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  • Recover data from deleted partition

    Hard drives are divided into several data storage areas called as partitions. Partitioning is advantageous because, it segregates the operating system files and program files from the user files. In disk, partitioning the hard drive is segmented into logical drives, also called as volumes. The MBR (Master boot record) and EPPs (Extended partition pointers) are used to hold the information related to the number of volumes available on the physical disk and its location. These MBR and EPPs tables are collectively known as Partition table.

    FAT (File Allocation Table) i.e. FAT16, FAT32 and VFAT and NTFS (New Technology File System) i.e. NTFS and NTFS5 are the most common files systems used by Windows operating system. Mac uses HFS+ and HFSX file systems.

    There are several reasons for partitions / volumes to get corrupted or damaged. Some of them are:

    • Corrupt partition tables
    • Virus infections
    • Abrupt system shutdown
    • Power surges
    • Operating system crashes
    • Deletion of partitions and formatting the hard drive
    • Upgrading the existing version of OS with a new one etc

    Whatever may be the cause of partition loss, the result is severe data loss and inaccessibility of the partitions.  The file systems may get corrupt due to a physical or a logical damage to the hard drive.

    In order to resolve this issue, we need have correct information of the sizes and locations of the partitions. Format the damaged hard drive, reinstall the operating system, and restore data from the most recent valid backup. In case the backup is unavailable, severe data loss occurs as formatting the hard drive, deletes data from the disk. In case of damaged partition, the reasons may be virus attacks, damaged partition tables or crashes. In such a circumstance, the data is still available on the hard drive and can be restored by recovering the partition table. Lost partitions may result due to unintentional deletion, power surges, accidental formatting etc. Here you can opt for a third party recovery tool to recover damaged / lost partitions.

    The best way to recover data from deleted or lost partitions is by using Remo Recover software. The software can perform crashed hard drive recovery and recover all the lost or missing data from the crashed hard drive. It can also undelete partition and restore the complete data from the deleted partitions as well as restore the partitions. By using Remo Recover (Mac) software, it is possible to recover data from deleted or missing volumes in Mac Operating system. It can be installed on both 32-bit as well as 64-bit operating systems. Once the software is installed, you can follow the simple steps provided in the software and recover data from deleted partitions. Once the software scans and recovers data, you can preview the recovered data and once you are completely satisfied with the recovery results you can purchase the software and recover deleted data. The system must have a minimum of 512 MB Ram and 50 MB disk storage space to install the software. It is always recommended to install the recovery software on a healthy computer, attach the affected hard drive as a slave to the healthy machine, and recover data.