Daily Archives: Friday, July 2, 2010

  • The simplest way to recover your lost photos with a Mac

    Theoretically one could use a Windows PC to scan and recover files created on a high end digital camera. These files could then be transferred to a second piece of digital media and perhaps converted to a Mac computer friendly format. A far simpler way to affect Mac digital photo recovery is to simply use a program designed for that in the first place. Remo Software offers a complete suite of Mac data recovery tools. Mac recovery software from Remo will allow you to download the recovery program directly onto your Mac computer without having to remove your internal hard drive and connect it by means of cables to a second computer.

    Once downloaded the Mac recovery software will scan your entire computer hard drive for any recently deleted or corrupted digital image files. The program is also capable of scanning and recovering files on any digital media connected to your Mac computer as a universal application such as a camera SD card or USB flash drive. You can even use your Remo digital media recovery software to rescue lost or deleted iPod files.

  • Keeping sensitive data safe with electronic document shredding

    Now that Remo Software has attached a user friendly wizard style interface to their file shredder program anyone can permanently delete file information from their computer’s internal hard disk drive. This powerful file eraser program can also be used to permanently scramble the data and render unrecoverable any file information stored on a USB flash drive or camera memory card. Sometimes our photographs and correspondence are extremely private. We certainly would not want wrong people to access that data and spread it all over the Internet.

    By using the Remo Software file shredder this can never happen. One simply opens the shredder and drags into its folder any file or files that need to be permanently destroyed. The file eraser then reads the information in the file and scrambles it many times. Because the information is scrambled in a series of random patterns it becomes impossible for anyone regardless of the sophistication of data recovery tool they may process to reconstruct file and read your private information. Remember simply deleting a file does not remove the file information you must use a file eraser or drive wipe program to permanently delete data.