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  • Application to Unformat Hard Drive Mac OS X

    “Hello friends! Last day, when I was installing Yosemite OS X in my system then in installing process I formatted entire hard drive mistakenly and I lost my all important data from Mac hard drive. All files of the Mac hard drive are very important for me and I don’t want to restore all data in any circumstances. If you guys have any idea about how to unformat Mac drive then please suggest me.”


    Data loss due to formatting of Mac hard drive is such a big problem because all people stores there important data in it and no one wants to loss there important data in any cost. However, if you are suffering from same problem and want to unformat hard drive Mac OS X then one of the efficient and reliable tools is Unformat Mac software. This tool is designed and developed by technical experts and a smart algorithm of this tool has much capability to restore any type of formatted data in a hassle free manner. Many of the industrial experts also prefer for this tool.

    Some common reasons behind the formatting of hard drive:

    • Accidental formatting: If due to any reason, you format Mac drive accidentally, then there is a chance of loss of data from Mac hard drive.
    • MBR corruption: Hard drive partitioning task, operating system loading task and some other important task is instructed by MBR (Master Boot Record). If due to any unwanted reasons, MBR gets corrupted then hard drive may gets inaccessible which may be accessible after formatting of entire drive.
    • File system corruption: Files system manages all important data of hard drive such as file name, file size, file signature and so on. Corruption of file system may cause the hard drive corruption which may be the reason of formatting of hard drive.
    • Bad sectors: Bad sectors mainly occur due to heating of system or when system gets shutdown abruptly. Excess of bad sectors in hard drive may leads the corruption of entire drive which may use again after formatting of Mac drive.

    Anyway, whatever may be the reasons behind formatting of hard drive, if you want to unformat hard drive Mac OS X then you must have to go with Unformat Mac software. This tool is quite easy to use. So you can easily perform data recovery task of formatted hard drive.

    Some key features of Unformat Mac software:

    • Unformat Mac software supports all versions of Mac OS X.
    • Any type of image files, video files, music files or other documents are easily recovered by this tool.
    • You can also perform recovering task of external hard drive formatted data.
    • This tool recovers files from any type of formatted hard drive ()SATA, SCSI, IDE and so on) .
    • It supports recovery from HFS+, HFSX, FAT 16, FAT 32 formatted Mac volumes.
    • This tool recovers formatted files on the basis of their unique signature and you can add/edit new signature for files which are not listed.
    • 24*7 Supports team is also available to short out customer’s issue/query.
  • Simple Process for Performing Partition Recovery Mac

    Partition is a separation of the hard drive, that contains all the files relevant to your Operating System. All the data that are stored in the partitions are often checked and tracked by an advanced file system. Most of the computer hard drives comes from the factory with only one single partition. You can divide the computer hard drive in to different segments, according to your convenience. Since these hard drive partitions provides a lots of storage space, you may store your important data in that partition. But, storing all those important files in your partition is bit risky.

    Partition RecoveryBecause, sometimes there are chances for your partitions to get deleted or lost. It may happen due to system failures as well as some human errors/carelessness. If it happens to you, don’t worry. You can restore your deleted/lost partition with the help of Partition Recovery Mac software. This tool recovers partition, without losing its contents. But, before restoring your partition, take a look at these situations in which you may lose or delete your partition.

    Scenarios for partition loss or deletion:

    Accidental deletion: Suppose, you are working with the Terminal option in your Mac computer to delete the contents of your partition. At that time, instead of deleting the files, you may accidentally delete your entire partition. As a result, your partition will be deleted completely.

    Error while re-partitioning: Sometimes, there are chances for errors while partitioning or re-partitioning the hard drive using “Disk Utility” feature on Mac computer. Say, for example if your creating / deleting a particular partition in your system and if some kind of error occurs while doing so. As a result, there may be chances for your partition to get delete.

    Volume header corruption: In Mac hard drive, volume header is a place in which all the details of data are stored on that Volume. If this volume header gets deleted, then all the information stored on your Volume header becomes inaccessible. Sometimes, there are even chances for that volume to get deleted or lost.

    Other reasons: There are some other situations in which your Operating System files may get corrupted without your knowledge because of several errors like malware attack, registry errors, etc. As a result, the partition may get deleted or lost.

    Why this application?

    “Partition Recovery Mac” utility program can get back the files, that are deleted or lost data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions. Deleted or lost from USB drives, flash memory cards and different types of hard drives can also be recovered efficiently with the help of this application. Alternatively, it creates disk images in order to avoid bad sectors. You can preview your recovered files before saving the file. Files of different types can be recovered using this software on the basis of Unique Signatures. Both Power PC and Intel Hardware are supported by this application. The recovered deleted files from the partition can be sorted according to the name, size, date and file type.

  • Know How to Fix Outlook OST File In an Easy Way

    Everyone knows, Microsoft Outlook is used mainly as mailing application. It is one of the product of Microsoft. Outlook saves its files in two formats, namely PST and OST. OST is the acronym of Offline Storage Table. The main advantage of OST file is that, it allows you to work offline and then you can synchronize the changes with the Exchange server for the next time you connect to the internet. Outlook is not only used for mailing purpose, but it also includes journal program, web browser, contact manager, calendar, task manager, note taking etc.OST Repair

    Windows has also developed an Outlook app for mobile phone users, called as Outlook Mobile. This app allows the user to synchronize the Outlook account with their mobile phones. Even though Outlook OST files are very useful in many aspects, Microsoft cannot give an assurance, that the OST file will not get corrupt. Yes, there also chances for your OST files to be get corrupt. By using Fix OST software, you will definitely come to know how to fix Outlook OST file.

    Reasons behind OST file damage:

    • Poor network connection: As said earlier, it is possible to work with OST files, even when you are offline. Say for example, you have made changes to your OST file in Offline state. After finishing the process, you may be connected to the internet. At that time, you may have poor network connection. As a result, your OST file may get corrupt.
    • Inappropriate termination of OST file: Whenever, you try to close a OST file, always close the files properly after saving it. Sometimes, closing an OST file in an improper manner may also leads to damage of that file.
    • Email bombarding: Email Bombarding is also one of the reason for file damage. If you have opened “n” number of emails at the same time, it may sometimes becomes a chances for the OST file corruption.

    Salient features of this tool:

    Fix OST tool can repair files, which are created from different versions like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010. This utility program is capable of retrieving messages, journals, folders, appointments, tasks, etc. OST files, that cannot be repaired even by “Inbox Repair” tool, provided Microsoft Outlook can be fixed effectively. Indexing issue in outlook 2010, can be easily fixed with the help of this application. Emails that are emptied from deleted item folder or any other Outlook folder can be recovered. It provides option to preview the repaired items with the help of Outlook Style Browser view. OST files that are secured with password protection can also be repaired by this program.