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  • How Can I Recover Data from a Formatted Hard Drive?

    Take an instance, in which you have chosen the wrong drive partition while formatting. In such conditions, with just simple mistake you can loss all the files. You can also loss the data when you planned to install upgraded version of operating system in the computer. Without having the much knowledge about installation process, you may pick wrong option and immediately after understanding, you may stop installation process in between only. In such circumstances, you might lose or delete all the stored essential files from hard drive.

    Formatting hard drive is the prhow can i recover data from a formatted hard driveocess in which OS will wipes all the users’ information saved on the hard disk partition. After formatting, most of the users think that the data permanently gone from the hard drive. But, the truth is somewhat different operating system does not delete the data from the formatted drive partition until deleted files are not over written with a new files. A new file system is replaces the older file system after formatting the hard drive partition. Thus, the OS erase all the entries of the files saved on the drive because of that you are not able to access the data stored in that.

    However, hard disk partitions keep an index file. When you format the drive then the link will be deleted between index and lost data. Therefore, lost files will be still exists in the hard drive memory and to restore data from a formatted hard drive you have to take an instant steps. Losing such a large number of data from the hard disk, that too in just one click will make you go crazy and panic. Do not get panic because you can simply retain all your lost or deleted information from hard drive by using Formatted Drive Recovery Software. Here’s more information related to the formatted drive recovery tool.

    Apart from above reason, there are various factors that cause user for formatting the hard drive partition. A frequently faced reason is intrusion of malicious program in the hard disk. Suppose your system is affected with harmful viruses then it might not allows access the files stored on drive. To remove viruses from PC you may try numerous different methods but every time will be failed. The only option you have left with is formatting the hard drive partition and it will also erase viruses along with all the files. In such situation, to prevent losing the files forever then you have to use hard drive recovery program.

    How can I recover data from a formatted hard drive?

    So, whatever may the reason, you can get back entire data from the hard drive after formatting by employing Formatted Drive Recovery Software with ease. This program is well match to such type of situations. It is developed with best features and it has very user friendly interface. Formatted Drive Recovery application can be utilized to restore files after formatting different storage devices such as flash memory cards, pen drives, Fire Wire drives, USB drives, and more with utmost ease. In order to evaluate the performance of the recovery software, you can download free demo version

  • How to Recover Deleted Videos from Canon Vixia?

    Video files are one of the media file which included both audio streaming and visual viewing at same time. These files may also help you in better understanding of concept and topics than the other files. mp4, 3gp, .avi, .mov, etc. are some file formats of videos and these files are recorded with the help of camera. As these files are very important in the human life, they want to record with high definition using highly branded camera of devices like Canon, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, etc.

    Among all the different brands of camera devices, Canon camera is one of the most reputed and famous brands. With the help of this device, user will have a good quality image with them as it has digital. With the help of this device, you can record the video files and image file. It is specially designed to improve the quality and resolution of the video file and image.

    Canon digital camera is the most preferable brand of the cameras as it included with many different features which really attract users. Many Professionals photographer and experts appreciated this Canon camera as it works well in capturing pictures and video files and it is designed with the solid hardware in order to improve the quality of files taken with these devices. To know more about the applications and features of this Canon digital camera, you can check it out this page.

    As we all know that Canon camera helps users to record high quality video without any form of errors. So it may have the user great experience of photography and would be able to enjoy the facilities. The different features of the Canon digital camera are

    • It is designed with effective resolution as 50.06 MP. Due to this facility, user can improve resolution of the media file either image or the video. It has maximum limit of resolution up to 1920*1080.
    • It has the burst mode of 5fps and you can use this device for longer period continuously.
    • DLSR is the camera type for this Canon digital camera device.
    • Optical Image Stabilization works well for the broader range of vibrations and motions.
    • It is well equipped with the DIGIC DV II image processor which works for the HD images and videos.
    • It involves different color modes with advanced color system to improve quality and standard of the image file and video files by adding colors to it.
    • It has variety options like 24p cinema mode which really helps to record the video as it is built with the electronic lens.
    • This device has the facility to capture the picture while tapping which results in simultaneous still shooting of the images.

    Even though Canon camera consists of these features, videos files get easily deleted from this device. If the files which have lost are important then you should go for the recovery the video files. For this, you can use the recovery software like Video File Recovery which helps you to get back the files from the device with ease. If you want to know about the working of the Software, you can visit this link

  • How to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Storage Drives?

    Mac operating system is amongst the prominent operating system, which was introduced by Apple Incorporation. There are many advanced features and advantages of Mac systems. One of the advantages of using Mac based system is that no virus attack may appear on the computer hard drive. But, though there are many causes that leads to data losses from Mac system. Some of them causes of data losses such as unintentionally deletion, emptied Trash folder, bad sectors, power surge, formatting hard drive, etc. Any data loss on Mac adapted system can recover files by utilization of Data File Recovery application which easily performs data recovery on Mac.

    There are excess of circumstance that may cause file loss on Mac oriented system such as application of command shift delete combination key, deletion of files from terminal prompt, File lost as a result of corruption of catalog file, Mac partition table corruption, etc. Sporadically files on Mac system may get destroyed because of Mac partition table corruption. When any partition of Mac computer gets damaged or corrupted each one of the files positioned on it get inaccessible. Thus, as a way to reaches those files which are on Mac partition, users want to use the given tool.

    Another common reason behind file loss from Mac hard disk is a result of deletion from trash folder. Usually when any file is deleted from hard disk accidentally, users let it sit there so they really may recover them later. But, sometime they forget about their data on trash folder and empty it. Later you realized that you had files and left to remorse upon your action. Such state of affair also happens to be sorted by usage of Data File Recovery software.

    A few of the striking features of Computer file Recovery are:

    • Files on Mac hard disk drive can be restored by using name, size, date of creation and file extension
    • Data File Recoveryhas strong scanning algorithm checks for lost files in the entire Mac system hard drive within few minutes.
    • Easily retrieve files from volumes which can be unable to mount.
    • Data Recover file is attuned with some other versions of Mac OS including Mac OS X Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc.
    • Has an incredible graphic GUI, making its usage easy for both novice and expert.
    • Can easily develop different brands of hard disk drives such as Se-agate Dell, Buffalo, Buffalo, etc.

    In order to recover files in an optimal manner, the user should follow certain precautionary measures like usage drive in which data are being restored ought to be minimized. Also, people must not format or reformat the drive. Downloading or setting up software ought not to be done on disk drive where file shall be retrieved.

    Therefore, by evaluating the features of this software you can easily claim that it can be used for files recovery from Mac hard drive. In order to know more about data recovery procedure by utilizing this Data File Recovery utility, follow this URL:

  • Data Recovery from Windows PC

    There is lot of talking about how a deleted file is recovered and why it is not possible to recover some files at all. You might have noticed that some lost files can be recovered entirely from a disk, including original file names and folder structure and some times files and data may be recovered, but the file names, date/ time stamps and folder paths all jumbled.

    To help users, in this article we will take a high level look on how file recovery works in Windows system. For that we need to have basic understanding of how the files are stored in the disk and how they can be recovered. Learning will help you to choose the right data recovery software in data lost cases.

    How files are stored in the disk

    In DOS/Widows operating system the entire hard drive is divided into several independent parts called as “logical disks” commonly known as “partitions”. Each logical disk is labeled as one letter such as C: D; etc… Each partition is formatted with its own file system type, such as NTFS or FAT32 for Windows. In the beginning of the hard drive itself the information about partition is saved, which further divided in two parts one store info about the disk (folder structure, file system, etc.) and the other stores the data that comprises those files. This division allows users to have better disk management, in turn faster operations and enhanced reliability.

    The disk service information contains all info about the partition size; file system type, etc. while info about files and folders contains file account such as file names, sizes, date/times and other technical aspects. This information is backed up on the drive itself, in case original copy becomes corrupted.

    File systems have their different way of storing the data, for instance FAT store this info in a File Allocation Table (FAT), whereas NTFS stores it in a Master File Table (MFT).

    How computer reads info

    When computer needs to access some info it first goes to the info about files and folders and searches for the record of that file. Then, it looks up the address of the file, goes to the specified place on the disk, and then reads the file data.

    Some files in disk may be fragmented i.e. they occupy several non-adjacent disk areas. But in Windows Explorer, it is always represented as single file because of the file system that does the task of piecing together the fragments behind the curtains. The info about files and folders stores the addresses of each fragmented piece of data so they can be quickly and reliably retrieved when the computer needs to read the file.

    When you delete a file

    A deleted file is not vanished immediately from the computer, instead, computer makes some modification to the info about files and folders to designate that the file has been deleted. Windows simply mark the file as deleted, retaining all the data of the file until it become utterly necessary it with data of a new file. That means the file data remains untouched until it becomes necessary to allocate that disk space for another file.

    “If no files are going to be written in the disk, then may be the data info about the file and its data may remain forever”.

    This practice of Windows has made possible to recover files even after deletion and the portion of the disk that stores the file data also contains a backup copy of the info about files and folders puts additional input that requires for   Windows files recovery.

    It’s important to note one thing:
    If the data on the disk is overwritten, then the old data is gone. No program or commercially available data recovery method can recover it.

    This is why it’s of the utmost importance that no new files are written to a disk prior to attempting a data recovery.