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  • How to repair oversized PST file?

    Microsoft Outlook is a standard tool, which is used to communicate with one another around the world. Microsoft Outlook 2010 is latest version of the Microsoft Outlook, which is used by most of the Outlook users. Maximum size limitation of PST files in Microsoft Outlook 2010 is 50 GB (Giga bytes). In Microsoft Outlook, .pst file stores all Outlook data including Emails, Contacts, Tasks, appointments, etc. In Microsoft outlook 2010, if PST files exceeds the size limitation of 50 GB then you cannot add any new data to Outlook. This type of problem is called as oversized PST file problem. When Oversized PST file problem occurs then you may try to compact PST file. Some errors may occur while compacting PST file and these errors may lead to corruption of PST files. To repair oversized PST file, you must use some good PST file recovery tool.

    In Microsoft Outlook, all information is stored in personal folder and that personal folder is located on local hard drive. The name and location of the PST file is shown in personal folders property sheet. These PST files may get corrupted due to some reason and in order to repair corrupted PST files, Microsoft Outlook provides Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe).First, Inbox Repair Tool will scan specified corrupted PST file and then it will show the content of the corrupted PST file. The Inbox Repair tool will provide you a chance to backup the PST file before repairing the PST file. In all cases, Inbox Repair Tool cannot repair corrupted PST files. When Inbox Repair Tool finds the files, which cannot be recovered then it will move such files into “Lost And Found” folder. Sometimes you should use third party repair tool to repair corrupted PST files.

    There are many instances, which leads to PST file loss cases and in those cases, you should make use of proper PST repair tool. If you are using any antivirus software then it may scan incoming and outgoing emails. While receiving or sending emails, antivirus software may interfere and it may lead to corruption of PST files. While upgrading one version of Outlook to another, there are chances of occurrences of PST file corruption. PST file header corruption may occur when you exit Microsoft Outlook improperly. PST file header corruption may also lead to PST file loss. These all circumstances may lead to PST file loss.

    No need to worry when PST file loss occurs because Remo Repair Outlook (PST) can repair corrupted or damaged PST files. The software can recover accidentally deleted Emails, Contacts and other tasks. You can download and install demo version of the software in your system to evaluate chance of recovery. After installation process, when you launch the program it will scan the corrupted or deleted PST files. After scanning process, the software will recover deleted or corrupted PST files. Preview option is enabled in demo version and using preview option, you can view recovered PST components. The software provides user-friendly interface, so that any common users can also use this software to recover corrupted, deleted, damaged PST components.