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  • How to recover data from formatted partitions?

    Toshiba is a manufacturer of hard drives, which are widely used for data storage in personal computers. Anyhow, the user may lose data from the hard drive due to accidental formatting. Formatting of the hard disk partitions involves erasing the data stored on hard disk. In such a condition, to recover data from formatted Toshiba hard disk partitions, a best partition recovery software is used.

    While formatting user can choose the selected drives on the hard disk depending upon whether he or she wants to install the new operating system or wants to clean up the whole hard disk. It is possible to format the drive in which operating system is installed without affecting the data stored in the other logical drives. Loss of data on the hard disk may be occurred due to various situations like accidental re-installation of operating system, formatting the drives using third party applications, and accidental formatting or reformatting the hard disk etc. Some of the generally occurring data loss situations are as follows.

    Accidentally formatting the wrong drive while trying to format some other drive may cause the loss of data on the hard disk. Suppose you are trying to format the drive D in order to create a free space in it and accidentally selected the E drive for formatting. This process will erase the contents present on the drive E resulting in data loss. Sometimes you may also format the whole hard drive and forget to take a data backup, then this situation may also lead to loss of data.

    Disk Management is a system utility used to manage hard disk and partitions that they contain. Disk management enables the user to initialize disks, create drives, and format the drive with various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, or NTFS without shutting down your computer. This has many features like simplified tasks and intuitive user interface, basic and dynamic disk storage, local and remote disk management, mounted drives, logical disk manager Service, support for MBR and GPT disks, and manage disks at the command line etc. However, if you accidentally format the drive by using disk management system utility (third party application) without having a proper data backup then the data stored on the particular drive will be lost.

    When you format the hard disk, the data is still present on the hard disk until and unless a new data overwrites on it. When data is deleted or the drive is formatted then the data is not actually removed but that area is reallocated for new data storage and file pointers are reset. So you have a chance to recover data from formatted Toshiba hard disk partition by using best hard disk data recovery software. Download and use the partition recovery software to recover formatted data. By using this software you can recover formatted data from the SATA, SCSI, or IDE hard drives and also it is possible to restore data from partitions on Lenovo laptops.