable tools is Unformat Mac software. This tool is designed and developed by technical experts and a smart algorithm of this tool has much capability to restore any type of formatted data in a hassle free manner. Many of the industrial experts also prefer for this tool.

    Some common reasons behind the formatting of hard drive:

    • Accidental formatting: If due to any reason, you format Mac drive accidentally, then there is a chance of loss of data from Mac hard drive.
    • MBR corruption: Hard drive partitioning task, operating system loading task and some other important task is instructed by MBR (Master Boot Record). If due to any unwanted reasons, MBR gets corrupted then hard drive may gets inaccessible which may be accessible after formatting of entire drive.
    • File system corruption: Files system manages all important data of hard drive such as file name, file size, file signature and so on. Corruption of file system may cause the hard drive corruption which may be the reason of formatting of hard drive.
    • Bad sectors: Bad sectors mainly occur due to heating of system or when system gets shutdown abruptly. Excess of bad sectors in hard drive may leads the corruption of entire drive which may use again after formatting of Mac drive.

    Anyway, whatever may be the reasons behind formatting of hard drive, if you want to unformat hard drive Mac OS X then you must have to go with Unformat Mac software. This tool is quite easy to use. So you can easily perform data recovery task of formatted hard drive.

    Some key features of Unformat Mac software:

    • Unformat Mac software supports all versions of Mac OS X.
    • Any type of image files, video files, music files or other documents are easily recovered by this tool.
    • You can also perform recovering task of external hard drive formatted data.
    • This tool recovers files from any type of formatted hard drive ()SATA, SCSI, IDE and so on) .
    • It supports recovery from HFS+, HFSX, FAT 16, FAT 32 formatted Mac volumes.
    • This tool recovers formatted files on the basis of their unique signature and you can add/edit new signature for files which are not listed.
    • 24*7 Supports team is also available to short out customer’s issue/query.