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  • How to recover deleted pst file?

    You may sometimes unintentionally delete a pst files that is actually required. And it may in turn contain very important files, attachments or photos. So what can you do now? How can you recover the pst file? Is it possible?

    When you use the delete command/ button, the pst file moves from Outlook to the recycle bin. If you have used shift +delete to delete the pst file then also the files are not physically deleted from the hard drive; but only marked as having been deleted, and hence Microsoft Outlook doesn’t display it.  Unless you compact the .pst file or save any new data, recovering the deleted emails is still possible.

    If you want to recover deleted pst file then you need to act promptly. You only have a minute time-frame in which you have to try to recover your lost file. Every minute that you waste and extend to use the hard drive for anything that isn’t associated to recovering your emails will severely decrease your probability of successful pst recovery.

    Email Backup is one option in which you can regularly backup the emails and the pst files so that whenever you encounter pst file loss or damage you can recover your emails from it. You can also opt to scan for what ever email program you are using and restore emails.

    Majority of these pst recovery programs are free to download as demo. When they start scanning your hard drive for the deleted pst files and then try to find it and when you are fully satisfied in finding your missing files – then you can then proceed to purchase the software.