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  • Tool to Recover Data from USB Flash Drive

    The short form of Universal Serial Bus is USB. These are used as data storage devices consisting of a flash memory. These USB drives are typically removable and equally rewritable devices, the memory size of USB drives up to 512GB in January 2013 and later on that year it has been increased up to 1TB. Most of the USB drives allow write and erase up to 1,00,000 cycles depending on the chip used and these are having ten years self storage time.

    USB drives are used similar purpose for which CDs and Floppy disks were used that is for storage, as well as creating data backup of computer files. These USB flash drives also store data electromagnetically so the stored data will be safe whenever there is no power supply. They are smaller, faster, thousands of times more capacity and more durable and reliable because we can carry from one place to another place easily.

    Generally we make use of USB flash drive for transferring files from one location to another. Sometimes what happens knowingly or unknowingly some essential files get missing. If you have came to know such problem and wish to get back those folders and files from USB flash drive. Then you started worrying about how to recover files and folders from USB drive? Don’t get panic, you can recover lost files with the make use of USB Recovery Tool. The USB drive data recovery tool tool will try to identify different types of data and retrieve that data.

    Some reasons for file deletion or loss from USB flash drive

    • Virus attack: The main reason behind losing data from USB flash drive is virus attack. Whenever you connect USB drive to computer system, in that time identifies any infected files/folders system automatically affect the external device and cause data loss from the USB flash drive.
    • Interrupted transfer: USB drives are external devices connected to system. Whenever you want perform any actions like transferring data from USB drive to system or vice versa at that time abruptly ejecting of USB flash drive will cause data loss, or due to sudden power loss some data lost.
    • Formatting external drive: sometimes, what happens due to virus attack or any other reason we need to format external device. This formatting also causes loss of data from USB drive.
    • Accidental deletion: after connecting an external device we want to make some free space for to store other information in that external drives. In such situation we delete some unnecessary files, but unknowingly delete some other files by using shift + delete key combination.
    • Other reasons: apart from these reasons there you can find some other reasons also they are corruption of file system, bad sectors, errors while changing file system, etc. these all types of problems can be overcame through USB drive data recovery tool.

    Features of USB recovery tool software:

    • The USB recovery tool is having strong scanning algorithm. It will scan and recover folders and files from USB drives within minutes.
    • The USB drive data recovery tool can recover data from USB drive booth in Windows and Mac operating system.
    • This software is user friendly booth processional as well as new users so booth can use easily.
    • Easily restore data from other USB drives such as pen drive, external hard drive, SSD etc.
    • This software retrieve various file types such as Jpeg, mpeg, RAW, AVI, MP3, etc.