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  • How to Unformat Drive on Windows 7 Operating System

    Windows 7 is definitely a good operating system that has more demand due to its innovative graphical user interface. Windows series started from Windows 1.0, and also the major versions are Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Hard disk of the system could be separated into different logical drives using Windows disk management utility. Partitions are made to store system files in one drive and various files like audio, videos in other drives. Files are the collection of data which are stored with a permanent storage media just like a computer hard drive, CD ROM drive, floppy disk drive or frequently even in a tape drive. Usually loss of data occurs due to common human errors like accidental formatting or re-formatting of drive. So, as a way to unformat drive on windows 7 and other versions of Windows OS you may use Windows recovery software.

    Often you might be formatted your USB drive unintentionally on Windows computer. With this scenario you could lose your important data from the drive. After formatting of USB drive, the deleted files will never be saved in Recycle Bin and you’re not able to restore the lost files from Recycle Bin. However, it’s possible to easily unformat USB drive using some third party utility. But one thing you should remember that doesn’t use formatted drive until the lost data recovered from it. In case if you have used the drive before recovery, it overwrites the deleted data and then there is absolutely no opportunity to recover deleted files.

    Why don’t we see one of several situations in which you may lose your data on account of formatting of USB drive. Sometimes after connecting a USB drive for a computer, you can find error like “USB drive isn’t formatted, do you want to format it”. In that case suppose you have continued with yes option, all data from that USB drive will be deleted within couple of seconds. The motivation for this error is corruption of USB drive. USB drive could be corrupted due to many reasons like, improper ejection through the computer, virus attack, improper shutdown of computer, interruption during transfer of files, power failure, operating-system crash etc.

    If you have lost data because of formatting of drive or some other reason, there is no need to fret. Since you can unformat drive on windows 7, unformat usb drive and recover deleted files easily, using “Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro” Edition software. It has a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm, which scans entire drive within matter of minutes and lastly it restores all lost data. As soon as the recovery process is completed, you can see the recovered data before saving them, using “Preview” option. You can also look at the recovered data on basis of file extension using “File Type View” option. To gauge recovery results, initially you can download demo version of this software, using which you can see the recovered files and then use licensed version to save the recovered data.