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  • Pen drive file recovery software

    Pen drives are generally used to transfer data from one device to another device and that are popularly known as USB drives or thumb drives. One can directly connect the pen drive directly to a computer through USB port. These USB drives come with a small size so that one can easily take them away anywhere. One can store different types of files in pen drive, such as photos, video files, text file, etc. It makes use of flash memory technology to store large amount data so that the stored data retains without the need of power. The pen drive that is connected to your system is recognized as a separate drive by the operating system of your computer.

    In some cases you can remove pen drive abruptly from your computer while using it for transferring data. In such cases you may not find files neither in the pen drive nor the computer hard drive. This can be a serious problem in case of you have important data inside the pen drive. Then one can possibly think that how to retrieve files from pen drive. Being worried like this is an earlier situation but now the technology has been improved and makes everything is possible on storage devices like Pen drive. Therefore, when you have lost photos, video files, documents or anything from a pen drive, there is no need to be worry as you can make use of pen drive files recovery software and get back all lost data from the pen drive.

    Let us discuss the reasons behind data loss from pen drive since it can help you to prevent the loss of data from the pen drive one again, due to the same causes. Once you completed data transfer from pen drive to computer, you need to remove it using “Safely Remove Hardware” option otherwise it leads to the loss of data. This is because the operating system of your computer accessing the file system of your Pen drive in the background. Suppose you disturbed this process, the file system of your pen drive will get corrupt and makes all files as inaccessible. Apart from this, there are many threats to the data stored in your pen drive such as virus attack, accidental formatting, accidental deletion of file, etc.

    Therefore, in order to avoid data loss, follow the precautionary measures while using your pen drive. However, even after following safety measures, sometimes you will come across data loss situations. It can happen due to your mistake or any other software error. No matter how you lost data, you can recover them using Pen drive file recovery software.

    Pen drive file recovery software is designed with strong inbuilt scanning engine so that it scans the complete drive to recover deleted or lost data from it. Using this tool you can recover deleted, formatted or inaccessible data from your pen drive. Even you can also check the possibility of pen drive recovery using demo version of this software. Therefore, first you can download trail version of this software, evaluate data recovery results. Once you satisfied with the result obtained by the demo version of the software, then you can purchase full version of this software.

  • How do I Recover Lost / Deleted Photos?

    Today it’s become common to capture your crucial photos on digital cameras. You can easily store these precious photos and videos in external storage utilities like memory cards and computers. Commonly digital cameras and cell phones prefer memory cards as external storage Medias to amass Digital camera’s photos. Memory cards currently keep going with enormous storage capacity. They are consummated to debilitate massive amount of photos and other data. Memory cards are most essential things to your Digital Cameras, iTunes, iPods, And Cell phones etc. Sometimes accidentally you might mislay your momentous photos from digital cameras. Lost photos are much important for you so that you need to retrieve them back at any cost, so you have to look for the third party recovery software. Don’t be panic!!  Our photo recovery software facilitates you to get back all lost and deleted photos from different storage Medias. This photo recovery software is efficient to recover photos which probably vanished by means of below reasons.

    Common reasons to lose photos from your digital cameras:-

    • Unintentional deletion: – You might accidentally delete all photos from your Digital Camera or from cell phones or may be on your system during previewing them. When you wipe out significant photos from any storage devices like SD card or USB flash drives you need a recovery tool to get them back.
    • Abrupt extrication: – When you are supposed to relocate your crucial photos from external storage device, that time if you abruptly remove it from system, then there is a chance of entire data could be turn out into inaccessibility.
    • Synchronization errors: – There is a chance of losing while synchronization process is interrupted by any blunders.
    • Virus attack: – There is a possibility of virus turmoil on your storage devices when it is connected to virus exaggerated computers. This virus damages unquestionably all photos.
    • Using same memory card on various times: – If you use the same memory cards several times on different computers, it could be corrupted causing severe damage to your photos.

    Once you lose your important photos from digital cameras, do not try to overwrite it. Overwriting may lead to permanent loss.

    This photo recovery program Mac can be used effectually to recover all lost and inaccessible photos from your digital cameras, cell phones and you can also use it to recover deleted photos from Mac and Windows systems. It supports recovery of PEG, JPG, GIF, PSD, CR2, CRW, NEF, ARW, TIFF, TIF, PNGRAW, X3F, PEF, DNG, RAF, KDC, K25, BMPSR2, ORF, MRW, 3FR.

    You can use this software to recoup photos from all brands of cameras and external storage devices. This photo recovery program provides you easy screen instructions to rescue all missing or deleted photos. It recovers lost photos from formatted, corrupted, unapproachable or logically broken memory cards. Once the recovery progression is running means it does not alter other files and all recovered files are sorted on the bases of their name, location and file type.

    Trial edition of photo recovery tool is presented; you may use it and ensure how this it recovers all mislaid / erased photos from various Digital Cameras storage devices. Using trial edition you can effortlessly scan complete memory card, simply use the “Save Recovery Session” to keep away from repeated scanning process. Complete recovered photos are now noticeable to you. To save all recovered photos go with absolute version of this recovery software.