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  • Pen drive file recovery software

    Pen drives are generally used to transfer data from one device to another device and that are popularly known as USB drives or thumb drives. One can directly connect the pen drive directly to a computer through USB port. These USB drives come with a small size so that one can easily take them away anywhere. One can store different types of files in pen drive, such as photos, video files, text file, etc. It makes use of flash memory technology to store large amount data so that the stored data retains without the need of power. The pen drive that is connected to your system is recognized as a separate drive by the operating system of your computer.

    In some cases you can remove pen drive abruptly from your computer while using it for transferring data. In such cases you may not find files neither in the pen drive nor the computer hard drive. This can be a serious problem in case of you have important data inside the pen drive. Then one can possibly think that how to retrieve files from pen drive. Being worried like this is an earlier situation but now the technology has been improved and makes everything is possible on storage devices like Pen drive. Therefore, when you have lost photos, video files, documents or anything from a pen drive, there is no need to be worry as you can make use of pen drive files recovery software and get back all lost data from the pen drive.

    Let us discuss the reasons behind data loss from pen drive since it can help you to prevent the loss of data from the pen drive one again, due to the same causes. Once you completed data transfer from pen drive to computer, you need to remove it using “Safely Remove Hardware” option otherwise it leads to the loss of data. This is because the operating system of your computer accessing the file system of your Pen drive in the background. Suppose you disturbed this process, the file system of your pen drive will get corrupt and makes all files as inaccessible. Apart from this, there are many threats to the data stored in your pen drive such as virus attack, accidental formatting, accidental deletion of file, etc.

    Therefore, in order to avoid data loss, follow the precautionary measures while using your pen drive. However, even after following safety measures, sometimes you will come across data loss situations. It can happen due to your mistake or any other software error. No matter how you lost data, you can recover them using Pen drive file recovery software.

    Pen drive file recovery software is designed with strong inbuilt scanning engine so that it scans the complete drive to recover deleted or lost data from it. Using this tool you can recover deleted, formatted or inaccessible data from your pen drive. Even you can also check the possibility of pen drive recovery using demo version of this software. Therefore, first you can download trail version of this software, evaluate data recovery results. Once you satisfied with the result obtained by the demo version of the software, then you can purchase full version of this software.

  • How to quickly recover data from Recycle Bin???

    Windows users are very familiar with the term Recycle Bin. It is a storage location where deleted files are stored on system. Files from Recycle Bin can be easily restored back by clicking on “Restore” button. If you deleted your important file from Recycle Bin too, then you need to use Recycle Bin recovery software to recover your deleted files back.

    Many users mistakenly delete their important files by emptying Recycle Bin and later on blaming themselves for their carelessness.  At such situation first question strikes in their mind is how to recover Recycle Bin data? Is there is any way to recover deleted Recycle Bin files back. People often think that the answer for the question is no, which is totally wrong. But the real answer is you can easily recover deleted files from Recycle Bin.

    How can we recover deleted files from Recycle Bin?

    When you “Delete” a file from the Recycle Bin, it is not permanently deleted only the file name is removed, whereas the file still lie down somewhere on the system. Until and unless that free space is not overwritten by any new file, recovery is possible. So if accidentally emptied your crucial Recycle Bin data, then immediately stop using the system and move for Recycle Bin recovery tool.

    What are the scenarios which lead to file deletion from Recycle Bin?

    • Deleting file using “shift+ delete” key combination due to which the file fails to get stored in the Recycle Bin.
    • Unintentionally clicking on emptying Recycle Bin option.
    • Deleting multiple files together sometime will skips the files from Recycle Bin.
    • Virus attack can delete the files from your system.
    • Reformatting the system which means changing the style of partition from FAT to NTFS.

    What is solution to overcome from such scenarios?

    If you have lost your Recycle Bin files due to any of the above mentioned scenarios. Don’t worry because still you have a chance to recover it back, by using powerful Recycle Bin recovery tool. Recycle Bin recovery tool is one of the finest utility to recover deleted Recycle Bin files. The tool recovers all kinds of files including pictures, music, documents and videos from your Windows based PC. Apart from recovering deleted files this tool can also recovers lost files from all storage drive. This software scans and displays all the deleted files from where data can be recovered. If you are using Windows XP then with this tool you can easily recover Recycle Bin on Windows XP based computer.

    To download this trial version of the tool click here. Download and install Recycle Bin recovery software to your system and launch the application by following the screen shorts. Trial version also provides you a facility to preview your recovered files. Verify the results of trial version if you find it satisfactory then you can choose licensed version of this tool to save recovered files.

    How to avoid such situation?

    By following some precautionary steps you can avoid these data loss situation up to some extent like avoid using shift delete button while deleting any files so that after deletion the files stored in recycle bin. Use updated version antivirus program in your system to get rid from virus attack. Check for power supplies so that anxious shut down of a system can be avoided. Update back up at regular intervals to keep the regularity of your data.


  • Recover your memory card data using memory card recovery tool

    A Memory card is a storage device which is often used to store media files such as audio, video, picture. It is commonly used on different digital devices such as cell phones, music players, digital cameras and etc. It gains popularity in market in very less time due to its portability, lighter weight, higher storage capacity, small size and high re-record-ability.

    Losing vital pictures from the memory card will leads to many hardships. If you want to recover your valuable files back, then immediately stop using the card. If you do so, then deleted file might be overwritten with the new data and you lose the chance to recover it back.  So first thing you have to do after facing data loss is stop using the memory card to avoid overwriting.

    What are the scenarios which lead to the data loss from memory card?

    • Sometime users mistakenly delete some their crucial files from memory card
    • Data loss due to formatting or “Delete All” operation on memory card
    • Using the same card on different cameras / computers / devices which are already infected, also result in data loss from memory card
    • If the file system of the memory card gets corrupt, then you will lose all your data from memory card.
    • Improper system shutdown during file transfer process from PC to memory card or vice versa, sometime results in file loss.
    • Ejecting the memory card during write / read process

    If you have encountered data loss from your memory card due to any of the above mentioned scenario, you need not get tensed, leave all your worries aside and choose memory card recovery tool. Memory card recovery tool is the best card recovery software to recover damaged memory card. This utility is the smartest, fastest recovery tool which helps you to recover memory card data with utmost ease. With this application you can even recover RAW images captured from different digital cameras such as , Sony, Samsung, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Sanyo etc.

    Memory card recovery tool supports file recovery from various type of flash card such as  SD (Secure Digital) Card, CF Card, XD Card, Memory Stick, SMC, MMC, Micro SD, Mini SD, SDHC and more manufactured by different companies. It supports recovery of 300 file types such as BMP, TIFF, TIF, PSD, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, WPG, QFX, PSP, TGA, WMF, QTM, SID, PIC and etc.  With this tool you can recover SD memory card data within few minutes.

    With this tool you can even recover video files of various formats such as AVI, AVS, M4V, WMV, XVID, ASF, ASX, MOV, MPEG, MPG, 3GP, DIVX, AIFF, AIF and many more. You can run this tool on all major versions of Windows and Mac operating system such as Windows Vista/ Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows server 2008 and Windows server 2003. To try trial version of this tool click here, trial version help you in estimating the software performance. I also facilitate its users to have a preview of recovered files before saving it. If you find that that outcome of trial version is as per your demand then you can download licensed version of the software to recovered data.



  • Steps to retrieve files from Windows 7

    Windows 7 is the latest version of Windows operating system which comes up with highly enhanced features when compared to earlier versions of Microsoft Windows. People store their valuable data like official documents, educational details, pictures, videos etc. in the form of folders and files on the hard drive of Windows based computer.

    Most of the users of computer hard drive think that the files stored on the hard drives are safe forever. However, this is not true; you may also lose your data from hard drive due to some variable factors like OS crash, power outages, accidental deletion, etc. The only way to access the lost or deleted files is by making use of some powerful file recovery program for Windows 7. One such software is USB file recovery program that is highly recommended by skilled professionals which can retrieve files from windows 7 hard drive just in few simple clicks. Some of the common data loss scenarios which you might experience in your future while using Windows 7 computer.

    • Malware attack on the Windows 7 computer can corrupt the files by making duplicate copies of it resulting in loss of data.
    • Sometimes while deleting some unwanted file you may delete an important file which causes data loss.
    • Deletion of documents by pirated third party data recovery tools leads to loss of data.
    • Unexpected shutdown of the computer because of power failure is another reason which results in file loss.
    • Corruption of file system makes the hard drive inaccessible which in turn causes loss of files stored in it.
    • Removal of USB drive from the computer in between of file transfer process can corrupt files making it inaccessible leading to data loss.

    The above described file loss scenarios can be avoided by following some of the precautionary steps like:

    • Eject the USB drive properly using safely remove hardware option.
    • Make use of voltage regulator to avoid power fluctuation.
    • Don’t use the hard drive or any other storage drive after losing data to avoid overwriting of data.
    • Install effective antivirus software in the computer to prevent your computer from virus attack.

    These precautionary measures will help you out to avoid data loss. However, there are cases where you can still come across any of the data loss scenarios mentioned above. At that time USB file recovery program will help you to restore your data back not only from Windows computer but also from USB flash drive, memory card, pen drives, external hard drives etc. This file recovery program provides all the necessary file recovery modules and recovers data with complete folder hierarchy. You can use this software to restore data from Mac based computers. This recovery tool uses powerful scanning algorithm to identify file types and restore files using their unique file signature search.

    Download the trial version of the USB file recovery software and install it on the hard drive of your Windows based computer. Then double click the desktop icon to run the recovery program and choose the appropriate recovery options that you simply face while utilizing the software. Once you are done with the recovery process you can evaluate the recovery results and if you are satisfied with the outcomes you can get its full version available on the internet.


  • Restore photos from Digital camera’s SD card

    The digital cameras are the most frequently used gadget to capture beautiful pictures and videos of most memorable events. And these cameras store all types of media files like images, audio tracks, songs and video clippings. The data on a camera will be stored on storage devices called memory cards and memory sticks. Memory cards not only store media files but can also store files and folders too. You can come across wide range of memory cards from different brands like Lexar, Sony, SanDisk, Patriot, Transcend, Kingston, etc. The SD cards are the Secure Digital memory cards that you prefer to use on digital cameras to store media files.

    How does data loss occurs?

    The data stored in SD cards of digital cameras can be lost in many ways. Assume that you captured lot of pictures on an occasion. After capturing you inserted the SD card on to your system to copy all those set of photos. But you did not notice that the interface was improper. Due to this the process was stopped without complete transfer and the files got corrupt thus you ended up in data loss. In any data loss situation the first thing you are supposed to do is stop using the card for further storage of new data. Because when data is lost from any storage device if the memory of the device is not overwritten then the possibility of restoring the data is high. So be careful with the device from which you have lost data. You may also come across the following data loss scenarios more frequently:

    • SD card damage – While using the memory card on the system, sometimes due to file format errors the card may compel you to format the device. If you do format all the data will be erased from OS memory. Thus you may lose data.
    • Accidental format – If you accidentally format the memory card without taking backup of required data then you might have to face severe data loss.
    • Frequent removal of card from camera – When the card is been inserted on the camera to store captured pictures and videos, if it is being removed and inserted for numerous times without any caution then the card might get corrupt and the data might be lost.
    • Harmful virus attack – There are most cases wherein the data on memory cards will be lost as a result of card corruption due to virus attack. And also sometimes there occurs CRC errors due to which the data will be lost.

    The data might be lost in any of the ways you can effortlessly restore back the lost data with digital picture recovery software. It can restore all types of media files like pictures, audio songs and video files. The digital cameras, camcorders, etc are of different brands and each brand of camera will store the media files with different file format. This software can recover all such media file types with few simple clicks. The software features can be mentioned as below:

    • Restores all lost pictures from various memory cards including CF cards, SD cards, XD cards, memory sticks, etc.
    • Effectively retrieves media files of file format .mjp, .mp4v, .jpeg, .mpg, .mov, .divx, .tiff, etc from all brands of memory cards.
    • Also can restore formatted or re-formatted memory card data within few steps of process.
    • Corrupt memory card data can be recovered with the aid of this software.

    The software can be utilized whenever there is any kind of data from digital cameras memory card. It supports working on both Windows and Mac systems of various OS versions. The software is available for demo purpose so that you can make a trial of the software and then you could purchase it for complete usability.

  • Best Tool set to Fix Corrupted Files

    I am using Ms Word as my reporting tool. But when the pages exceeded around 500 the file is not opening. Are there any tools available in the internet market that could repair the corrupted word file?

    I need software that could recover my corrupted PPT file which is needed urgently .The PPT file is present but unable to open it in power point. Suggest a tool to fix corrupted files?

    I need software that could recover my corrupted AVI file which is needed urgently .The AVI file is present but unable to open. Suggest a tool to fix corrupted files?

    Word files are the most preferred file format for documentation. Ms Word has all the necessary items handy to prepare documents with no difficulty. That is why people prefer Word files for all documentary intention. There will be certain unpredictable situations where in word files get corrupt and go illegible. And we all know that losing essential documents might create a huge panic. If the user ever caught with damaged word file, think of fix corrupted word tool. Most preferred utility designed to repair corrupted word files and recover associated objects like formatting, text, images, animations and links. And it is non-destructive software which will never harm original file at repair.

    PowerPoint file means a lot at work for all most all the users. Every business aspect or project description will be explained using PPT or PPTX. If one such file refuse to access, it is highly terrible. In order to help people, experts have designed a powerful application called fix corrupted PowerPoint to repair damaged PPT or PPTX file. Using this application can fix corrupt files in WindowXP, Vista and Win 7 machine with ease of use. And it is non destructive software i.e. the tool will never harm original file at repair process. Most of the industry professionals appreciated this software for its excellent performance in repairing Ms Ppt. It not only repairs PPT, but also retrieves images, clip arts, animations, and sounds from corrupted PPT and PPTX files.

    The first question which comes to people‘s mind when they see their favorite AVI video file dead. Yes, the user can fix corrupt avi files at the user’s own, to which the user need reliable software i.e. Fix corrupted avi. The tool is powerful video file repair software designed for both Windows and Mac computers to repair damaged DivX, avi and Xvid file format. It is developed with advanced algorithms to fix unplayable movie or video files without any constraint. With this application, the user can repair avi files kept in hard disk, external devices, smart phones storages, memory cards and iPod. Fixed preview option of the software also enables the user to preview the repaired video file.

    Exclusive features of fix corrupted files:

    • Contains simple user interface to avoid complications at repair
    • Includes of advanced file repair programs to fix corrupt files
    • Eminent software to fix DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, MOV, MP4, AVI, DivX and Xvid files
    • Obtainable for both Windows and Mac OS X computers to fix the files user files
    • Stanch support professionals to assist file repair users 24/7
    • Demo version of the software for evaluation with similar functionality
    • Good in fixing header error files without causing any further damage to the user’s essential files.

    The descriptive GUI is highly enough even for a non technical user to download and install the software from the internet world. Since the copy of the actual file is repaired and provided to the user the data loss further won’t infect the actual file.

  • Advanced method to delete files from sd card

    Flash drive is one of the most utilized tool for performing data transfer from one place to another location. The usages of flash dives are extremely popular all because of its small size and portable nature. This gadget has proofed to be boon for individuals who need to travel from one spot to another for work. But because of advancement of technology it has kept increasing its size. Because of increasing size individuals have kept changing their flash drives. But data that are either deleted or formatted keep persisting at the location until it’s overwritten. So users require to use Wipe Disk for clearing all of the files permanently, if you don’t desire it to be accessed by anyone else.

    Let’s have a scenario in which you need to permanently erase all the files of flash drive. Suppose you have an old 2 GB pen drive that you simply need to sell. This flash drive had a few of your personal data that you simply don’t desire to share. So what exactly is the solution to such a problem?? You needn’t worry Wipe Disk easily wipe flash drive and puts the portable storage media in such a state that data recovery isn’t feasible. Since we know that no file recovery can be achieved if overwriting of files occurs on the storage media. So, each one of the files on the flash drive are permanently lost because it overwrites each sectors of the memory stick multiple number of times. This software is important because files deleted by use of any method can be simply restored by use of different recovery tool available the market. So if you don’t want your files to be accessed by someone else then it is better to use Disk Wipe.

    It allows user to overwrite there file by use of different reliable patterns utilized by this tool for your computer data from storage device are US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) _DOD Standard 5220.28 STD, Random Overwrite, Fast Zero Overwrite, US Navy, NAVSO P-5239-26_RLL German: VSITR-US Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M), North Atlantic Treaty Organization_NATO standard, Gutmann Method Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion. Fast Zero Overwrite is probably the easiest way were as Gutmann Technique is one of the optimal method for overwriting any disk to such an extent that it can’t be hauled out by use of any restoration software.

    A few of features of Wipe Disk are:

    • Wipe Disk has one of the unique user interfaces that may be employed for wiping data from any storage drive.
    • Wipe Disk works efficiently on different storage devices like SCSI, SATA and IDE hard drive.
    • Besides from Windows 7, it supports various other Windows based pc.
    • Wipe Disk offers different methods of wiping data.

    Thus by studying the features of Wipe Disk we can easily suggest that it can be used for eliminating any data from storage drive permanently. Any user may easily download this software from internet for demo usage.

  • Tool to recover data from SD card

    Nowadays SD card is widely used to keep data on media devices like mobile phones, digital cameras etc. it has capacity to store data in gigabytes. SD card inside the media device generally have data files including videos, audio, photos and document files etc. Somehow, when you lost data either intentionally or unintentionally from SD card then what you should do in reply to such situation so that you can recover data from SD card? Many universal reasons that might lead to data loss from SD card like accidental deletion/formatting, data corruption, file system corruption etc. You should utilize Recover SD card tool to recover SD card files in almost any above-illustrated data loss scenarios.

    Some data loss situations from SD card are:

    • Accidental deletion of files from SD card: – Deletion of files from SD card could be accidentally by pressing down the wrong button, when you pressed wrong button, all data are wiped within couple of seconds. You are not alone in this globe that have lost data from SD card, there are number of peoples in this earth, who have lost their data with in same scenario. To recuperate out of this situation, you need a proper backup of SD card data.  Even if you do not have backup files to recover SD card data, then in this condition you need a recovery tool so that you can to recover lost files from SD card, by using Recover SD Card.
    • Data become inaccessible on the account of corruption of SD card: – Data within SD card could become inaccessible, once you explore SD card on virus-infected system. Viruses are malicious program, generally targets to the system files and stop it to behave normally, resulting in the corruption of SD card. When the SD card is got corrupted you are not capable to access data from memory card, you can use this tool to be able to recover precious data files from SD card.
    • SD card file system corruption: – Sometimes SD card shows error “do you want to format it” once you try to make an effort to open SD card, this particular type of error could be due to bad sectors creation, excessive read/write operation, incompatibility issues in BIOS, etc. Occurrence of any above illustrated condition may result in the corruption of intact data within SD card, resulting inaccessible data. In this data loss scenario, you can even utilize this tool, to execute recovery of inaccessible data from SD card.
    • Accidental formatting: – Accidental format is the one other data killer, in this situation the individual lost their data by accidentally applying either complete format or quick format option off their media device including digital camera, cell phones etc. When you accidentally applied any of function like complete format or quick format, all of the data from SD card are wiped within couple of seconds. Recover SD Card tool is additionally experienced in such condition to extract data from corrupted SD card.

    Popular features of this tool are:

    • Proficient to recovers deleted or lost data files from SD cards
    • Proficient to extract data from various SD card brands like SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, HP etc
    • Skilled to correct inaccessible data from corrupted SD cards
    • User friendly application provide recovery mechanism on Windows and Mac OS

    By experiencing each of the features of this tool, you can easily it is easy to conclude that this Recover SD Card tool is proficient to extract lost or deleted data from SD card. If you have any issues related to loss of intact SD card data then you can get this tool from online and view its capability regarding file recovery.