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  • Suggestions to recover lost data from formatted hard disk

    Normally the hard drive is utilized in a computer to store a large number of files. It is obtainable in two forms like internal hard disk and external hard disk. Internal hard disk is utilized inside the computer case to save data and it’s not portable, and even though one can possibly buy removable internal hard drive. External hard disk drives are portable plus they can be connected to other computers. Users are capable of doing partitioning of hard disk for his or her ease of viewing the data inside laptop or computer. Partitioning means the dividing of hard disk drive into many logical drives or partitions for convenience.

    A regular computer user can find the issues like he may format the partition mistakenly and later will think how to recover lost data from the partition. However, this isn’t a serious matter to get nervous since you have the capacity to recover lost data from hard drive with the help of vacation tools like computer data recovery software.

    A number of scenarios in which you may end up with data loss due to formatting of hard drive are explained below.

    • Most of the time loss of data occurs because of common user errors like accidental formatting of wrong drive. For instance: If your ‘E’ drive is loaded with media files like movies and you may desire to format it, as you are thinking to replace every movies by new ones. As well as its adjacent drive is ‘F’ which is having all your essential documents and as an alternative to formatting ‘E’ drive, you’ve formatted ‘F’ drive. In this scenario you can be with your important document loss.
    • When re-formatting one drive or partition to improve the file system, you may have formatted another partition.
    • If bad sector problem arises, you are unable to read or write data into these bad sectors, so because of this all data becomes inaccessible from the hard drive.
    • Sometimes file system from the partition can get corrupt as a consequence of virus attack, and it will force you to format the partition, to ensure that there is no further harm to other partitions.
    • If you would like to install new OS within your computer, you should format the current partition or create new partition; in each case it is possible to lose the information.

    A few other reasons of data loss can be like MBR corruption, partition corruption, error during re-partitioning etc are some other scenarios in which you may end up with formatting of hard disk drive and data loss from it.

    Anyway, in case if you have formatted data from the storage media, it is possible to recover formatted data using recovery software, which has the in built scanning algorithm to recover all lost data from the formatted partition or hard drive. It can recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT formatted partitions or drives. The free trial version of this software is positioned on internet and you can download it in your computer. It is going to perform the detailed scan of one’s entire formatted disk and recovers all of the deleted or lost data. Ones you are glad with the result of demo version, you can go through the complete version of the application to save lots of recovered data.