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  • Guide lines to Recover Deleted Pictures from Olympus Camera

    Photos or pictures are the captured memories of one’s life and these pictures can be of any image file format such as JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PSD and so on mainly store on computer hard drive, memory cards, CF cards, USB drives and etc. Photos are mainly captured from digital cameras like Olympus camera. Olympus camera is one of the most popular digital camera which has many features. The lenses provided to this camera are faster and sharper compares to other digital cameras. These cameras are also provided with memory cards which are used to store captured images.

    Even after outstanding features, there are chances of losing captured images from Olympus cameras mainly because of user mistake. After the deletion of photos from your Olympus camera you might have think, how to recover those deleted images?

    The best solution for your problem is Photo Recovery Application which has been especially designed to Restore Deleted Pictures from Olympus Camera that too in a small amount of time. Photo Recovery Application helps in recovering deleted images exactly as original image without any damage. For details you can visit to this link:

    Scenarios that lead to deletion of photos from Olympus camera

    Interruption: While transferring images from memory card to the computer for a better view, and also transferring images from computer to memory cards, an abruptly of removing memory card may cause deletion of all your important photos which you wish to recover.

    Accidental deletion: Simply by unintentionally clicking on delete all option while viewing images will delete all your images saved on that device. Unintentionally formatting a drive lead to loss of all data on that drive, the deleted or lost data may also included your important images for which you need to make use of deleted pictures recovery operation to recover all your deleted or lost images.

    Third Party Applications: During photo transferring process from memory card to system and vice versa, if any third part application is installing on background then your system may get reboot automatically which may cause loss of pictures captured from your Olympus Camera. Third party applications are installed manually by user to perform certain tasks.

    Let us have a look about features of Photo Recovery Application

    Photo Recovery Application is a smart tool to recover deleted pictures from all storage drives, especially designed to recover images from Olympus Cameras. This application has been developed by all professional engineers to recover accidental deletion of images from Olympus cameras. It has ability to scan entire drive in few minutes and recovered pictures can be sorted on the basis of name, size, location in which the file is present and the date of image files creation. A Find option has been provided to the user to find restored image based on their signature that is associated with each image file present in the camera. User can make use of “Save Recovery Session” option provided with Photo Recovery Application which helps to resume it later, using this option the user need not to rescan the entire drive again, just by clicking on saved recovery file to begin the scanning process to restore deleted images on Olympus camera. Using this application you can preview the recovered images before saving.