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  • Approach to restore lost data from hard disk drive

    A HDD which abbreviated as Hard disk drive, it is a storage device primarily used for accessing and storing information instantly using rotating platters. A HDD is has a capability to retain data even when system is powered off. The capacity of hard drive is ranging from GB to TB. With the growth in technology, these days hard disc up to 2 TB are available in market. There are also external hard drives introduces in market to increase the storage capacity of our personal computer such as USB drives, Memory cards and so on.

    In day to day life you store lots of files in our system’s storage device. These files include word documents, PowerPoint files, graphic folders, media files, archives, and image files. It really is very depressing when some of essential files or data vanishes from hard disk. There can be numerous reasons that cause data loss or deletion from your system or digital device’s storage media. A corrupt hard disk drive, corrupt partitions / journals, media errors etc. can be reason of your HDD failure. To deals with these issues you have a software that is user friendly interface along with fastest recovery built-in algorithm because of which user do not need to have any technical knowledge and can recover lost files from hard drive within fraction of minutes.

    Scenarios when your files lost from hard drive:

    Bad Sectors: A damaged platter and media error after header corruption cause a bad sector. Bad Sectors are also known as bad media spots. They often occur only in old hard disk drive. Whenever there is occurrence of bad sector files stored in the HDD prior to it gets lost.

    Continuous Power Failure: When your Windows OS freezes repeatedly due to power surge issues specially when performing any operation in hard disk may cause a serious damage to it. Sometimes you might lose files while downloading or uploading them because of power surge.

    Damaged Boot Record: Strong viruses, malware or spyware may corrupt MBR of hard disk. These viruses damage the boot sector. Retrieval of any files and folders from hard drive are denied when Master Boot Record is affected severely.

    Don’t read/write after data lose because it will leads to overwriting of data. Overwriting might be tends to permanent data loss. Use genuine Hard Drive Recovery Software to recover lost files.

     Features of Hard Drive Recovery software to restore lost files from hard drive:

    • This recovery tool is built with special built-in algorithm that can scan instantly and retrieve lost files from bad sector by creating disk images. In addition to all these, it can recover 300 different file types like audio files, video files, archives, photo files, word documents, PowerPoint files etc.
    • Recover data from partitions even after reinstalling the Operating system, it recovers file lost due to journal corruption.
    • And restores data from deleted, lost or inaccessible disk, USB drives, external hard drives etc.

    If your requirements meet then you can use demo version of the software to evaluate the results, it scans entire disk in less spam of time. It provides preview of the recovered files, to restore them you have to buy licensed version of this software. The demo version is available for free of cost.