Daily Archives: Thursday, July 8, 2010

  • Issues faced in attempting to recover deleted Mac data

    There are many programs available to recover lost Windows files and files that have been accidentally deleted on Windows based PCs by emptying the Windows recycle bin. But few programs are available that can help you recover deleted files when they have been placed in a Mac trash bin and deleted from there. Unlike Windows where the recycle bin files are actually placed into a temporary folder and are easily relocated even after emptying the bin, Mac files are deleted in such a way as to leave their original data fragmented across your Mac hard disk drive. Software to recover Mac data must be able to do much more than Windows data recovery programs.

    To recover Mac files the program must also recognize Mac directory structure that has been attached to common and popular universal file types for example if you have a JPEG file on a Mac that has been accidentally deleted the Mac data recovery program must be able to recognize that file specifically as a Mac JPEG as opposed to simply finding a file with the JPEG extension. For this reason it is best to avoid any data recovery program that promises to be able to recover both Mac and Windows files.

  • Putting a crashed desktop or laptop back into operation

    I’m sure you are aware of those cryogenic experiments were people have themselves frozen after death in the hope that at some point in the future technology will evolve to the degree that they can be thawed out and made whole and healthy. This was my thinking when I put my laptop computer with a crashed hard drive into my bedroom closet. I had a great deal of personal records on that computer’s hard drive and knew of no way to rescue them safely. Hence I put the entire computer in the closet and there it stayed for several years. What I was unaware of is that programs designed for crashed hard drive recovery in exactly this type of circumstance could have helped me at any time.

    While I did know that reinstalling my Windows operating system would return the PC to original condition I also knew that original condition meant that all of my stored files would be deleted. Fortunately programs for disk recovery are able to undelete those files after reformatting due to reinstallation of the Windows operating system.