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  • How to Unformat Drive on Windows 7 Operating System

    Windows 7 is definitely a good operating system that has more demand due to its innovative graphical user interface. Windows series started from Windows 1.0, and also the major versions are Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Hard disk of the system could be separated into different logical drives using Windows disk management utility. Partitions are made to store system files in one drive and various files like audio, videos in other drives. Files are the collection of data which are stored with a permanent storage media just like a computer hard drive, CD ROM drive, floppy disk drive or frequently even in a tape drive. Usually loss of data occurs due to common human errors like accidental formatting or re-formatting of drive. So, as a way to unformat drive on windows 7 and other versions of Windows OS you may use Windows recovery software.

    Often you might be formatted your USB drive unintentionally on Windows computer. With this scenario you could lose your important data from the drive. After formatting of USB drive, the deleted files will never be saved in Recycle Bin and you’re not able to restore the lost files from Recycle Bin. However, it’s possible to easily unformat USB drive using some third party utility. But one thing you should remember that doesn’t use formatted drive until the lost data recovered from it. In case if you have used the drive before recovery, it overwrites the deleted data and then there is absolutely no opportunity to recover deleted files.

    Why don’t we see one of several situations in which you may lose your data on account of formatting of USB drive. Sometimes after connecting a USB drive for a computer, you can find error like “USB drive isn’t formatted, do you want to format it”. In that case suppose you have continued with yes option, all data from that USB drive will be deleted within couple of seconds. The motivation for this error is corruption of USB drive. USB drive could be corrupted due to many reasons like, improper ejection through the computer, virus attack, improper shutdown of computer, interruption during transfer of files, power failure, operating-system crash etc.

    If you have lost data because of formatting of drive or some other reason, there is no need to fret. Since you can unformat drive on windows 7, unformat usb drive and recover deleted files easily, using “Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro” Edition software. It has a strong inbuilt scanning algorithm, which scans entire drive within matter of minutes and lastly it restores all lost data. As soon as the recovery process is completed, you can see the recovered data before saving them, using “Preview” option. You can also look at the recovered data on basis of file extension using “File Type View” option. To gauge recovery results, initially you can download demo version of this software, using which you can see the recovered files and then use licensed version to save the recovered data.

  • Are you looking for software to extract deleted files from Mac OS?

    • Are you seeking Mac file recovery from SD Card?
    • Have you unintentionally emptied Trash
    and so lost some valuable data?
    • How
    to execute file recovery from unmounted mac volume?
    • Do
    you need to restore lost audio or video clips from iPod?

    Mac OS and Recovery of file: No requirement to say that MacBook from Apple Inc. work best notebook as it is used worldwide. Its specialty is its beautiful design and high quality graphics. It offers a superior real time experience of videos or playing video games and viewing photos with the use of GUI (Graphical User Interface) technology. You will find rare possibility of a MacBook to get troubled by Virus. The UNIX based platform of Mac OS X causes it to be very safe and secure to use. Although the wide range of data stored on its hard disk drive is usually lost resulting from below listed common loss of data scenarios:

    • Common User Mistakes:
    you can lose data on MacBook as a result of unintentional accidental deletion of digital data within the Mac system.
    • Power Surge or System Failure:
    Data loss on Mac system may appear as a consequence of improper shutdown pc and power surge.
    • Data storage devices:
    One can lose data from Hard Disk drives like SCSI, SATA, IDE and various other styles of flash memory cards (XD card, Micro sd card, MMC etc.), FireWire drives, iPods , etc.
    • Formatting Error or Volume Error:
    The consumer might go for formatting or reformatting unintentionally or mistakenly which ends up in severe lack of stored data from Mac PC.
    • Unmounted Mac Volume or journal corruption: Partitions created on Mac
    often called Volumes becomes inaccessible resulting from various reasons. It may well lead to huge amount of info loss. A few of the expected reasons could be Volume header corruption, Hard disk drive crash and Apple partition map corruption etc.

    What to do then?
    Recover file under above discussed scenarios can be done for Mac OS using any alternative party recovery software which has got following features:

    • Advanced
    solutions to recover data from Mac OS X volumes.
    • Ability
    to recover deleted files from hard disc drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE etc.), flash memory cards (SD, XD, MMC, Thumb drive etc.), FireWire Drives, USB flash drives, iPods.
    • Ability
    to get better files from FAT (FAT16, FAT32), HFS+ and HFSX partitions / volumes.
    • It provides
    alternative to preview recovered files just before data restoration.
    • Whether it supports Mac OS X 10.5x and above (including Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion).

    Mac File Recovery Software offers all required file recovery modules, which supports in recovering lost data easily. This edition provides the latest recovery module that restores files with complete folder hierarchy, which after process completely recovers directory structure, restored from your formatted drive/ lost volume. This utility tool also restores lost/deleted files, photos, audio and video files. Different kinds of photo files backed up by this software are JPEG, JPG, RAW, NEF, BMP, CR2, CRW, SR2, ORF, DNG, KDC etc. You might download the demo version and after evaluating the recovery process anybody can purchase this software.

  • Best Utility to Repair Corrupted PowerPoint files

    For all sorts of business purposes, PowerPoint applications are the best replacement to achieve entire information sharing and business communication needs. However, users are generally struck in misery due to corruption and damage issues in PowerPoint files.

    Considering a genuine time scenario, users witness following error message when attempting to open a specific PowerPoint presentation or while the user in inserting any slide with your file in a presentation:

    “PowerPoint can’t open the file”

    Once this error message is displayed PowerPoint won’t work effectively and starts behaving abruptly. This error happens when the PowerPoint file is corrupt, anyone observe some unusual characters inside file, so that it is completely inaccessible. Then anybody can simply use PowerPoint repair tool for 2010 in order to repair corrupted file. This PowerPoint repair tool for damaged files can be used to repair various PPT files.

    However, this error could possibly be dealt with by undertaking some simple measures, simply select a vacant PowerPoint presentation and after that click ‘Slides from Files’ from your ‘Insert’ menu. Now insert every one of the slides from damaged files, if they won’t produce using the PowerPoint in safe mode. Another, effective method is to pick the temporary file created when the PowerPoint file was lost. If the file opens the Power Point corruption is solved.

    Well, a professional consistent user of PowerPoint files could get numerous problems which you may encounter. If you’re making use of previous PowerPoint versions, you need to upgrade to the latest series. This can help in minimizing damage issues of PowerPoint presentations.

    Still if you’re finding serious corruption issues, make solution to adapt alternative party PowerPoint file Repair tool. Remo Repair utility for PowerPoint could be a basic and reliable tool to fix PowerPoint file corruption occurred because of virus infection, system failure, bad sector disk, software crashes, storage media error etc.

    Remo Repair tool for PowerPoint is trustworthy tool to repair large sized PPT (PowerPoint presentation) successfully. This is actually the most feasible choice for PowerPoint vital to all sorts of users, including, home users, college student or company employees. The tool is capable of doing recovery of password protected PPT files concurrently.

    The software works with PowerPoint files constructed with 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97. This can be a most sophisticated and technically sounded tool which takes only short while to retrieve all deleted master slides, tables, images, objects, basic shapes, animations, sound files, media player files, word art, stars and banners, callouts and each image object.

    Remo Repair PowerPoint provides user to generate recovery in accordance with their requirements. Considering that the tool does not need any technical skills to build the operation of recovery and usually users do not find any hassle within the use.

    Users can avail the free demo version of this PowerPoint file repair software which works like the full version of the tool. However, it has certain limitation; the recovered information is not saved. To store the complete recovered data users are needed to purchase licensed version of the tool.


  • Proficient repair video file software

    MOV is a file extension of video files. This file extension is commonly used in storing the files of the Quick Time multimedia format. This file format can be used for storing the various kinds of media files such as music, 3D, video, animation, audio recordings, and video recordings etc. This multimedia container format has a single or a number of file tracks. More than a few multimedia storage media and multimedia player devices support this familiar file format. However, as compare to other media file formats, MOV files are much prone to damage or corruption. When MOV files may become corrupt or damage due to various reasons and hence resulting in data loss. In such kinds of situations, you will need to carry out MOV file recovery process in order to repair video files, which have been corrupted, and get back lost contents of MOV files. For the purpose of repairing the corrupted or damaged MOV files, you have to make use of superior third party MOV repairer software.

    MOV files can become corrupt or damage because of a number of disastrous situations such as improper or incomplete formatting of the memory card or any other storage device, virus attack, pulling out a memory card from the device when file transmission process is in progress, and any kind of interruption caused during read or write process etc. Corruption of MOV files may also happen while recovering the accidentally deleted MOV files. Whatever may the reason for corruption of MOV files, the final result will be inaccessible of data from MOV files. Some of the commonly occurring data loss situations in which MOV files may become corrupt or damage are briefly described as follows.

    • Corruption of MOV files while recovering deleted files: Suppose you might have accidentally deleted some video files and used an undelete software utility to recover them. After that, every time when you try to play the recovered MOV files, it states that the file type is not recognized. However, this situation could lead to corruption of MOV files and hence the data loss.
    • Virus attack: Virus attack onto the computer is also one more reason for corruption of MOV files. A computer virus is a hazardous stuff, which can replicate by itself and able to corrupt the system files as well as video files. Anyhow, this situation can result in corruption of MOV files and consequent loss of data.

    If you are also facing any such situations and unable to access your important movies or video recordings from MOV files then you need not worry as you can easily perform MOV file recovery process to repair damaged video files and get back lost data. In order to perform corrupt MOV file repair, you have to make use of good third party MOV file repair software. Repair MOV is one of the competent MOV repairer software that can repair corrupt MOV files those are not playable at Quick Time. You can also download the demo version, which helps you to get an overview of software features prior to buy the full version software.